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Changes the appearance of 59 female NPCs. Standalone.

Permissions and credits
  • Spanish
  • Russian

This mod will change the face of the following NPCs:

  • Angi
  • Anska
  • Aphia Velothi (new in 2.2) [DB]
  • Arcadia
  • Asta
  • Beitild
  • Betrid
  • Brelas (new in 2.2)
  • Cairine
  • Carcette
  • Daighre
  • Evette San
  • Female Imperial Hunter
  • Female Nord Hunter
  • Female Redguard Hunter
  • Female Wood Elf Hunter
  • Frabbi
  • Freir (new in 2.2)
  • Gormlaith Golden-Hilt (new in 2.2)
  • Greta
  • Grosta
  • Hamal
  • Hroki (new in 2.2)
  • Indara Caerellia
  • Irgnir 
  • Jala
  • Kaie
  • Katla
  • Laelette the Vampire
  • Lami
  • Liesl (new in 2.2) [DB]
  • Lisbet
  • Margret
  • Marise
  • Medresi Dran (new in 2.2)
  • Mena
  • Merilar Rendas (new in 2.2) [DB]
  • Nana Ildene
  • Narri
  • Niluva Hlaalu
  • Nimphaneth
  • Nimriel
  • Nocturnal
  • Nura Snow-Shod
  • Olda
  • Reldith
  • Rhiada
  • Safia
  • Salma
  • Sayma
  • Sosia Tremellia
  • Susanna the Wicked
  • Swanhvir
  • Synda Llanith
  • Tekla
  • Threki the Innocent
  • Tormir
  • Uaile
  • Voada

Please check the image section for pictures of every NPC that was changed.
I removed the headdresses from Nocturnal's outfit so her hair won't be hidden. If you want the rest of the NPCs to not have any hats on, please use a mod like Invisible Headgear or SkyHide.

This mod is standalone
Relationship Dialogue Overhaul and Expressive Facial Animation are recommended however.

WARP Patch available here, made by lordkenyonkmp.


Q: Is this compatible with Pandorable's mods and the Bijin Series?
A: Yes, it is compatible with all of the Pandorable and Bijin makeovers.

Q: What to do in case of black face bug?
A: Open the console, click on the NPC and type setnpcweight xx (xx has to be the default weight of that character, see the following list). Her face will revert to vanilla. Type disable and then enable.

Q: What body do they use?
A: Only the textures are standalone. They will use whatever body you have installed.

Q: Suggestions?
A: Please put suggestions in the comment section if you have any.

Q: ENB used in images? 
A: I use Re-Engaged, ousnius uses Mythical ENB 

Bijin Skin, Fair Skin, Smashing Faces, Mature Skin, Nuska's Skin, Allium [ddsworkshop]
Maevan2 Brows, Brows by Hvergelmir, Kyoe's Brows, Lux Brows
Female Makeup Suite, Mild Complexions, Freckle Mania, XCE Warpaint, Nuska Warpaint 
Precious Style Eyes, Eyes of Beauty, LiEyes, Iridum Eyes, MM Real Eyes
ECE head mesh, RaceMenu

ousnius for teaching, testing, taking pictures and ♥
Nana for fantastic eye textures and ♥