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Beautiful girls traders, no less wonderful armor.

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Trading in Skyrim is a unique experience, and selling chic outfits and armor is a favorite of these ladies.
They will offer you quality clothing or armor that is no worse than the one sold in the Radiant Raiment.
The mod is standalone and does not require other mods, but its goal is add to the game sets of clothes and armor that add popular mods, that you could only get through the console or craft.
Therefore, our ladies sell them for you to preserve the atmosphere of the game and give an incentive for another treasure hunt.

  The Eastern Empire Company led a trade expedition across the lands of Skyrim, despite the risks and martial law in the country. Our heroes hit the road of 8 Sandas Second Seed, and got into trouble, fighting between the imperial army and Stormcloaks.
Lo and behold, they survived, but not all the goods were saved. Escaping they went to Dawnstar in The White Hall, the local jarl accepted them. The pressure at court is growing, like the situation in the Civil War. But the lovely ladies managed to agree with Skald Old about a temporary stay at the court. 
Since the situation will not be resolved soon...

- RaceMenu SE
- KS Hairdos - HDT SMP (Physics) 
- KS Wigs SMP optional
- Dynamic Animation Replacer  - Needed for new animations at merchants. 

  patch COCO sets for Armor Traders
COCO RaikouCOCO Pinup Cheongsam, COCO KDA AHri, COCO CheongSan, Chinese JiangShi, COCO 2B Wedding Outfit 

  patch RyanReos sets for Armor Traders
Ryan Reos High Priestess OutfitRyanReos Primrose EgyptRyanReos Elf Paladin 

  patch Tera Succubus set for Armor Traders
Tera Succubus Armor 

Patches for other mods
- Maxwell Outfit 
- YS Warm Life 
- Mayu Ao Dai Dress 
- Venus Cage 
- Crimson Twilight Armor 
- Anna Night Outfit and Secret Style 16 Outfit

v. 1.11
- BDO Lucien
- Lightning Archer
- Destroyer
- The Witcher Yennefer
- Tara
- Valerya
- BDO India
- Egyptian Pharaoh
- Valkyrie Olympia

1.12 BDO armors sets
- BDO Dobart
- BDO Aquila
- BDO Danharum or 
- BDO Sorceress
- BDO Rosa Le Dessous
- BDO Darkknight

- BDO Eclipse
- BDO Taritas
- BDO Arethel & Heled
- BDO Sor Lumic
- BDO Sacra

Other patch
- Paragon Sparrow Huntress
- Overhit Taze
- Ancient Sands -
- Sins of Daedra -

Merged Patch: (All in one sets for ArmorTrader.esp)
  +Maxwell Outfit set for ArmorTrader.esp
  +Egyprian Pharaoh set for ArmorTrader.esp
  +Tara set for ArmorTrader.esp
  +Valerya set for ArmorTrader.esp
  +BDO Lucien set for ArmorTrader.esp
  +BDO India set for ArmorTrader.esp
  +RyanReos sets for ArmorTrader.esp
  +Crimson Twilight Armor for ArmorTrader.esp
  +Lightning Archer set for ArmorTrader.esp
  +Tera Succubus Armor set for ArmorTrader.esp
  +Venus Cage set for ArmorTrader.esp
  +Destroyer set for ArmorTrader.esp
  +COCO sets for ArmorTrader.esp
  +The Witcher Yennefer for ArmorTrader.esp
  +WarmLife set for ArmorTrader.esp  
  +Mayu Ao Dai Dress for ArmorTrader.esp
  +Valkyrie Olympia set for ArmorTrader.esp

Installation: (can be done manually or through NMM / MO managers)
1. Download the mod and install it;
2. Download mods that add new armor and install a patch for them. (list of supported mods in description)

My mods:
Combat Sneak
Fix race powers and effects SE
Food Duration Fix
Endurance II
Perks of skill level 125


Dan Ruta for the opportunity to voice characters in the mod by the amazing program SKVA Synth - xVASynth
ousnius for mod KS Hairdos, especially for KS Wigs SMP. (Harvest and Scarlet hairs)
Benedetto9 for Female Sitting Animation Replacer