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Implements the best weapon, armor, enchantment, and spell mods from the nexus via modified DDL leveled lists editing boss chests. This is intended to be used alongside Halgari's RPG Loot to generate enchanted variants. The result is weapons, armors, and spells that look cool, have unique abilities, and are implemented through dungeon boss chests.

Permissions and credits
No longer supported, I do have ambiguous future plans to make a new version, but that is likely a long time from now.

Do I want to be able to find a random chest near Riverwood with god-like items in it? Not really. Do I want random bandits running around looking like the awesome anime hero I want to be? No, not really. Would I like to find really flashy spells and epic gear as rare randomized drops from boss chests in dungeons? Yes please! (ESL FLAGGED)

I always appreciated the immense creativity and skill that went into making some of the most famous mod-added weapons and armors on the Skyrim Nexus. However, usually their implementation into the world of Skyrim tend to be unbalanced, likely to cause compatibility issues, or the worst of all: boring.

On the other hand, while I liked the idea of Dynamic Dungeon Loot making boss chests more rewarding, I couldn't bring myself to be excited for finding vanilla items. Thus it seemed like a great idea to implement the amazing mod-added armors and weapons via Dynamic Dungeon Loot! The only problem is that I had also found Halgari's RPG Loot, which for those of you who don't know, can essentially make the games loot diablo or borderlands-esque by generating thousands of enchantment variations. It does this in such a way it makes Dynamic Dungeon Loot's level-list system redundant (since it replaces each individual item within a leveled list with a sublist containing the variations). Side Note: I tried running Halgari's RPG Loot through Synthesis (I only have BBC, the addon, and Summermyst installed) and it added a total of over 170,000 weapon variations! I don't know how many weapon variations are in Vanilla Skyrim, but I have a hard time believing it is anywhere close to that. Can't recommend Synthesis enough either! After I set my settings, it was 1 click to run the patcher and it took about 24 seconds to generate over 170,000 weapons!

So Better Boss Chests only keeps the Exotic and Legendary lists from DDL. I only added enchanted items to the Exotic level and unenchanted items to the Legendary level. The idea is that Halgari's RPG Loot needed the enchanted version in SOME leveled list for it to recognize them (hence needing the Exotic tier), but also needs to replace unenchanted items with sublists (hence the legendary tier). When Halgari's RPG Loot replaces the items with sublists, it does it in it's own 4-tiered rarity system including Magical, Rare, Epic and Legendary entries (hence no need for the other tiers from DDL). I also added spells to a new list within the Exotic DDL tier, so that there is a chance to receive powerful spells as rare boss loot.

The result is that if you use this mod alone you will get the unenchanted versions of the items from the original mods as possible loot from boss chests, as well as a chance to get the enchanted versions that were already present in those mods. However, if you use Halgari's RPG Loot, you will be able to find the weapons with vanilla, Summermyst, Eldritch, Black Against Night, and even DDL's original enchantments with RNG tiered variations!

Additionally, it presents as a chance to expose expertly made mods made by relatively underrated mod authors to more users!

While some mod authors featured here are so prolific they need no introduction: Enaisiaion, Billyro, Zerofrost, meh321, etc.

Some other fantastic authors could use a bit more attention IMO: LertKrush, KataPUMB, elysees, mmccarthy4, etc.

The best part of this mod is: it's open permissions as well! The only stipulation is that you must review each individual mod listed below to see what the permissions require from the original mod (hint: they are usually open if you credit the original author, and some do not allow for paid mods or donation points). In the future, I may try to obtain permissions from other mods that have more closed permissions if their authors allow. At that time, I assume that they will require permission for their asset use in mods that utilize BBC (to prevent piggy-backing of permissions). The safest thing to do is check the permissions of the original mod's page for which asset you are attempting to use and just go with what permissions you find there.

Check the images for a fairly comprehensive list of all the permissions granted for this mod's existence. If there are any that I missed, or any that I misinterpreted as being allowed, please let me know so I can update or remove the assets from the mod.

1.) Optional: Blink - Required for Addon 1
2.) Optional: IHarvest - Required for Addon 1
3.) Optional: BSIP -  Required for Addon 1
4.) Optional: Soarin' Over Skyrim - Required for Addon 1
5.) Optional: Open World Loot required for Open World Loot patches
6.) Optional: Dynamic Dungeon Loot required for Dynamic Dungeon Loot patches
7.) Optional: Halgari's RPG Loot recommended for enchantment variations (My preliminary testing with BBC and Summermyst yielded over 170,000 variations).
8.) Optional: Crafting Recipe Distributor recommended if you want tempering recipes for the loot (not tested, may need keywords to be added in a future date). Alternatively, just use the original mod which will include the crafting recipes in most cases.

Only incompatibilities would be from the original included mods themselves, or from mods editing boss chests. A patch for OWL is provided.

1.) Robbie for Dynamic Dungeon Loot
2.) Halgari for Halgari's RPG Loot
3.) Zerofrost for DragonLord & Valkyrie ArmorContractor and Mavari ArmorsRaven witch armorMedusa Drakul armors, Evil Mastermind Armor, Blood Witch Armor, Knight of Thorns Armor, Silver Dragon Armor
4.) mmccarthy4 for Reaper Paladin Armor Set, Stalhrim Paladin Armor, Project Veil, Blackened Steel Armor, Reaper Weapon Kit, Reaper Paladin Armor
5.) Angilla for DCR King Crusader Mega Pack
6.) HydroBirous for Mana Shield and xdcy for Energy Shield
7.) Elleh for Kynreeve Armor
8.) hideto84 for Dragon Carved Armor
9.) ZidanReign for Berserk The Black Swordsman -> removed in 1.2
10.) Gimora for Grunberd ArmorSonia Armor, Judeau Armor
11.) Tathrin for Male and Beast conversion of Sonia Armor
12.) trion77 for Occiglacies - Ancient Falmer Blade
13.) billyro for nearly every weapon (and some spells and armor too) in this mod, way too many to list, check them out!
14.) Enaisiaion for Cosmic Spells
15.) LertKrush for Singularity, Flare Star, Astral Magic, Ancient Blood Magic, Extraplanar Sword Techniques
16.) Meh321 for Blink
17.) Derwan for BSIP and Soarin' Over Skyrim
18.) KataPUMB for Glamoril
19.) elysees for Eldritch Magic Weapon Enchantments, Hecatic Graea, Eo Geom
20.) xunderxdosedx for Black Against Night
21.) Corvalho1 for The Gifts of Akatosh
22.) IDontEvenKnow for IHarvest
23.) Sheepswirl for more elven armor, more stormcloak and dunmer armor, Nord Battlemage Armor, and Elder Scrolls Blades Armor Elven -> removed in 1.2
24.) jet4571 for Blood Drain
25.) Xenosapiens for Molag's Thorn and Dragon Mastery Armory
26.) MisanthropicShayna for Perfected Reanimation