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Eo Geom : Summon Swords Special Edition
'Eo Geom' Mean Control and Rule the Sword

-Eo Geom Summon Swords
-Eo Geom Continuation Slash
-Eo Geom Lightning Order

Lily Rapier
Virtuous Contract
Daedric Dagger
Wooden Sword

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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition
Eo Geom : Summon Swords by elysees

'Eo Geom' Mean Control and Rule the Sword
Eo Geom ?? (A Gum) ??

Eo Geom : Summon Swords lesser power will be added automatically

SolidSkorpio's Description>> Summon Swords is a power that give you six swords to use with your charge and normal attacks (1h and 2h), can be found in the power section and will be added automatically to your game. Is important to say that this mod in PC use SKSE, in Xbox there's no SKSE so there's no way to make it work with the completely. To use the power press RB an use your attacks normally, then the swords are going to do the work.

Eo Geom Summon Swords 
-lesser power 
-Auto Targeting
-Summon Swords > Attack !!! (WeaponSwing or WeaponLeftSwing)
-Damage : 10 + oneHanded or twoHanded Higher Value 25%
-Requre : Magicka 10 per 1 Sword

Eo Geom Continuation Slash
-How to Use : PowerAttack(not Stand) > Eo Geom Continuation Mode(during 6 second) > WeaponSwing or WeaponLeftSwing
-Damage : 5 + oneHanded or twoHanded Higher Value 10%* 4 Hit

Eo Geom Lightning Order
-How to Use : Sprinting > Charge Attack
-Damage : oneHanded or twoHanded Higher Value 100%, 12Area, Knockback 8~12
                10 + oneHanded or twoHanded Higher Value 50%, 24Area * 6 Hit 
-Require : Max 6 Sword

Edit Console Command
` > Set eogeomDamageRate to 1.0 (1.0 = 100%)            //default value: 1.0 (1.0=100%)
` > Set eogeomMagicka to 10.0                                    //default value Magicka 10
` > Set eogeomLockOnRadius to 2400                           //default value 2400. Skyrim distance.
` > Set eogeomDuration to 6.0                                     //default value 6.0 (6.0=6 Second)
     : EoGeom Unsummon require time
` > Set eogeomContinuationDuration to 6.0                  //default value 6.0 (6.0=6 Second)
     : EoGeom Continuation Mode Duration time

CrainteVomir by Hentai (zotman12)
Lily Rapier by Hentai (zotman12)
Sulundo by Hentai (zotman12)
Asura by Hentai (zotman12)
Virtuous Contract by Dint999

*Feel free to use everything in this file.