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Adds a unique armor with customization options and unique weapons.

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This is my most ambitious Armor mod to date and has a couple unique features I haven't  seen implemented yet in other mods.
This is a unique armor mod with a interesting selection of accessories that you can equip over your armor. From pouldrons to overcoats to belts you can make your character your way.

base Armor and weapons can be found in a chest in castle volkihar watchtower outside the castle.  

How this works: 

First take this armor in the chest

Then head to a forge

under Steel you should be able to craft the accessories. They cost nothing and have no armor, monetary or enchantable value. They are comsetic only.

 Cape and waffenrock are the same slot so the will replace one another. Same for the belts and left and right shoulders. 

Helmet variants are replacements for the current one thus require materials and have value Additional weapons are similar

Forging Requires the ebony smithing perk

Armor rating is set to dragon bone and weapons are similar (except crossbow slightly better than dwarven).

 The selection at launch is just a start and I plan to implement more over time. 
Any questions or concerns leave a comment on the nexus or page I will read it eventually and get back when I can if it warrants a response.

Feel Free to check out my other mods by visiting my profile page under user files.