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SKSE plugin and framework that automatically generates smelting and tempering recipes for weapons/armor/clutter. No patches or patching required.

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Skyrim SE 1.5.39 +
meh's Address Library for SKSE Plugins


SKSE plugin and framework that automatically creates smelting and tempering recipes for weapons/armor/clutter. Every single mod is supported*. No need to run xEdit or similar patchers again whenever you adjust your load order.

*Recipes are generated using weap/armor material keywords, or by checking their name/model path (ie. clutter/GoldBar.nif). New recipes can be added for items not detected by this process, or if you want to override default behavior (make iron weapons always give out 100 iron ingots).


Playable armor/weapons/clutter can be smelted into ingots, or other materials, at the smelter. Light armor can be broken down into leather strips at the tanning rack. 

Amount of materials received is calculated by checking for the appropriate crafting recipe. If that doesn't exist, amount is dynamically derived using weight ratio or cost ratio of item and material. For instance, expensive weapons that have the WeaponMaterialIron keyword will give out more iron ingots than base iron weapons. 

Recipes (generated and vanilla) are hidden unless the player has enough materials. You won't be able to smelt equipped armor/weapons unless you have multiples of those in your inventory.

Maximum amount of materials received (when amount is dynamically derived) can be customized in po3_CraftingRecipeDistributor.ini.


Tempering recipes are generated for armor and weapons that don't have existing tempering recipes (based on material keywords). 

Adding New Recipes

Recipes should be written to an ini file containing the suffix "_CRD", in the Data folder (for example, MyMod_CRD.ini).

Recipe = created item formID/editorID | required item keyword/formID | count

created item = item generated by crafting recipe,
Smelting - ingots 
Tempering - armor/weapon.

required item = item required by crafting recipe. 
Smelting - weapon/armor/clutter
Tempering - ingots.

count - (Smelting) amount of crafted items generated (Tempering) amount of required items needed. 


;Smelt gold ingots into coins 
;you only need to specify the mod name if it isn't fixed

Recipe = 0xF | 0x5AD9E

;Smelt items with these keywords into silver ingots
Recipe = 0x5ACE3 | SilverDartMaterial , SilverArrowMaterial

;Override plugin and smelt all iron weapons to give 231 gold ingots
Recipe = 0x5AD9E | WeapMaterialIron | 231 

;Add tempering recipe for modded weapon in MyMod.esl that requires 5 stahlrim ores
;here, MyMod.esp can be placed anywhere in load order so name must be specified.

Recipe = 0x1234 ~ MyMod.esp | 0x202B06B | 5


Check po3_CraftingRecipeDistributor.log file in My Games/Skyrim Special Edition/SKSE, for more information about the process.

Probably redundant if you use CCOR or any other mod that also generates recipes using xEdit or Synthesis.


  • Install as normal with a mod manager. 


Plugin source

  • Ryan (SniffleMan) for CommonLibSSE
  • SimpleINI for INI code and directory access