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A skse plugin that fix the character's wrong stagger direction bug when the stagger triggered by spell, shout and range weapon.

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Source code is here:

What this mod does?

This mod has similar features with Proper Stagger Direction, but it presents the features in a script-free way through a skse plugin.

Compare to Proper Stagger Direction, this mod using a more precise and lightweight way to reproduce the feature, and it will not leave any record in your game save, therefore it also safety to uninstall any time.

In the vanilla game,  When a character trigger a stagger that caused through a ranged attack, including spell, shout, range weapon and less power. The playing stagger animation direction won't be correct when the attack is come from the target's backward. 

Character's body will fall backward still instead of fall forward, which is obviously against the normal physical principle.

This mod is aimed to fix this issue, now after installed this mod the character will stagger forwardly when it received stagger-causing attack come from its backward.

You can watch these demo videos below:

Known Issues and Limations:

(1) Currently only fixed the stagger direction of humandio character, since the creatures character's stagger direction calculate method is compeletly different with humandio's, I may need take sometime to figure them out. (Fixed in V2.02)

When an Idle Npc is attempting to force greet you, this mod's stagger direction fix will not works.(Fixed in V2.02)

Compatibility Issues:
(1) Should fully compatible with any new spell, shout , perk, range weapon that added by mods. As long as what it used was the vanilla game's "Stagger Archetype" magic to trigger the stagger.
But it won't work when the stagger spell is self-cast. for example, the poise stagger spell from vigor.
(How the hell I find out the attack source's direction while the attack source is the victim himself!)

(2) Should 
fully compatible with any mod added creature that using the vanilla creature behaviour graph.

(3) Required Patch When using together with new creatures that using new custom creature behaviour graph.

(3) May have conflict with an Nemesis Behaviour mod which edits the vanilla character's "stagger direction" animation variable float value. But currently, I consider such mod have not exist yet, Just write down here for future development.

(4) Incompatiblie with any other dll plugins that hook the same function call offset: 32184(ID) + 0xA5(offset)

How to Install and Use:  


(1) SKSE for the correspond game version.
(2) Address Library for SKSE Plugins
(3) Behavior Data injector

How to Install:

Download and Install the mod files with mod manager.

  • NickNak for helping me create the "Maxsu Stagger Direction Fix" Nemesis patch.

  • Khenta for introduce me this bug.

  • Safeblood for help me edit the showcase video.

Source code is here: