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Reworked perks for increased maximum skill level 125 and added new powers with animations.

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Welcome to harsh Skyrim. The concept of this mod is to increase difficulty and diversify character development. At same time, keeping the atmosphere of RPG, placing more emphasis on possibilities of powers, changing perks to increase maximum skill level to 125 points. Perk point (given every second level) and skill growth reduction by 50%. New perks complement vanilla ones and improve the warrior skill system. Perks, powers, animations and gameplay features are embodied in the world of Skyrim from The Dragon Age games series and The Witcher 3. Animations created by cool modder Orakin2020.

 - Perks of one-handed and two-handed weapons, archery, defense and block skills reworked. Added combos for them and rewards for various quests (see readme or post). Presents specific system of combo effects that player receives after reaching certain conditions. This can be choosing certain perks in different skill trees or completing quests. You will receive note with list of possible combo.

- Alchemy skill tree reworked. Poison perks upgraded. You can are found ingredients on your enemies and craft oils and decoctions in cooking pot. Added new potions oriole, swallow, white honey, troll fat solution.

- Stealth damage system and sneak perks reworked. The default stealth attack does not deal X damage, instead you need to learn the stealth perk Anatomy of Murder. As a result, damage in sneak will be increased to vanilla values, and X1.5 (second rank X2) damage in stealth from the spells of destruction.

- Increase lethality - Damage types. Each weapon is presented with a damage type against light or heavy armor and clothing. It means that:
  + Cutting damage from swords;
  + Crushing damage from maces and warhammer;
  + Piercing damage from bows and crossbows;
  + Shred damage from war axes and battle axes.

- Attack speed for all skills has been redone, since the Attack Speed ​​Fix mod. I was able to change the usual scheme for receiving attack speed buffs. Attack speed now increases with skill as soon as you learn the desired perk. It all works for two-handed and one-handed weapon and archery skills, unarmed combat.

- Presented perks system of unarmed combat. In addition to the Fists of Steel perk, new ones have been added in the Block and Light Armor skill trees. Damage in unarmed combat is increased by perks from the one-handed weapon skill. For play in hand to hand you need mods like Dual Wield Parrying and new unarmed animations of your choice.

- Added Original and Improved Blacksmithing. It change the scheme for improving weapons and armor. In Improved all blacksmith perks not affect on improvement of weapons or armor. Only spell Smith Skill becomes main improvement. The first rank of the Smith perk gives 0.5% improvement for weapons and armor for each blacksmithing skill, the second rank increases effect by 0.75, and Atronach perk up it to 1%. This is combo that was previously used in the mod.

- Added option to replace perks of Speech skill("Perk - Speechcraft.esp" in the archive). Added new perks that are aimed at strengthening voice - Tu'um Dova.
- You can replace loading screens with your own using Easy Loading Screen Generator. Just rename names of your images to those in the JLoadScreens folder.

I recommend playing with Path of Sorcery and awesome mod Dragon Age Spells Redux. Deadly Dragons - for convert dragon souls into perk points. 
Improvement Names Customized SSESimple Offence SuppressionEquipment Durability SystemPortable Alchemy -
MEZF - Missing Encounter Zones FIXEDEncounter Zones Unlocked SEMihail Monsters and Animals - Toxicity SE -
Flora Respawn Fix or Scrambled Bugs -

Mod settings:
- Auto atack speed Default is on.
- Skyrim Alchemy Fixed Default is off.
- Damage types Default is off.
- x2 perks for NPCs Default is on.
- NPCs Powers(animations) Default is on.
- Animations for sprint attack Default is on.
- Blacksmithing mode, Original/Improved Default is off.
NEW! - Powers consume stamina to use.
NEW! - Toxicity

"Perk - Speechcraft.esp" replacement perks of Speech skill. Installation for a new game, or if the perks of Speech are not learned.
NEW! - Option Murder Harvesting "MurderHarvesting.esp" replacing the Experimenter perk with Dark Alchemy. Adds new ingredients that can be obtained from any living creatures (3 by default).
NEW! - Option "TonicsHealOverTime.esp" Tonic potions or Tonics Heal Over Time. 
Restoration potions show their full effect a few seconds after being used. A familiar feature from many alchemy mods, but works in a way that doesn't require compatibility fixes for any new potions or ingredients that reference the original restore effects. Rare Curios, Beyond Skyrim and Project AHO are automatically compatible, as are Crafting Skills Revamped.
NEW! - New animations for hand-to-hand combat (Unarmed Body hook Animation) - this mod is hidden by the author.

If option to replace perks of Speech skill tree is enabled:
20,50 Haggling - I Tu'um trains your voice. Buying and selling prices are 15% better. II Buying and selling prices are 30% better.
30 Dealer - 20% discount on purchases at all city blacksmiths.
35 Allure - 10% better prices with the opposite sex. Can sell any type of item to any kind of merchant. Allure available.
50 Smuggler- Selling goods to Kajit caravans is 20% more profitable.
50 Intimidation - Intimidation is twice as successful.
50 Persuasion - You can bribe guards to ignore crimes. Persuasion attempts are 30% easier.
65 Investor - Can invest gold with a shopkeeper to increase his available gold permanently. Can barter stolen goods with any merchant you have invested in.
70,90 - Way of Voice I You master Tu'um faster, new knowledge reduces the cooldown of shouts by 20%. II The damage done by shouts is increased by 5% for each Dragon Soul.
80 Gist of Yol - Awareness of nature of Fire Spirit allows you to increase damage of your Flame Breath and Frost Breath shouts by one minute.
100 - Master Trader - Every merchant in the world gains gold for bartering.

Mod uses the Attack Speed ​​Fix. Also Ragdoll Paralysis Redux SE - This corrects the paralysis in the game and adds a "doll" effect to paralyzed target.
Skyrim Alchemy Fixed - compatible. Switch perk Benefactor if you need in MCM.
Ordinator - incompatible, because it changes the same perks.
Vokrii - Minimalistic Perks of Skyrim - fully compatible when loaded below.
(Perks 125 is not compatible with other mods that changes same skill trees.)

Crafting Skill Leveling Overhaul - Compatible and highly recommended.
Path of Sorcery SE and Mysticism - a Magic Overhaul are compatible. Patches in optional section.
Food Duration Fix - compatible, patch for add new food in recipe of oil
Animal Tweaks and Combat Evolved - compatible when loaded below.

Installation: (Can be done manually or by mod managers NMM, Mod Organizer or Vortex)
1. Download and install Skyrim Skill Uncapper SE, Dynamic Animation Replacer, Spell Perk Item Distributor;
2. Download the main archives from Main Files section and install.

1. Reset perks. Type in console (`) the command "player.addspell xxC8A58F". The spell "Reset Perks" will appear in the magic menu. Use it and reset perks.
2. Save game, exit game. In a mod manager or manually delete the mod.

My mods:
Combat Sneak
Fix race powers and effects SE
Food Duration Fix
Endurance II
Perks 125 skill LVL
Armor Traders 2
Thanks Jampion for Easy Loading Screen Generator.
Thanks siebel and Fallen01135, Huggins, Xing for permission to use textures and models from these mods Fantasy Potion Replacer and Witcher Oil in Skyrim,     Decoction in Skyrim.
Thanks Hiro for the Unarmed Fighter Animations
Thanks Parapets for mod the Tonics Heal Over Time
Thanks Fishbiter for mod the Murder Harvesting (Enemies Drop Alchemy Ingredients)
Thanks Dan Ruta for the opportunity to voice characters in the mod by the amazing program SKVA Synth - xVASynth
Thanks powerofthree - for Spell Perk Item Distributor
Thanks Felisky - for Dynamic Animation Replacer
Thanks Orakin2020 - for your animations mods. Especially for Main-Hand Dual Power Attack Forward, Dual Wield Attack Power Forward, Witcher-Style Power Attack Animation V2.
  Thanks T_KUKU for Female iai KATANA animation MOD
  Thanks igotnousername - for the Ragdoll Paralysis Redux SE and renketsu0 - for the Attack Speed ​​Fix for Skyrim SE.
  Kassent - for Skyrim Skill Uncapper. Thanks for the opportunity to change base of Skyrim leveling.
  Enai Siaion - thanks for his super mods Ordinator - Perks of Skyrim, Vokrii - Minimalistic Perks of Skyrim, Apocalypse - Magic of Skyrim, Summermyst - Enchantments of Skyrim, Smilodon - Combat of Skyrim. With these mods, the gameplay becomes very interesting and fun.
  ChocolateNoodle - for a batch of mods from his ChocolateNoodle's Little Balance Mods