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This is a content pack to add Shiko, Papaya's Custom NPC as an available companion in PurrplingCat's NPC Adventures mod.

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  • Russian
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Hi there, this is my first mod ever! 

Shiko, is a custom NPC mod, (one of my favourites), and PurrplingCat's NPC Adventures is an awesome mod that allows the player to recruit bachelors and bachelorettes from Stardew Valley as companions when you go on adventures to the woods, mines or even just around your farm. This mod adds Shiko as an available option to join you as a companion. 

Companions currently don't actively help you with tasks like mining or farming, but they do provide various buffs* that help, as well as being good company, giving some location specific dialogue, providing extra backpack space, helping you fight monsters, and some of them (Like Harvey and Maru), can provide some healing too. (*Shiko, as your companion, gives you +2 Luck and +1 Speed.)

  1. Install the latest version of SMAPI.
  2. Install NPC Aventures. (Latest version of my mod requires at least 0.10.0 version of NPC Adventures)
  3. Install Shiko - New Custom NPC.
  4. Download this mod and unzip it into your Stardew Valley/Mods folder.
  5. Run the game as usual using SMAPI.
  6. Enjoy? Don't forget to endorse the original mods, they're awesome!

  1. English - Main mod files.
  2. Portuguese/Brazil - Kindly provided by Danramone.

  1. Update/Edit existing dialogue. Partially Done
  2. Fix smoking animation when Shiko is idle. Done
  3. Add additional idle animations (like her drinking one). Done
  4. Update for compatibility with NPC Adventures Beta update. Done
  5. Add new dialogue. (Over 100 new lines of location and event based dialogue already drafted!)
  6. Make. More. Mods.