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This mod replaces a select few NPCs that I felt deserved a makeover; some which don't have any existing overhauls, and a few that already have some talented replacers out there but just aren't to my personal taste. This is the start of what will undoubtedly become a much larger project.

Permissions and credits

~ eeekie's Enhanced NPCs ~

I started this mod because I love creating faces in racemenu, I've been told I'm not too bad at it, and since I can't play all of them at least this way I can see them in my game somehow! There are loads of amazing NPC replacers out there, but everyone has their own idea of how a unique character should look. These NPCs in particular I've overhauled all for various reasons; either I felt like none of the existing replacers quite fit the idea I had of them in my head, or because they simply needed some more love. 

Every NPC has their own individual file, or you can choose from the FOMOD, or 3 AIO merged packs. 

If you enjoy my work, please consider becoming a Patron!

Balimund, the Riften Blacksmith: Go to see him perform miracles of steel. He's way easier on the eyes now. 

Jon Battle-Born: he's a babyfaced wannabe bard.

Alvor, the Riverwood Blacksmith: He deserved some extra attention. 

Brynjolf: there's no shortage of Brynjolf makeovers out there, but none of them spoke to me. So here he is. 

Tolfdir: AFAIK nobody else has touched him. Tolfdir, while old, is still a powerful mage and should look less like a feeble, tottering old man. Immersive College of Winterhold patch available in Optional files. 

Jarl Idgrod Ravencrone: An older lady, but by god she is an elegant older lady and shouldn't be wrinklier than the chair she sits on. She's also somewhat of a mystic and I felt like her appearance should reflect that. 

Idgrod the Younger: Because she needed to look more like her mother, naturally. 

Jarl Elisif the Fair: After a long discussion with friends, it was agreed-upon (mostly) that Elisif is quite young, yes, but not an infant. She carries herself well for her age, so she should be young, fair, but also look a little wise (and sad, given her husband just got murdered in front of her by that asshole Ulfric).

Jarl Laila Law-Giver: Eh, I just wanted her to look a little older and more submissive, being Maven's adoring fan and all. *she may have a minor wrist seam, I can't seem to fix it, but it may be just something with my setup.*

Pack #2

Viarmo, the Headmaster at the Bard's College in Solitude. He really needs this festival to happen, guys. 

Delphine, the woman we love to hate but can't live (play) without. She's supposed to be in her late fifties, and doesn't have time for anything fun. Delphine has an elderly normal map which gives her the slight saggy skin, but it doesn't really match the chest (even though she has matching skin textures). This is a pretty known thing, older ladies having the cleavage of a 20 year old, and I can't do a lot about that- but she'll put some armor on soon enough. Delphine also varies quite a bit depending on the ENB - look in the photos for comparison. 

Jarl Siddgeir: Antler boy gets a makeover

Farengar Secret-Fire: The NPC makeover you never knew you needed. He has a long haired version (my personal choice) and a short haired version and you can check out the difference in the photos. But, depending on your mods installed, he'll probably be wearing a hood like this so it won't matter.

Pack #3

Esbern: Looking less like a tottering old fool.

Maven: I took inspiration from two leading women who convey the kind of power that I think Maven has - Angelica Huston and Meryl Streep

Madanach: Madanach needed to look like he lived in a prison-mine, but could still kick ass. 

Adrianne: No more hair catching on fire!

Cicero (his hat is smaller now)

Kodlak: Kodlak is sick and dying, and I felt like he needed to still look like a proper Companion, but reflect his health.

Karliah: She is sad, worried, and on the run. 

Jarl Balgruuf: Rumor is that he had his first wife killed. Do you believe it?

Jarl Igmund: You've got to be one tough SOB to keep the reach under control. 

Download Options 

Standalone Option: meaning you shouldn't have to download anything extra to make them look the way that I intended as shown in screenshots - except for the Eyebrows as a soft requirement - for that you should probably download Hvergelmir's awesome Brows because all my replacers used them. Each younger person includes their own total skin texture replacers, and you shouldn't see any neck seams. The older folks, Tolfdir, Delphine, and Jarl Idgrod Ravencrone *only have their heads redone* so if you take their clothes off, you will absolutely see a skin texture mismatch unless you happen to be using the same skin that I picked for their faces. I won't apologize for that, mostly because I'm lazy, but also you shouldn't be taking the clothes off of old people. Shame on you. 

Your Skin Textures Option: This is the other FOMOD that does *not* include any skin or face textures, nor any custom meshes other than the head. This is for people who want to use their own skin textures - this may improve compatibility with other NPC overhauls or those that use a different body mesh. 

AIO Packs 1, 2, & 3:  custom merged files so you don't have a bunch of extra esps. This said, they are all easy to merge together yourself using Zmerge. 

Installation & Information

  • Place at or near the bottom of your load order, and after all other NPC replacers if you want my files to win and show up in your game. 
  • If you have black face, it's usually a mod conflict or load order issue. Check in your data folder to make sure my files aren't being overwritten.
  • All weights should be set to default, so there shouldn't be any super visible neck seam/gap (with exception of the elderly, as I explained earlier). If you see a gap, try using the console to reset the NPC weight to default. 
  • You probably wont, but you MAY need to start a new game if you're currently using conflicting NPC replacers, because I've heard that facegen files can get baked into your save games, in which case nothing will fix it but a clean start. 
  • There is myriad information out there on how to deal with blackface if none of this works - I am a new modder and likely won't be able to help you further than what I've already said here. 

This being said, all kind and constructive feedback is welcome! As I am brand-spankin' new at modding, I most certainly could have made a mistake and/or made better choices, so please let me know -  I'm eager to keep growing and improving

My other mods: 


I couldn't and probably wouldn't have made this mod without endless help, encouragement, and advice from the wonderful folks communing at Lexy's LOTD guide discord. Lexy, Evertiro, Dave, Secreth, goeds, Diana, Shadriss, Nathan, ra2phoenix, Berndaroy and everyone else there - you guys rock, seriously. Thanks for putting up with me! <3 Thank you also to Kalilies for the inspiration from her own great NPC replacers, and especially for putting up her instructions How to edit NPCs without Nifmerge which saved me from pulling out all my hair in frustration!

Onto the physical credits:

Disclaimer- I did not make any textures or meshes myself!  All I did was combine bits and pieces from other's amazing creations. All assets used were created by different talented members of this modding community, and they all deserve immense credit for their awesome work. If you happen to notice a file that I failed to give credit for (I hope not!) PLEASE let me know because it's certainly not intentional and I will remedy it ASAP! It's never my intent to pass off other's hard work as my own.

Please visit and endorse their individual pages!

Kala's Eyes - a new beautiful eye replacer mod - thank you to guidethisonekalaheria - endorse her!!

The Eyes of Beauty SSE - another amazing eye mod - thank you to docteure and LogRaam for the original work!

Improved Eyes Skyrim - fantastic detailed replacements for all races- thank you to missjennabee and Nazenn

Eye Normal Map Fix SSE - thank you to Mr Dave for providing the realistic reflections which makes the eyes look alive!

Xrayys HD Eye normal map SSE - Another very well done eye enhancement!


Skin Feature Overlays, freckles, scars, birthmarks Thank you to domainwolf for providing the freckles and age spots! I couldn't have given them quite as much character without.

Pride of Valhalla- Super HD Skin set for UNP-UNPB-7B-CBBE- thank you to dracofish for making what I consider some, if not the, best skin textures out there!

BijinSkin UNP and CBBE - thank you to Shiva182 for their fantastic normal map file for elders, and CBBE for the starting material!

Fried's Male Skin Textures- 4k male skin textures and complexions thank you to TheFriedTurkey for creating some of the best map and normals for the elder race!

Skysight Skins - Ultra HD 4k 2k Male Texture and Real Feet Meshes - Thank you to fadingsignal for these awesome textures and meshes, and whose wrinkled skin texture I'm certain was used in some of the mods already mentioned!

Vitruvia- Skin Texture Overhaul for Males - thank you to Mandragorasprouts for their amazing skin textures!

Northborn Scars - Thank you to Northborn for making this badly-needed retexture!

Maevan2's Mature Skin Textures - some of the best "real" skin out there!

Tempered Skins for Males - recently updated and better than ever. This is my go-to skin for dudes.


KS Hairdos SSE - Thank you to Kalilies for making such an incredible hair mod!

ApachiiSkyHair SSE - Thank you to Apachii for more awesome hair options!

Shiva182 and Jasperthegnome for their must-have Salt & Wind Hair Textures for both KS hair and Apachii Hair

Beards by Hvergelmir and his Brow mod which is a requirement - it doesn't get better than these, folks.

SG Female Eyebrows - thank you Hello Santa for the original creation and Senturos for the SSE port