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Distribute ODIN spells to NPCS.with Spell Perk Item Distributor (SPID)

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Restoration and some alteration and illusion spells from Odin to npcs. the distribution change is 20%


this mod gives spells to any actor who use the ActorTypeNpc string and who have high enough skill level to use that spell. any humanoid npc (the vanilla playable races, dremora race, mod added humanoid races) will get spells from Odin. npcs who have 50/74 in conjuration will get adept conjuration spells, if they have 100 then they will get master conjuration spells. this applies to the Odin spells for npcs main file

any npc who use one of the vanilla spellcaster/hybrid classes will get spells based on their affinity to a school of magic. any class who have 3 or higher in a school of magic will get access to apprentice to master spells in a school of magic, classes with a 2 will get access to spells from apprentice to adept. the classes with a 1 wont get any Odin spells. this applies to the Odin spells for spellcasters main file
 this is where i get the numbers from. hybrid classes (npcs who use melee weapon while also being able to cast spells) wont be able to cast spells higher than adept, conjurers wont be able to cast destruction spells higher than adept since they specialize themselves in conjuration, this also applies to some destruction mages when it comes to conjuration spells. 

additional info:
-summons dont get spells.
-npcs who level with the player (like followers) can get more spells the higher level they get ingame. spid runs each time the player level up, so if you are level 50 then npcs might have completely different spells from when you were lvl 10.
-vampires dont get restoration spells.
-pyro, cryo and electromancers dont cast destruction spells from outside of their element with the spellcaster main file.

installation: just download with manager and enable the mod in your mod manager.

RECOMMENDED: Papyrus Tweaks NG to improve the script engine and possibly reduce/fix performance issues.

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