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This is a high poly face replacer/redesign for all 60 named male and female NPCs in Falkreath Hold (except children and beast races). Comes in two versions, Full version and a Males Only version.

Permissions and credits
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  • French

This mod covers all 60 named  adults in Falkreath Hold, which includes NPCs from the city of Falkreath, the Dark Brotherhood, Helgan, Half-Moon Mill, and a few smaller locations within Falkreath Hold.

For the Helgan intro scene I've opted for a less intensive overhaul than I have been doing for other npcs due to the short amount of time anyone will actually see them. I've edited the Stormcloaks and a few imperials and all named NPCs in Helgan to have high poly heads and better hairstyles and I've also tweaked their faces using the creation kit. (I haven't changed Ulfric, General Tulius, or Elenwen, I'll do them in other releases)

For everybody else I've done full Racemenu redesigns unless they are the elder race.

These are the NPCs included:

  • Angi
  • Arnbjorn
  • Astrid
  • Bolund
  • Cicero
  • Delacourt
  • Dengeir of Stuhn
  • Festus Krex
  • Gabriella
  • Gunjar (corpse)
  • Gunjar (Carriage driver)
  • Gunnar Stone-Eye
  • Hadvar
  • Helvard
  • Hern
  • Hert
  • Imperial Captain
  • Indara Caerellia
  • Ingrid
  • Kust
  • Legate Skulnar
  • Llewellyn the Nightingale
  • Lod
  • Lokir
  • Mathies
  • Matlara
  • Narri
  • Nazir
  • Nenya
  • Priestess of Arkay
  • Ralof
  • Rayya
  • Runil
  • Siddgeir
  • Sinding
  • Solaf
  • Stormcloak Prisoners (Helgan intro)
  • Tekla
  • Thadgeir
  • Torolf
  • Valdr
  • Valga Vinicia
  • Vilod
  • Zaria

USSEP (Unofficial Skyrim SE Patch)
Expressive Facial Animation Female
Expressive Facial Animation Male

The mod was designed with the version of the High Poly Head that was made to work with Expressive Facial Animation. Using this mod without Expressive Facial Animations installed can cause issues such as mouth clipping or eyes looking odd. It's not a hard requirement but to avoid any issues you should have it installed.

Also the two vampires Hern and Hert were created with the eye mesh from Lamae's Gaze but I have not included the actual texture from that mod so I don't force anybody to install it. So you could consider that mod a very soft requirement but highly recommended to get those characters to appear like they do in the screenshots.

Lamae's Gaze

A Few Things to Note

There is an optional version of the mod in the download section that removes female npcs already covered by other mods.

There are 2 NPCs that I removed head gear from, they are Tekla and Zaria. If your using this on a new game there are no issues. However, these characters will be naked if you install this on a game where you have already met these characters. To fix, walk up to the npc, open the console, click on the npc, type resetinventory then hit enter.

I've also changed any female characters that used male animations to use the female ones.

Mod Suggestions (to make it look like screenshots, they're not requirements)

I have left the faces, bodies, and eyes to use whatever textures you have (if any) installed because everyone's preference is different. That being said, for best results these are the mods the replacer was designed with and I highly recommend them.

Biijin Skin (realistic face textures option in fomod)
Skysight Skins (just the normal face textures, not younger option, and less veins body)
Superior Lore-friendly Hair (rough version)
Beards (retextures)
Brows (just for retextures)
Mild Complexions (overwrite this mod with Bijin Skin and Skysight Skin)
The Eyes of Beauty ( just for vanilla eye texture replacer)

Install with a Mod Manager (Recommended)

Uninstall with a Mod Manager
This mod would be a pain in the ass to uninstall without one

Load Order
Below anything that overwrites the same NPCs until a patch can be made

KS Hairdos by Kalilies, Stealthic, and Shockero
Hallgarth's Additional Vanilla Hair by Hallgarth
ApachiiSkyHair by Apachii
The Eyes of Beauty by LogRaam and ported to SSE by docteure
Salt & Wind Rough Hair by jasperthenome and ported by Shiva182
High Poly Head by KouLeifoh (mod is posted on VectorPlexus)
Female Makeup Suite and Skin Feature Overlays and HD Vanilla Tints by DomainWolf
Lamae's Gaze by Pandorable
RaceMenu by Expired
USSEP by Arthmoor
Bethesda for Skyrim SE