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Ports of Zenl's Black Swordsman Armor and Phate3's Dragonslayer.

Permissions and credits
As soon as the Creation Kit came out, I didn't want to wait in trying to convert the following mods since I'm a fan of Berserk.  I am not a professional mod author and don't claim to be one.  If anyone wants to provide improvements to the mod compilation, feel free to hit me up and send me the files and I'll credit you where credit is due.

Meshes for the Black Swordsman Armor were simply updated via the guide Arthmoor provided.  Textures working fine and not looking too shabby.  Includes readme and both versions of the Armor.  (Simply put, two esps are still included.  One esp for if you want to use the Iron Arm and one for using any other glove armors.)


Dragonslayer provided a normal Greatsword version and a variant that used the Battleaxes animation.  Strange enough, it packaged animations from vanilla which would interfere if you want custom weapon animations, so I removed them.  Retextures are available at the original mod location on Skyrim Nexus which I will provide links to below.  If you want the other optional files like the stats to work, feel free to try to using them, but I'm not converting them since I feel the normal versions are balanced as they could be. 

DraculaOffspring wanted his optionals of Dragonslayer ported so I did so, the model and textures for that version are different so feel free to try it out with the normal Dragonslayer!  He's also offered to fix the Iron Arm Mesh bug with other armors so look forward to that in the future.

Permissions are open to make improvements on the mods same as Permissions the original Mod Authors/License.  Feel free to modify files as directed on the original mod descriptions.  If the original mod authors return and tell me otherwise, I promise to take down this mod page.
Zenl's Black Swordsman Armor
Phate3's Dragonslayer

- Credits -

Thanks Arthmoor for providing the guide on porting OG Skyrim Mods to SSE.
Thanks to the original mod authors and their respective credit sections for creating these mods.  Kentarou Miura would be proud. 
Thanks to DraculaOffspring for offering his help and knowledge on modeling and texturing.
Berserk is a manga/anime Dark Fantasy created by Kentarou Miura.