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Improves the appearance of over 500 male NPCs, while staying true to their vanilla look.

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  • Polish
Improves the appearance of over 500 male NPCs, while staying true to their vanilla look. Most named characters of human and elven races are covered.

Recommended Mods:
The NPCs will use your installed body meshes and textures for body, face, complexions, beards, eyes and brows. This creates a consistent look and allows you to use your preferred textures and meshes.

The following mods were used for the screenshots:

Face and body textures and face complexions: Tempered Skins for Males
Beard and brow Textures: Total Character Makeover
Eyes: Fair Skin Complexion

Your installed textures have a big influence on the final outcome. By choosing the right face textures, you can achieve your preferred look:

Includes patches for the Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch and Cutting Room Floor. Additional patches can be found here.

If you use other NPC replacers, that edit the same NPC, make sure that your load order matches your overwrite order.

Q: Can you change/improve a NPC?
A: If you have suggestions on how to improve certain NPCs, please share them. While I'm happy with how the mod looks at the moment, I'm always open for feedback.

Q: Why only human and elves?
A: Other races look very different. I may cover them in different mod at some point, but I want to keep it modular.

Q: Why only males?
A: There are already many good mods for females on the Nexus.

Q: I found an incompatible Mod!
A: Leave a comment with a link to the mod and I will see, if I can include a patch for it.

Q: Some of my NPCs have a black Face. How do I fix this?
A: Read this article.

KS Hairdos SSE by Kalilies and Stealthic
Xenius Character Enhancement Complete by Xenius
Improved Eye Reflections and Cube Map by fadingsignal
Eyes AO Clipping Fix with Invisibility and Eyes Mesh Fix by Artsick and HHaleyy
ENB Brow Fix by triptherift
Seamless Males SE by triptherift
Vampire Facial Reclamation by JRICH604
SSE Creation Kit Fixes by Nuukem
SSEEdit by ElminsterAU and the xEdit team
Hishy NPC RecordForwarding xEdit script by Hishy
Cathedral Assets Optimizer b y G_k