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Bring Sandy the desert shopkeep on an adventure! Adds Sandy to NPC Adventures!

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This content pack is designed to add Sandy (shopkeeper of the Oasis) to NPC Adventures! Now you can take her into the Valley to visit (if she doesn't already!)

Sandy is a Forager and Scared class NPC, with buffs to speed, luck, and foraging. Since she does not have a combat class, her stats have been buffed to make her a worthy companion (and may yet be buffed more if the stats are considered too low). Her forages are also more narrowly focused, mainly obtaining flowers (except in the Desert, where she obtains desert forage, and the Island, where she finds Ginger and may find you a Magma Cap or two!)

To answer some likely to be asked questions, I've outlined the following...

Is this compatible with <insert mod here>/multiplayer?

As NPC Adventures is single-player only, this content pack cannot be used in multiplayer. However, since it just adds an NPC to its existing setup, it is compatible with any mod that works with NPC Adventures. Please refer to NPC Adventures if you're looking for compatibility.

Sandy visits the town in my mod, so are the dialogues going to mention her never visiting the Valley?

As there are mods like Stardew Valley Expanded and Immersive Sandy that allow Sandy to visit town, I've created two versions of the Stable Pack for NPC Adventures, the original version referencing Sandy as almost entirely shop-locked (outside of Fall 15). The first main file is the shop-locked version, while the second main file is the dynamic version. This should keep dialogues from being immersion-breaking and allow it to be used in any modpack.

The Beta file, meanwhile, patches in dialogues via Content Patcher! So it is contained in only a single pack and the dialogues you get will depend entirely on if you have the aforementioned Immersive Sandy or Stardew Valley Expanded. If there are other mods you use that have Sandy visit the Valley more often (and are not NSFW), let me know and I'll make sure to add it to the list of mods that would get the dynamic version.

Why did you choose this class/setup for Sandy?

Aside from her usual restrictions, Sandy is depicted as averse to physical combat in NPC Adventures. NPC Adventures has an event if you visit Sandy with Emily as an NPC Adventures companion, which this is a pack for, which implies this. Similarly, Stardew Valley Expanded has an added heart event corroborating this in its version of Sandy and is commonly installed by users. As such, the mod was created with the NPC Adventures' main file's event in mind. The buffs were chosen to compensate for the lack of fighting ability, but may be increased if needed. (If you'd prefer to change her to another class, feel free to alter the values yourself, but do not upload this mod with a changed class only!)

I went to go swim, and Sandy's back in her vanilla outfit!

If you are getting this, you are currently on the old, no longer supported version of NPC Adventures. Please update, as most NPCs have been ported at this point. (For context, this was originally done because NPC Adventures Blackhole had a hard crash if an NPC stood on a swim space and had no swimsuit, and Sandy does not go to the resort in its original form, so doesn't have a swimsuit. This is fixed in Polycule, which is why it's recommended to update!)

The mod is throwing an error about "obsolete unsupported content pack format used by version 0.x"! HELP!

NPC Adventures has been updated! This means the former beta pack is now the stable pack and is now the main file, and should be used with NPC Adventures at present. Please download the latest file!

If you are on an earlier version of NPC Adventures, you will want to use one of the optional (0.17.5) files. Once a majority of NPC Adventures characters have been ported, these will be moved to old files.

Can I translate your mod?

Ask first! But otherwise, yes. To translate this mod, you'll need to translate the Data, Dialogue, and Mail jsons in the Content Patcher folder, as well as the buff description in the i18n of the NA folder.

Translations for the 0.17.5 versions, while welcomed, are no longer supported by NPC Adventures, so translating each file is no longer necessary.

Help! It's bugged!

Let me know what the bug is and I'll fix it as quickly as I can. Since most NPC Adventures bugs are dialogue wise, if you encounter a typo or if Sandy outputs an i18n key, let me know with either an image or type exactly what she said when reporting a bug. If you believe this mod somehow breaks your game, please post a SMAPI log - however, most bugs in that respect are likely the "obsolete unsupported" error above, which has already been mentioned.


beyondrecovery for helping me check over the Sandy dialogues (especially the ones meant for compatibility with her mod, Immersive Sandy!). Part of the inspiration for this mod was making sure Sandy could leave her shop more often if she wanted to, and her mod was something I wanted to make sure was accounted for when writing.

PurrplingCat for making NPC Adventures, an indispensible part of my single-player games of Stardew Valley, and for helping answer questions I had on both the normal NPC Adventures file creation and the beta upgrades.

Pathoschild for helping maintain and create SMAPI/Content Patcher, without which this endeavor would have been impossible
ConcernedApe for making the game

and everyone in the Stardew Valley Discord who have dealt with me giving random updates on this mod over the course of the several months it spent in development hell. I hope the finished product is satisfactory, and if not, I will always try to improve.

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