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A visual overhaul for 24 of the warrior women that we know and love.

Permissions and credits
This mod will overhaul the appearance of the following NPCs:
  • Lydia          
  • Rayya               
  • Rikke         
  • Njada                     
  • Irileth        
  • Annekke    
  • Jordis       
  • Adelaisa      
  • Iona          
  • Jenassa   
  • Aela          
  • Illia                                                            
  • Mjoll         
  • Delphine                
  • Uthgerd   
  • Ingjard                                     
  • Ria            
  • Aranea                                          
  • Frea          
  • Eola
  • Borgakh   
  • Brelyna                                                          
  • Beleval     
  • Ugor    
They have been thoroughly modernized with high poly heads, top of the line skin textures, and my own take on their appearances, while still being mostly friendly to the lore.

For maximum compatibility, they will use whatever body you have installed, be it CBBE, UNP, Nevernude, etc.
They will use their own textures, of which you have options for CBBE or UNP based bodies.

Word of warning, the textures are 4k, and the tintmasks are 2k, so make sure you are running a rig capable of keeping up with that.

Install with mod manager of your choice.
Uninstall with mod manager of your choice.

Obviously, this mod will not be compatible with other mods that edit the same NPCs, however, if you are using another replacer that overlaps, just make sure the mod you want to take priority below the other. Mod is compatible with AI Overhaul, using the patch by Blamedragon, which you can find here.

Recommended mods:
Expressive Facial Animation (I don't know if the faces will be exactly the same without it)
Expressive Facegen Morphs (Ditto to the above)
Rustic Clothing
Amidianborn Book of Silence
Amidianborn Upscaled Textures
Relationship Dialogue Overhaul (one of the best mods ever made)

Bijin Skin
Fair Skin
High Poly Head
Expressive Facial Animations
Expressive Facegen Morphs
The Eyes of Beauty
SG Brows
KS Hairdos
Shinglescat for her amazing SC KS Hairdos Retexture and her awesome eye cubemaps
Holiday Gift Hairdos
SG Hairpack
Female Makeup Suite
Vanilla Warpaint Absolution
The Neith Team Warpaints
Freckle Mania 2
Artsick for the amazing Orc Teeth Replacer 
Dirtnap (without his tutorials and patience I would not be making mods)
Yulleona and Alduwuiin (for advice during the creative process)
Mild Complexions

All screenshots were taken in Skyrim Special Edition with Silent Horizons ENB for Obsidian Weathers.

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Find more of my mods here.