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Uplift of unarmed animations.

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LE Version

There are many animations for idles and swords etc, but not so many (according to my search skills) unarmed animations. Much like the sneak animations I 've made, I thought I 'd give the unpopular unarmed animations a spin and here is the result.

A lot of work went into those first few, and I think they add enough varierty as is, hence the upload. I plan on doing some more, but they generaly take a lot of time to make.

Included are 9 attacks spread across standing and running, and attacking with the left or right button. I try to match a flow on how I distribute the moves, considering the inputs a player usually does in combat (for example I consider constant movement and mashing of buttons the norm).
They are normal attacks and they have a random factor, without removing the vanila animations, because... while I do consider them boring, they are well made.

The frame rate and the actual gameplay angle take a lot of the detail out of the picture, but the details are there. I hope the pictures provided capture some of that.

For those finding these kinda familiar. Yes. They are. Exactly what you are thinking :)

Critical info - Known issues : there are some minor thingys and glitches occuring at random time that you might notice. The actual fps of the game affects the animation smoothness simply because the animations are made with 60 fps in mind. The further below that number your fps declines the further scewed the animations will look. I tried making 30fps versions but the process was like making them all over again and couldn't go through with that.
Don't let this info intimidate you from trying out these animations. It's just something I noticed in my game. Doesn't mean it will be the same for yours.
- Lucky you with steady 60 fps in your game
-I found out that if you hold diagonal direction and try to perform an attack the game seems like it tries to register both animations (front and sideways)... While that sounds funny, it's not pretty. I am looking into a way of addressing this.

Tested along side 
Feral - Claw Unarmed Attacks for Beast Races - Vampires - Werewolves and I saw no issues.
Way of the monk seems only logical to have.

Recommended mods to add more weight into the animations (don't forget their respective requirements) :
zxlice hitStop SSE - Script Free (for me to work I needed to equip a weapon first and then go unarmed. I 've set range on 200 and 240 for normal and power attack).
Flinching - Script Free Edition (I disabled the player character flinch)
Alpha Jab -Unarmed Combat Sounds Rework-

Animations are safe to install/unistall at any point, and with DAR you don't even need to rerun FNIS or Nemesis to see them ingame.

I hope you like these too.

Sidenote to self : I really need to start working on the rest of the directions and left/right attacks... Can't promise anything, cause I have a busy scedule comin up, but I plan on making more.

My other animation mods :
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