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Distribute adamant perks to npcs and undead with Spell Perk Item Distributor (spid). all mods that adds npcs should be compatible.

Permissions and credits
npcs will get perks based on their level in a skill (heavy armour, two handed, block, etc). all perks have a chance to be given to npcs that meet the required skill level. 

small applause to KingstonPrince7 for making this mod possible *clap* 

take a look at the pictures for an estimate of how many perks npcs will get based on level. 

the skill trees that npcs can get perks from are: 
heavy armour
light armour
one handed
two handed

Compatibility and limitation:
should affect all npcs from the main game and mods. 

named npcs who level with the player will get more perks the higher level the player is.

causes problems with the papyrus log when using frozen north (or just cc survival mode) where the papyrus logs will increase massivily in size. sunhelm seems to work fine.

 installation: just download with manager and enable the mod in your mod manager.

it works on current save files and should not cause problems if you remove it 

installation: just download with manager and enable the mod in your mod manager. 

RECOMMENDED: Papyrus Tweaks NG to improve the script engine and possibly reduce/fix performance issues.

if you have any suggestions, feel free to share them. 

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