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A potion that has compound effects and is easy to use and replenish.
Converted to ESPFE

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Sorry, my english is not good.I hope everyone can understand what I am expressing.

There are many problems with vanilla alchemy, such as highly repetitive effects, confusing names, and only a 1% difference in effect, which is equivalent to another potion.
These problems are not only dazzling, but also make players spend too much time on the UI,and after learning a few spells, those effects more special potions have become superfluous.
Alcohol also has very low use value. Even for MODs like "INeed", water is still much easier to use than alcohol.

So I created this.
I call it decoction.
This is to distinguish it from the potion of vanilla.
I think this mod should be compatible with "Toxicity" or "Chasing The Dragon" to avoid these powerful decoctions from turning the player into Kratos.
All decoctions are made using cooking pots.

This MOD has the following characteristics.
1.Most of the decoctions are condensed into the same bottle of decoctions from multiple similar effects, so there is no need to drink dozens of gallons of potions during battle.

2.There are several single-effect decoctions, but they are extremely powerful or only come in handy in special circumstances.

3.The alchemy upgrade system similar to the Witcher 3 can enhance the efficacy of the decoction. The levels are Basic, Enhanced and Superior.

4.Decoction will produce residue after use, just find the cooking pot and fill the designated alcohol to make the decoction become usable again.
Because Dunmer alcohol is more special and difficult to obtain, Dunmer's alcoholic beverages can be made into a universal solvent and used to fill all the decoctions.

5.Basic decoctions are also divided into basic, advanced, and higher levels. The more powerful the decoction, the more difficult it will be to obtain the materials required for the preparation.

6.The unique name makes you less likely to be confused after getting used to it

7.Used the drinking sound of The Witcher 3 and use the blur effect of night vision to simulate the blur of the picture when the Witcher 3 is drinking

8.Use a separately made effect, so no vanilla content will be modified

9.Use only simple scripts

10.You can find three recipe books for decoctions in Cellar in Anise's Cabin, but you don’t need these books to make decoctions.

This is the first time I have created a MOD, please feel free to let me know if there are any flaws

3.0New content
  • Fix the problem that Testudo will not produce residue after use in some cases.
  • Add universal solvent supplement formulas for Defensores, Craftsman and Rejuvenation.
  • Fixed the formula of Strigiformes using the wrong salt ingredients.
  • Testudo damage resistance increased from 80% to 100%, and duration decreased.
  • The three books in the cellar of Anise's Cabin are changed to a pile of books like "Witcher Oil".
  • The weight of all decoctions is reduced to 0.
  • Only one set can be made for all types of decoctions.
  • You will not be able to make decoctions and decoction tools until you get the three books, but you are not required to bring the books to make decoctions.
  • Add and modify the formula of universal solvent.
  • Defensores, Testudo and Equipartition will use the visual effects of "FleshFX".

Decoction details
Dragonmaw:Time between shouts is reduced by X%.
Cat:Pickpocket,Lockpicking,Sneak is X% easier.
Equipartition:All elemental resistance +X%.
Hyphalosaurus:Can breathe in water and swim faster.
Rosmontis:Cure Poison and Resist 100% of poison for 1200 seconds.
Termination:All spells no magic required in X seconds.
Testudo:Caster ignores 100% of all physical damage for X seconds.
Thunderstorm: X% more damage and Movement speed +X for X seconds

Herculiani:Health is increased by X points and regenerates X% faster. Carrying capacity increases by X for X seconds.
Ioviani:Magicka is increased by X points and regenerates X% faster. spells are X% stronger for X seconds.
Exploratores:Stamina is increased by X points and regenerates X% faster. Waterwalking for X seconds.
Strigiformes:Improved night vision for X seconds.
Prism:Grants invisibility for X seconds.
Defensores:Improves armor rating by X points.Blocking absorbs X% more damage for X seconds.
Craftsman:Weapons and armor can be improved X% better.items are enchanted X% stronger.Prices are X% better.for 600 seconds.
Rejuvenation:Restore X points of Health. Restore X points of Magicka. Restore X Stamina

Healer:Restores X points of Health in 10 seconds.
Sober:Restores X points of Magicka in 10 seconds.
Eucles:Restores X points of Stamina in 5 seconds.

Unless Anise's Cabin is drastically modified, this should not conflict with any mods.
If you have any questions, please let me know.

Future plan
So far this is the whole content of "Decoction in Skyrim". Unless someone reports a BUG so that this MOD must be fixed, I must devote all my energy to another project-Witcher Oil
After the completion of "Witcher Oil", I will start to make "Skyrim Spirits Extension" to add more interesting content, and combine "Decoction in Skyrim", "Witcher Oil" and "Skyrim Spirits Extension" together.Will eventually replace the entire vanilla alchemy system.

The most important thing is my partner Xing, without his assistance, then this MOD is unlikely to appear.
His excellent work on Skyrim always makes my jaw fall to my feet, and he is a Takodachi too.
This is his Twitter.
The reason for not following him? That doesn't exist.

Apocalypse - Magic of Skyrim by EnaiSiaion

Drinking Gives You Bottles by UlithiumDragon

Portable Arrow Crafting SE by RichWebster

Models and Textures

Fantasy Potion Replacer by Fallen01135 
Liquid Textures

Simple and Pretty Potions by AmethystLR

Better Potions by Syncing

Modder's Resource Pack - The Witcher Extension by Oaristys

FleshFX by DeserterX

Sound effects and inspiration
Witcher3 by CD Projekt

Special thanks to Ninomae Ina'nis
She gave me the motivation to live.