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  • Content pack verification criteria

    We run official NPC adventures website and on this website are the NPC Adventures content pack list. In this list some content packs can have a verification signature. This signature means the content pack is highly recommended by NPC Adventures authors and by community.

    The verification criteria is:

    - 500 unique downloads or more
    - 10 endorsements or more on Nexusmods
    - Be compatible with latest stable version of NPC Adventures
    - 25 and more good dialogue lines per each your companion NPC (excludes mandatory recruitment dialogues)
    - No unspecified dialogue lines which affects game (no non-dialogue strings in game)
    - Assigned buffs for your companions is balanced
    - Balanced companion skills
    - Valid JSON format for content

  • NPC Adventures is NOT compatible with Android

    After release SMAPI 3.2 for Android some people thinks NA is compatible with Android, because that mad can be ran on this plaform. Mod causes some problems after Marlon's event and they are reported bugs. Please remind NPC Adventures still not compatible with Android and don't report any issues from this platform. This issues will not to be solved. Support for android is not in our roadmap and I don't plan it to add. If you want android version, please implement it own and send me PR on GitHub, or do nothing.

    ATTENTION: Playing NA on Android is ONLY FOR YOUR OWN RISK! I don't take a responsibility for any damage caused by my mod.

    Thanks for understanding. Peace


  • Adventures and multiplayer (maybe) incoming

    Hi buddies,

    After a little break I am back. I am working on NPC Adventures again and I have some news.

    Welcome newbies in our team

    Our team grown up. Joined us two new content artists who creates a dialogue lines and some texts for mod. Say hello to **CoraShirou** and **RememberEmber**!

    NPC Adventures in Quirky Pixel's video

    It's a more than more old thing, but I found it recently. NPC Adventures was reviewed in Quirky Pixel's video. In her video is very old pre-alpha version, because it's from begin of November. You can watch it here:

    Full video

    Beta incoming slowly

    First ...

  • DEVELOPMENT STOPPED and looking for new dialogue and text creator


    I have bad news today. Development of this mod was stopped indefinitely, because I lost main content creator who created a dialogues, texts and other non-code resources. I am looking for new "content master" with hood English who knows details about NPCs and game story. If here is somebody who wants to help with dialogues, texts, resources, contact me via Discord:

    Without dialogue/text creators I can't continue developing, because this mod requires lot of dialogues and texts. Please help me if you can.


  • Content packs support and localizations are incoming

    Hi buddies,

    I am intensive working on next version of mod NPC Adventures and I am glad to tell you lot of news.

    Compatibility with upcoming StardewValley 1.4 and SMAPI 3.0

    Tueasday 26th November will be probably release Stardew Valley 1.4. I am prepared for it and when new SDV will be released, I make this mod compatible with SMAPI 3.0 and SDV 1.4. I can't do it before, because I haven't acces to SDV alpha. It's may delay release version 0.4.0.

    Android compatibility

    Some people questioned me for a compatibility with android version of StardewValley. It's very hard for me, I don't know how to develop for android, have no experiences. If here is android guru, I need your help with android compatibility. PM me or contat me via Disc...

  • Looking for content creators


    I am looking for content creators like dialogue writers, text writers and etc. Of you are interested, PM me or text me on my Discord server....

  • Halloween news - Released alpha version 0.1

    It's Halloween. And this is a gift from me!

    Download here


    Fixed NPC's end of route animation (PR #25)
    Fix English a bit (PR #11)


    Fighting with swords (PR #17, issue #18)
    Sword swing animation
    Damage system
    Dynamic weapon cooldown based on random, player's skill and weapon speed
    Better idle transition
    Enhanced fist fight
     Critical fist defense (if a monster is in companion's personal zone)
     Show emote ! when critical fist defense activated

    Other changes

    Better companion dispositions (issue #14, merged in PR #17)
    Removed impossible Abby's buffs (PR #28)
    Changed versioning system (See wiki Versioning plan)