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Adds PoE/Diablo3 style loot to Skyrim. Includes thousands of new enchantment combinations, added into the leveled lists in the world.

Permissions and credits
This mod uses a patcher framework known as Sythesis to generate new rare/epic/legendary enchantments, add them to items, and distribute them into the world. Think Path of Exile or Diablo 3 loot. This mod is also a lot like "World's Dawn" except enchantments are all pre-generated and so do not involve scripts or use of special actor values. Pre-generated mods for Vanilla and Vanilla + Summermyst are available in downloads for people who don't want to go through the trouble of checking on the project via github

What this mod actually does (at a technical level):
  • Walks through all the item level lists looking for armor/weapons
  • Replaces each unenchanted item in each list with a new list that selects from: unenchanted/magical/rare/epic/legendary
  • Generates rarities of weapons based upon enchantments that would be available to the user at the given level
To Generate a ESP for your own modlist:
  • Download and run Synthesis through Mod Organizer 2 
  • Add the HalgarisRPGLoot project as a git patcher, or download the source form the Download tab
  • Run the patcher

This mod should be considered "beta" quality. There's a few things I want to change yet: 

  • Anything of Legendary quality or higher should get a unique name. 
  • Possibly rework Rare/Epic naming to include all 3 enchantment names

  0.3 - Fixed bug with guards/coc'd players getting a copy of every armor

Code is available on Github, MIT licensed, so free to do what you want, as long as you credit me (as all modding should be).