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This is a NPC high poly face replacer/redesign for all the named male and female NPCs in Riverwood (except children).

Permissions and credits
[The NPCs in this mod have now been merged into the Whiterun Release.]


This is a first installment of what I hope will become a series of NPC replacer mods. I'm releasing this one first to gauge community interest in a project like this and to garner some feedback on visual style and design of these NPCs before I go into 100's of hours remaking all named NPCs in Skyrim. The process is very tedious to design these characters in Racemenu and then convert them to work as NPC replacers. I have massive respect for the larger NPC replacers out there after completing this mod.

So on to the mod....

This mod is a standalone NPC replacer for all named adult NPCs in Riverwood. It covers both male and female and NPCs (Alvor, Embry, Hod, Sven, Faendal, Orgnar, Lucan, Gerdur, Delphine, Sigrid, Camilla and Hilde) Yes, this mod actually covers Hilde who is still old but now looks a bit younger. She is Sven's mother, not his grandmother. (on a side note I changed her race from elder to Nord and removed that stupid hat, so you may have to reset her if you install on a ongoing save)

I have replaced all the vanilla hairstyles as they look very dated now. I tried to stay fairly close to the original characters theme and appearance but there are only so many male hairstyles available.

I also made sure that opposite gender animations were disabled on the NPCs that had that box checked in the CK.

So you may ask... "What does this NPC replacer have that sets it apart from past NPC mods"?

Well now, I'm glad you asked Jimmy. This mod has 100% more dudes covered in it than pretty much every other NPC mod for starters. Also this mod has freakin' high poly head meshes for both male and female NPC heads. (Courtesy of the High Poly Heads from VectorPlexus) So no more angular NPC noses and chins. Check out the results!

Mod Suggestions (to make it look like screenshots, they're not requirements)

I have left the faces to use whatever textures you have (if any) installed because everyone's preference is different. That being said, for best results these are the mods the replacer was designed with and I highly recommend them.

Biijin Skin
Vitruvia Skin
Beards (retextures)
Brows (just for retextures)
Mild Complexions (overwrite this mod with Bijin Skin)
The Eyes of Beauty ( just for vanilla eye texture replacer)

Install with a Mod Manager (Recommended)

Uninstall with a Mod Manager
This mod would be a pain in the ass to uninstall without one

Load Order
Below anything that overwrites the same NPCs until a patch can be made

(The assets in this mod were all included with either direct or open permissions)

Credits for those that made this mod possible (The assets in this mod were all included with either direct or open permissions)

KS Hairdos by Kalilies, Stealthic, and Shockero
Hallgarth's Additional Vanilla Hair by Hallgarth
ApachiiSkyHair by Apachii
Salt & Wind Rough Hair by jasperthenome and ported by Shiva182
High Poly Head by KouLeifoh (mod is posted on VectorPlexus)
Female Makeup Suite and Skin Feature Overlays by DomainWolf
RaceMenu by Expired
Bethesda for Skyrim SE