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Agent Lyoko - original mod by malic18 AKA kopato

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Conversion of Jade to NPC Adventures for the latest release of NPC Adventures!

Permissions and credits
This mod adds Jade from Jade NPC to NPC Adventures 1.0!

This is a conversion of the original NPC Adventures mod from version 0.17.5 from the main file page. It is mostly a 1:1 reproduction, with minor grammatical changes, bugfixes, and the addition of mail for when you've left stuff with Jade. This mod is mostly meant as a conversion so that people may still use Jade on the latest version of NPC Adventures.

For those who don't know her, Jade is a pacifist forager! She gives +3 Foraging and +2 Speed when recruited.

Just to answer some probable questions....

Did you get permission to make this mod?

Yes and yes. Two yeses as in addition to the open permissions on Jade's page itself for json content (GPLv3: All json content can be shared and modified freely provided credit is given and you release your modifications under GPLv3 as well.) I specifically asked malic/kopato for regular permission as well. No art assets or otherwise have been included in this file - it will only work as a mechanical addition to the current version of NPC Adventures. Credits are given at the bottom of this page directly from the Jade NPC page, as this is essentially just a conversion of the main NPC Adventures file.

What changes did you make, if any?

As mentioned, minor grammatical changes, a couple bugfixes, and mail dialogue addition. To explain further, I did my best to keep the dialogues exactly as they were in the stable build, but checked for extra punctuation, altered word choice where necessary ("I bet Willy can share some tips to us!" became "I bet Willy can share some tips with us!", etc. - minor changes like that), and made sure all necessary dialogues were written (to make sure the pack would function).

The only real major bugfix was eliminating Jade's "smoking" animation - as she didn't have an animation like that on any of her spritesheets, she would disappear when idle. That has been removed in this version, so Jade won't suddenly poof away into nonexistence.

To make certain the pack functioned properly, a mail letter was added if a user left items with Jade and they were delivered back to the user in a box. This mail letter is unfortunately not translated unlike the rest of the pack, so non-English users will get the English letter unless a relevant translation is provided.

Were the translations preserved?

Yes! Korean, Russian, and Simplified Chinese players will be happy to know the relevant translations from yunuangel (Korean), Ghost31boom (Russian) and KatherineC4 (Simplified Chinese) have been preserved in this file. The new mail dialogue is untranslated, but the remainder of the dialogues should all be preserved. Additional translations, if provided, will be added.

Why is this a seperate mod, rather than an update on malic18/kopato's page?

It was considered to add to kopato's page when I initially asked permissions for it, but technically this was not feasible - as Malic/Kopato has effectively retired from Jade, the update would be a one-time thing, so any bugs would need to still be resubmitted as a patch on that page, which would then require constantly pestering a retired mod author who is no longer updating their version of the NPC. From a patching perspective, it is better as its own mod.

In addition, Jade's permissions are open (specifically, Jade is completely open source and open permissions per kopato), so as long as this mod sticks solely to dialogue and code, it can be updated with dialogue! User submitted dialogue is fully open on this (and I can update this page with the offered dialogue), and should someone fork Jade and continue with her, a secondary version of Jade to NPC Adventures can be created for the new fork of Jade, or even updates to the original with said dialogues. 

Is this compatible with <insert mod here>/multiplayer?

As NPC Adventures is single-player only, this content pack cannot be used in multiplayer. However, since it just adds an NPC to its existing setup, it is compatible with any mod that works with NPC Adventures. Please refer to NPC Adventures if you're looking for compatibility.

You will, of course, need Jade from her mod, or this mod will constantly search for her.

Help! This pack doesn't work with my version of NPC Adventures!

This is meant for the now stable version of NPC Adventures 1.0. If you are still on 0.17.5 (which some NPCs have not been ported off of) then you will want to get the original NPC Adventures pack from Jade's optional files. If you download this pack and are sure you are on the latest NPC Adventures build, please post a SMAPI log and I will work as quickly as I can to restore this file to usability.

Help! It's bugged (in some other way)!

Let me know what the bug is and I'll fix it as quickly as I can. Thankfully, learning NPC Adventures translations for the porting of the translated dialogues made creating and upgrading NPC Adventures packs a lot easier, so there should be far less bugs to start! If there are any, let me know as soon as possible.

Can I translate the dialogues?

Ask first! But otherwise, sure. It would be helpful to have translated versions of the mail dialogue for Korean, Russian, and Simplified Chinese so their experience can be fully within their language, but any new translations will also be welcomed.


The original credits of the Jade NPC, per her permissions, have been preserved and posted below. Please note that the artwork is solely within the Jade NPC mod - no artwork is contained in this mod. Specific credits for this mod go to malic (kopato, the creator), yunuangel (Korean translation of Jade NPC Adventures), Ghost31boom (Russian translation of Jade NPC Adventures) and KatherineC4 (Simplified Chinese translation of Jade NPC Adventures), but the rest are kept below to honor both the permissions of Jade and their work in allowing the NPC to stay active to this day and allow the creation of this mod.

malic - dialogue, scheduling, scripting, overworld sprites
V - portraits, overworld sprites
xdx4900 - overworld sprites
CodeNameRed - overworld and portrait sprites
EssGee - portrait sprites, inspiration from Riley NPC
Airyn - portrait sprites
Lemurkat - overworld sprites
lakoria - inspiration and base for toddler sprites
Papaya, blaaze6, rssp123- inspiration from Shiko, Delores, NiGHTS NPCs
Ghost3lboom, ElSlayer - Russian translation
yunuangel - Korean translation
Motiam, KatherineC4 - Simplified Chinese translation
Kiyuga - Portuguese translation
Alexochoa2020 - Spanish translation
EmpressKimi - JadeBoardingHouse file fix
Stardew Valley Discord - countless amount of help!

The portrait of Jade being used in the images is by Airyn, mentioned in the credits above.