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Adds PoE/Diablo3 style loot to Skyrim. Includes thousands of new enchantment combinations, added into the leveled lists in the world.

Permissions and credits
This mod uses a esp framework (code to be released in the near future) to generate new rare/mythical/legendary enchantments, add them to items, and distribute them into the world. Think Path of Exile or Diablo 3 loot. This mod is also a lot like "World's Dawn" except enchantments are all pre-generated and so do not involve scripts or use of special actor values. In addition these enchantments are dis-enchantable, opening up new possibilities for gameplay. This means that enchantments go from being rare, to extremely common, although common enchantments are fairly low powered. 

The included ESP, only works against stock skyrim enchantments and leveled lists. If you have added other weapons they will not be recognized (because this is pre-generated). In the next few days I'll work on getting the patcher uploaded and ready for general use.

What this mod actually does (at a technical level):
  • Users define enchantments in a config file. Mostly just an editorID from an ESP and information on how to scale the enchantment
  • The patcher (not included yet) finds every stock armor in every leveled list in the game
  • For each armor, a pool of 250 enchantments is generated. 
  • The patcher goes back and replaces the unenchanted item in the leveled list with a reference to the new leveled list of 250 items
To Generate a ESP for your own modlist:
  • Install the main download from the files page
  • Add the ClassBasedLootGenerator.exe file to your MO2 Executables
  • Run the EXE to regenerate the included `hal_rpg_generated.esp` file
  • Run your game with the new esp enabled

If you left the ESP enabled during execution of the generator, the generator will ignore that mod, so it's fine to leave it enabled. There are several config files in the `Enchantment Definitions` folder. Currently only the `*_Skyrim.esm.yml` and `Consts.yml` files are used, but feel free to tweak the values. They define what enchantments are used, how often given rarities are generated, and how often high level items are created.

This mod should be considered "beta" quality. There's a few things I want to change yet: 

  • Naming of the weapons is borked for jewelry, simple fix
  • Anything of Legendary quality or higher should get a unique name. 
  • Possibly rework Mythical naming to include all 3 enchantment names
  • Include the patcher so this mod can be used by load orders that contain more than vanilla weapons/enchantments/leveled lists. 
  • Inclusion of 3rd party enchantment mods (Like summermyst) with autodetection. If it's in your load order we'll use it, if not, we won't
  • Testing against massive modlists like Living Skyrim
  • There appears to be a 255 mod limit with the generator, I'll work on getting that fixed
  • The generator works fine with ESPL files, but has a bug with ESL files, I'll also work on that. 

Posts/Forums are turned off for this mod. A user comment section is a horrible way to track issues, and improvements to software. So if you have feedback/issues/or bugs, feel free to submit them to the project's Github issue tracker.

Code is available on Github, MIT licensed, so free to do what you want, as long as you credit me (as all modding should be).