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Adds SVE NPC's to NPC Adventures, making them recruitable companions.

Permissions and credits
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I give permission to anyone that wants to use/alter my modified sprites.

This adds Stardew Valley Expanded NPC's (created by FlashShifter ) to the It's Time to Adventure (NPC Adventures) mod (created by PurrplingCat).

Each NPC was given unique companion dialogue and combat phrases, although the dialogue is very much a WIP and will be expanded upon. I tried to stick to each of their characters and archetypes, but this dialogue was not created by FlashShifter and may not be considered cannon. I also created some new sprites for Andy, Marlon, Olivia, and Susan so that each character would have more than 1 idle animation.

*Keep in mind this is a content pack for a mod that is still in BETA.*

*This uses the sprites from my Slightly Cuter Sprites for Stardew Valley Expanded (SVE) mod.

Supported companion NPCs

Companion                Personal skills                Buffs
Andy                           Warrior, Doctor                 +2 Foraging, +1 Farming
Marlon                             Warrior                         +2 Attack, +2 Defense    
Morris                        Fighter, Doctor                  +2 Defense, +1 Luck   
Olivia                               Fighter                          +1 Luck, +1 Speed, +50 Maximum Energy
Sophia                            Warrior                          +1 Attack, +1 Speed, +30 Magnetism                
Susan*                            Doctor                          +2 Farming, +2 Foraging 
Victor                              Fighter                          +2 Luck, +1 Mining     

*Susan will not fight enemies.

NPC's behave based on their assigned personal skills. Married spouses grant an additional buff +1 Luck and +1 Magnetic radius as companions.

Personal skills

Doctor - Andy, Morris, and Susan
Can heal you a small amount if you talk to them while below 30% health.

Warrior - Andy, Marlon, Sophia
Can fight, level up, upgrade swords, and use critical defense.

Fighter - Morris, Olivia, Victor
Can fight, level up with player, and upgrade swords.

(For more information, refer to the NPC Adventures mod page and wiki.)

- Make sure all prerequisite mods are correctly installed
- Extract the zip file
- Open the "SVE NPC Adventures" folder found in the zip file
- Extract the contents of that folder (NOT THE FOLDER ITSELF) to your StardewValley/mods. 
- Finished!

Special thanks

  • purrplingcat - For developing NPC Adventures and being incredibly patient/helpful.
  • FlashShifter - For creating SVE and these characters.

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