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Bring Juliet along on an Adventure! Adds Juliet to NPC Adventures.

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This mod does exactly what it says on the tin - adds Juliet to NPC Adventures!

Juliet (from Juliet and Jessie the Joja Clerks by LemurKat) is a Forager and Fighter class NPC, with buffs to mining, speed, and stamina. Bring her along with you just to spend the day with her, to gain a partner in the mines, and even visit some other mod areas to get some extra dialogue! (Where? You'll just have to find out...)

Just in case, some likely-to-be-asked questions to get out of the way....

Is this compatible with <insert mod here>/multiplayer?

As NPC Adventures is single-player only, this content pack cannot be used in multiplayer. However, since it just adds an NPC to its existing setup, it is compatible with any mod that works with NPC Adventures (which should be... all of them, I believe? Either way, please refer to NPC Adventures if you're looking for compatibility).

For obvious reasons, you will need Juliet from her mod. Without her mod, this mod won't do anything.

Juliet? What about Jessie?

I currently don't feel confident I can do Jessie justice in an NPC Adventures pack. (This is mainly because I'm still working on my own file currently!) I may or may not work on including Jessie in the future, but if you feel like you're able to do them justice, go ahead and make it (as long as you get permission from LemurKat)! I don't have dibs or anything on making that particular content pack.

Did you get permission to make this mod?

Yep! This mainly started as an exercise to test personal upgrading of other NPC Adventurer packs that I was working on and I decided to turn it into a full-fledged mod after asking Lemur if I could make the pack for Juliet after I made a framework (gave Lemur first dibs on making it with the framework as well in case I was stepping on any toes).

The mod is throwing an error about "obsolete unsupported content pack format used by version 0.x"! HELP!

Update the mod! NPC Adventures 1.0 has been released, and now the latest version of the mod is the former BETA pack. (Yes, I'm keeping the capitalization in this.) This is the necessary pack.

If you get an error saying the mod cannot be loaded as it needs newer versions, either update NPC Adventures or use the optional file in the meantime.

Can I translate your mod?

Ask first! But otherwise, sure. You will need to translate the Data, Dialogue, and Mail jsons in the Content Patcher portion, as well as the buff description in i18n in the NA pack.

Translations for the 0.17.5 version are welcomed, but it is no longer supported, so it is not advisable to translate that version at present.

Help! It's bugged!

Let me know what the bug is and I'll fix it as quickly as I can. I caught a few nasty ones in development (couldn't recruit Juliet at all if she wasn't married at one point, and the BETA - now stable - had some swapped tokens), but some always slip through the cracks. I'll fix it as best as I can.


 for making Juliet and Jessie - it was a fantastic mod that drove me to make this content pack - and for checking over my dialogues to make sure I wasn't doing a disservice to her

PurrplingCat for making NPC Adventures, an indispensible part of my single-player games of Stardew Valley, and for helping answer questions I had on both the normal NPC Adventures file creation and the beta upgrades.

Pathoschild for helping maintain and create SMAPI/Content Patcher, without which this endeavor would have been impossible
ConcernedApe for making the game

and everyone in the Stardew Valley Discord who dealt with me being a complete and total idiot in Content Patcher until I managed to actually create the mod. Seriously. Everyone who offered help with it or dealt with a question that might have been better suited to a read of the documentation of Content Patcher has my gratitude on this.