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SKSE plugin that allows you to add new animation variables & events via config files without nemesis patch.

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MOD Descriptions:

BDI - Behavior Data Injector is a SKSE plugin that allows mod authors to inject their custom graph variables (a.k.a animation variables) and animation events into behavior files during game runtime, without the necessary to modify behavior file or create an nemesis patch.

For Graph Variable:
You can add three type of graph variable: Int, bool, float into behavior projects via BDI. The added variables are all the same as the vanilla existed one, they can be set & get via vanilla papyrus functions or condition functions.

Mod Example of adding graph variable: Stagger Direction Fix

For Animation Event:
You can add new animation event into behavior projects via BDI, the added event then could be trigger by animation annotations.

Mod Example of adding animation event: Payload Interpreter

How To Create Config Files:
Check this doc to learn more detail about how to create config files for BDI.
You can also join my discord for further communication.


(1) SKSE for the correspond game version.
(2) Address Library for SKSE Plugins

Download and Install the mod files with mod manager.

source code

  • DropKicker as the co-developer of the mod.
  • Ersh, Atmo, alexsylex for gave me useful infos during developing.
  • Fudgyduff for his CommonlibSSE.
  • CharmedBaryon  for his CommonlibSSE-NG.
  • WilliamsWang for create artwork picture for the mod.