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Adds SVE NPC's to NPC Adventures, making them recruitable companions.
It has the English and Spanish translation.
There's for both versions, the release and beta.

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  • Russian
  • Mandarin
As somohexual abandoned this mod, i will going to update it. Any error or bug write it on the coments.

The official mod are:
(SVE) Stardew Valley Expanded Companions - NPC AdventuresThis adds Stardew Valley Expanded NPC's (created by FlashShifter ) to the It's Time to Adventure (NPC Adventures) mod (created by PurrplingCat).

Each NPC was given unique companion dialogue and combat phrases, although
the dialogue is very much a WIP and will be expanded upon. I tried to
stick to each of their characters and archetypes, but this dialogue was
not created by FlashShifter and may not be considered cannon. I also
created some new sprites for Andy, Marlon, Olivia, and Susan so that
each character would have more than 1 idle animation.

*Keep in mind this is a content pack for a mod that is still in BETA.*

*This uses the sprites from my Slightly Cuter Sprites for Stardew Valley Expanded (SVE) mod.