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Lesser Power based Restoration spells for the Paladin on the go.

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Lesser Power based Restoration spells for the Paladin on the go!

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I wanted to be able to cast my restoration spells while wielding my badass two-handed hammer.
That's pretty much it. So here we are.


Adds Lesser Power versions of Restoration spells. They still cost mana to cast.

☼ Undead-only damaging spells will now damage any enemy.

☼ These spells give you Restoration skill experience.

☼ Their magnitude also scales with your Restoration skill.

☼ The spells have their own spell tomes (ie: "Power Tome: Flash Heal") and are distributed in the leveled lists.

☼ The spells are also affected by Restoration perks.

Things to Note

☼ Most spells are weaker/cost more than their vanilla counterparts to compensate for the fact that they are instant cast.

☼ Restoration leveling will be faster (on a per-spell basis only) at lower skill levels with these spells, but at higher skill levels it will be slower. Unless I make multiple ranks of spells, this is how it will have to be. I recommend using a Restoration trainer at high levels. On the bright side, the spells give their XP per cast, regardless of whether they hit a target or heal a wound. This is intentional. I consider it "practicing".

☼ This will conflict with anything that changes the spell tome leveled lists. I'm perfectly happy with making patches.

Compatible with all perk and spell mods in the sense that it doesn't touch vanilla perks/spells. However, because I don't use perk mods, there could be balancing issues I'm unaware of. The worst that would happen is a few spells being stronger than intended.

coreypikes has a patch for Ordinator/Vokrii here and Adamant/Mysticism here. Please send them your endorsements!