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Investigate the madness afflicting the Northern Asylum of Julianos, and earn the boon of the Madgod himself.

All glory to the Prince of Fools!

New enemies, spells, armour, weapons, and a player home await...

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At the northmost clime of Tamriel, shrouded by fog and buried in ice, the Northern Asylum of Julianos quietly awaits you...

Once a hallowed house of reason and rehabilitation for Skyrim's lunatics, a madness has lately afflicted the chilly halls of the Asylum. Whispers take the place of sounder thought, the wind moans ghostly day and night, and the roots of another world stretch up from unimaginable depths to spread their influence unabated. What happened here? Where have priests and inmates alike gone?

Make way to the Abandoned Stables and take a seat on the old bench to begin your descent into derangement.

New enemies, armour, weapons, spells, and a player home await those with the mental fortitude - or lack thereof - to face utter lunacy.


Earn the Madgod's boon and inherit his Seed of Unreason - a germinating fragment of his realm transplanted here on Nirn. Feed minds to the Seed and spread its influence to various Holds. Become a beacon for the mad!

Forge new weapons, learn a new spell, inherit new powers, including...

Mindcleaver - A blade with the ability to sever an opponent's mind and manifest it as a powerful ally for 1 minute.

The Discordant Greatsword - A shattered greatsword with the ability to unleash a variety of effects upon its victim's demise.

Arden-Sul's Heart - A luminous artifact long revered in the canon of the Shivering Isles, able to confer a blessing of vitality upon its bearer.

Enthrall - A spell to bind your foes' minds to your will.

And much more...


A huge, huge, huge thanks to the immeasurably talented Daniel Hodge whose voice not only breathes life into the characters you'll encounter on your adventure, but also provided a sounding board and a bevy of creative ideas during the drafting process of 'Identity Crisis'. (And who has been exceedingly patient with the glacial pace at which I worked on this project.)

The incredible efforts of Nickorasu whose love of all things Daedric birthed many of the assets featured in 'Identity Crisis'. If you're a cultist like me, you should seek out her work post haste! Without the visionary and otherworldly material she so generously provided, I wouldn't be able to bring half this stuff to life.

Of course, Mathy79 for (once again) assets too numerous to name. His attention to detail and ability to render material that feels like it belongs in a lived-in world is nothing short of brilliance.

Mmcarthy4 for not only his insanely high quality armor and weapon meshes and textures, but for making his Dreaded Relics and Blackened Steel sets available as assets to the modding community. He clearly enjoys a degree of historical particularity when it comes to weapons, clothing, and armour that I find very immersive. If you do too, you should check out his mods!

And lastly - but certainly not least - the recent releases of PraedythXVI have consistently blown me away. So much so, in fact, that you'll find more than one of his amazingly high end assets featured in 'Identity Crisis'. I cannot believe the speed at which this modder releases such amazing stuff.