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Overhauls all 6 magic perk trees, providing more interesting perk options, better ways to role-play, and a more well-rounded magic progression system. Construct a skeleton army, win favors from your patron Divine, unlock the secrets of Daedric artifacts, fuel your spells with the power of blood, weave shadows and control minds - and so much more.

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Path of Sorcery
Magic Perk Overhaul

Walk the Path of Sorcery, and become a true master of the arcane!

Path of Sorcery is a complete overhaul of Skyrim's magic perk trees: Alteration, Conjuration, Destruction, Enchanting, Illusion, and Restoration. This mod aims to improve the experience of playing a mage by providing more interesting perk options and more ways to role-play, but without turning Skyrim's magic system into something alien.

The vanilla magic perk trees tend to be pretty boring, and lack the depth needed to make progression interesting. Almost every perk is either "do x% more damage" or "spells cost x% less to cast". Your perk choices have no real weight - almost no new functionality can be unlocked, and you can become a master of EVERYTHING, even when it doesn't make sense.

Path of Sorcery fixes everything that is wrong with Skyrim's magic progression system, and adds all sorts of exciting goodies on top of that. There's too much packed into this mod to explain in a short summary, so take a look at the info below to get a sense of all the awesome waiting for you!

  • Completely overhauls all 6 magic perk trees
  • Improves and expands the magic system, but without turning it into something alien
  • Allows you to specialize in different types of magic, customizing your play style
  • Perk sinks have been replaced with perks that add gameplay and functionality. Passive boosts are less common, and more interesting than a flat increase.
  • Can be installed on top of some of the popular perk overhaul mods, such as PerMa or Ordinator (see Compatibility Notes section)
  • Novice, Apprentice, Adept, Expert, and Master perks have been done away with, and the new perks that take their place will allow spell power and cost to scale dynamically with your skill level. You will find yourself becoming more powerful as your skill level increases. Your level 50 Arch-Mage will be able to throw much more devastating fireballs with less effort than your level 10 apprentice.
  • Many vanilla bugs and annoyances have been fixed (see the "Other Tweaks" section further down the page for details)

  • SKSE
  • Unofficial Skyrim SE Patch

Installing on an existing save:
Although this mod is recommended for a new game, you CAN use Path of Sorcery with an existing character. The first time you load the game with Path of Sorcery installed, your magic perk points will be automatically refunded so that you can re-spec your character.

NOTE: If you want to install this mod on top of another perk overhaul mod, such as Ordinator (compatible mods are listed below), or if you want to switch to this mod from another magic perk mod, you need to start a new game! Otherwise the buffs from mod-added magic perks you selected earlier will still be active in the background, and the refund won't give you back all the perk points you should have. (The ONLY exception to this is if your character hasn't invested any perk points in any of the magic trees)

Upgrading from an old version of Path of Sorcery:
Pos version 2.0 CANNOT be installed over top of version 1.2SE on the same save. It will break your game. I mean that quite literally.
If you have an old version of PoS and want to upgrade to 2.0, follow these steps:
  1. Uninstall PoS
  2. Install PoS version 2.0
  3. Start a new game


Perk Trees


  • Student: Alteration (0/50) > Alteration spells last 0.5/0.75% longer per Alteration skill level and cost 25%/50% less to cast.
  • Alteration Dual Casting (20) > Dual casting an Alteration spell overcharges the effects into an even more powerful version. (Dual cast spells cost 50% more to cast and are 25% stronger)
  • Careful Preparation (25) > Grants the lesser power "Careful Preparation", which allows you to store certain spells. The stored spell will be re-cast at no cost whenever you enter combat. Cannot be used to store Master-level spells.
  • Mage Armor (30/50/70) > If not wearing armor, armor spells are 2/2.5/3x as strong and grant a 2/5/9% chance to take no damage from attacks.
  • Blood Mage (35/65) > Spells cost health to cast instead of magicka. Your maximum health is increased by 50% of your magicka pool. (Novice=8 HP, Appren.=12 HP, Adept=20 HP, Expert=30 HP, Master=42 HP) Has no effect in Vampire Lord form. NOTE: Rank 2 halves the HP cost.
  • Synergy (40/70) > While affected by a flesh spell, all spells you cast are 8/16% stronger.
  • Magic Resistance (40/70) > While affected by a flesh spell, your magic resistance is increased by 25/50%.
  • Adaptability (40) > Whenever you are hit by a weapon, poison, or spell, you gain 20% resistance to that type of damage for 10 seconds. Resistance type switches the next time you are hit.
  • Spell Charging (50) > Enhance the power of a spell by charging it for up to 3 seconds additional seconds before casting; the longer the spell is charged, the stronger the result.
  • Blood Siphon (50) > Your health is restored by 70% of the max HP of creatures and people that are killed by your spells. (Up to 150 points).  Has no effect in Vampire
  • Lord form.
  • Aetherial Shield (55) > Take 25% less damage from magical attacks while casting or charging a spell. Protection increases to 40% while dual casting.
  • Atronach (60/90) > 60/100% chance to absorb the magicka of any spell that hits you, taking no damage. Base magicka regeneration is reduced by 50/100%.
  • Blood To Power (70) > Your spells are are 1% more powerful for each 10 points of health you have lost. Has no effect in Vampire Lord form.
  • Bastion (70) > While affected by a flesh spell, if your health falls below 15% you are protected by an impenetrable shield for 5 seconds. 30 second recharge time.
  • Transmutate (75) > Transform your own flesh, gaining one permanent ability: Obsidian Skin, Dense Bones, Water Affinity, Keen Senses, or Enhanced Agility.
  • Eldritch Energies (80) > Blood Siphon now restores health from killing undead, daedra, dwarven automatons, and dragons with your spells.
  • Spell Eater (80) > When hit by a hostile spell, you regain health equal to half the spell's magicka cost.
  • Midas Touch (90) > Once a day, activate a paralyzed opponent to transform them into a pile of gold. The gold pile grows by 10 Septims for each point of health remaining.
  • Spell Mastery (100) > The next spell you cast is infused into your very soul, transforming it into a lesser power that can be cast instantly for no magicka. (10 second cooldown between casts).


  • Student: Conjuration (0/50) > Conjuration spells last 0.5/0.75% longer per Conjuration skill level and cost 25/50% less to cast.
  • Conjuration Dual Casting (20) > Dual casting a Conjuration spell overcharges the spell, allowing it to last longer. (Dual cast spells cost 50% more to cast and are 25% stronger)
  • Mystic Weapon (20) > Bound weapons do more damage.
  • Acolyte (20) > Bones can be harvested from humanoid corpses; the dead can be reanimated 3 times before turning to ash. (Harvested corpses cannot be reanimated)
  • Bonecraft (25/45) > Grants the spell "Assemble Skeleton", which allows you to create permanent skeletal minions from harvested bones and filled soul gems. Skeletons can be defeated but not destroyed. Your power can support 1 skeleton per 60 points of base magicka, up to 3 total. **See the Skeleton Mini-Guide below for more info on skeletons!**
  • Soul Stealer (30) > Bound weapons cast Soul Trap on targets.
  • Summoner (30/70) > Can summon Atronachs, Daedra, and Familiars twice as far away. Summoned atronachs, daedra, and familiars have 1.5x duration.
  • Necromancy (30) > Raised or summoned undead have 1.5x duration; fresh corpses have 25% additional duration. 
  • Thirsty Blade (35/50/70) > Bound weapons absorb 10 magicka/and stamina/and health on every hit.
  • Gatekeeper (35) > Activate a friendly summoned daedra, atronach, or familiar to send it back to Oblivion, regaining 50 magicka.
  • Feel No Pain (40) > Reanimated undead gain 100 armor and 25% magic resistance.
  • Ossuary (40) > Harvesting bones from a corpse results in more usable bones. Deconstructing a skeleton returns more bones, with a chance to return a filled soul gem.
  • Atromancy (40) > While active, summoned atronachs increase your fire, frost, or shock resistance by 15% and boost the power of your fire, frost, or shock spells by 10%.
  • Oblivion Binding (50) > Bound weapons will banish summoned creatures and turn raised ones.
  • Witch's Familiar (50) > Grants the lesser power "Chose Familiar". Your chosen atronach, daedra, or familiar will have 2x duration, and while active it will boost the power of your spells by 15% and your magicka regeneration rate by 50%.
  • Plague Carrier (50) > Reanimated undead will cause disease damage to opponents within melee range; when slain, a vile parasite spawns from the undead corpse.
  • Ancient Tongues (50) > Created skeletons can be given simple commands and called to your location.
  • Crypt Lore (55/70) > Created skeletons can be given Fire Salts, Frost Salts, or Void Salts. Doing so increases their magicka pool by 100/200 and grants them access to a powerful/devastating spell of that type. (Bone Horses change appearance and gain elemental cloaks and resistance; Bone Dragons gain elemental shouts)
  • Ghost Dance (60/80) > While you have a bound weapon equipped, you have a  30/60% chance to turn ethereal for 2/3 seconds while an opponent is power attacking.
  • The Relentless (60) > Reanimated undead deal 50% more damage in combat and move and attack 15% faster.
  • Gift Of The Master (70) > Can give 10% of your maximum health, magicka, and/or stamina to a friendly summoned daedra, atronach, or familiar, boosting its stat by 10x the amount sacrificed. The borrowed health, magicka, and/or stamina is returned when it dies.
  • Chosen Disciple (75) > Can gift a created skeleton with your mark of power, boosting their health by 300. You can only have 1 disciple at a time; making another skeleton your disciple will remove the mark of power from your previous disciple.
  • Arcane Strike (80) > Power attacks with bound weapons send out a wave of arcane energy that damages nearby foes and causes them to stagger.
  • Elemental Potency (80) > Conjured Atronachs are more powerful and have access to higher level spells.
  • Dark Souls (80) > Reanimated undead have their health increased by 3 per your level and can be raised an infinite number of times.
  • Lord Of Bones (90) > You can now have up to 5 skeletons. Powerful Bone Dragons can be created from collected bones that will guard the location where they are summoned.
  • Oblivion Walker (100) > You can have two daedra, atronachs, or familiars. If a Witch's Familiar is active, your summoning limit is increased to 3. (Cannot have both Oblivion Walker and King Of Worms)
  • King Of Worms (100) > You can have two summoned or reanimated undead. At night, you can have up to 3 undead servants. (Cannot have both King Of Worms and Oblivion Walker).

Skeleton Mini-Guide
There are 4 types of skeletons that can be created with PoS: Bone Servant, Bone Wight, Bone Horse, and Bone Dragon. You can only have 1 skeleton active per 60 points of base magicka (up to 3, or up to 5 with Lord Of Bones). Bone Servant and Bone Wight do not have any weapons when they are first created. To equip them with gear, simply activate them and choose "Access Inventory."

Crafting requirements:

Bone Servant - 1 skull, 1 ribcage, 2 arm bones, 2 leg bones, 2 hand bones, 2 foot bones, 1 filled petty soul gem (or greater)
Bone Wight - 1 skull, 1 ribcage, 2 arm bones, 2 leg bones, 2 hand bones, 2 foot bones, 1 filled lesser soul gem (or greater)
Bone Horse - 1 horse skull, 3 horse bones, 1 filled common soul gem (or greater)
Bone Dragon - 5 dragon bones, 1 filled Grand or Black soul gem

Crypt Lore Notes:
  • Bone Servant and Bone Wight will gain an apprentice/adept spell corresponding to the type of salt they were given.
  • Bone Horse will change appearance, gain an elemental cloak spell, and gain elemental resistance corresponding to the type of salt given. Giving salts a second time increases the bone horse's elemental resistance to 100%.
  • Bone Dragon will gain a new type of shout corresponding to the type of salt given. Giving salts a second time increases the power of the elemental shout.


  • Student: Destruction (0/50) > Destruction spells are 0.5/0.75% stronger per Destruction skill level and cost 25/50% less to cast.
  • Destruction Dual Casting (20) > Dual casting a Destruction spell overcharges the effects into an even more powerful version. (Dual cast spells cost 50% more to cast and are 25% stronger)
  • Apprentice Rune mage (20) > Can place up to 2 runes twice as far away.
  • Augmented Flames (25/55) > Fire spells do 15/25% more damage and you gain 15/25% fire resistance.
  • Augmented Frost (25/55) > Frost spells do 15/25% more damage and you gain 15/25% frost resistance.
  • Augmented Shock (25/55) > Shock spells do 15/25% more damage and you gain 15/25% shock resistance.
  • Subtle Magic (30) > Rune casting spells are silent.
  • Catch Fire (35/65) > Fire spells ignite the target for 3/5 seconds.
  • Piercing Cold (35/65) > Frost spells deal additional unresisted damage equal to 25/35% of their base magnitude.
  • Conductivity (35/65) > Shock spells deal 5/8% more damage for each piece of iron, steel, or dwarven armor worn by the target. Shock spells deal 20/32% more damage to dwarven automatons.
  • Searing Pain (40) > Fire spells inflict grievous burns that prevent health, magicka and stamina from regenerating for 4 seconds.
  • Chilled To The Bone (40) > Frost spells reduce the target's combat skills for 6 seconds.
  • Static Drain (40) > Shock spells absorb 2-12 magicka from the target on each hit.
  • Impact (40) > Dual-cast Destruction spells have a 33% chance to stagger the target.
  • Elementalist (40) > Your elemental spells become 5% more powerful every time you use a destruction spell with a different element than the previous spell usd. Effect stacks if another elemental destruction spell is cast within 5 seconds. Boost caps at 30%.
  • Intense Flames (50) > Fire damage causes targets to flee if their health is low.
  • Deep Freeze (50) > Frost damage paralyzes targets if their health is low.
  • Disintegrate (50) > Shock damage disintegrates targets if their health is low.
  • Master Rune Mage (60) > Can place up to 5 runes 3.5 times as far away.
  • Force Of Nature (60) > Unlocks spell chaining. Elemental spells cast in different combinations on the same target will cause various effects. Fire+Ice = Brittle (Reduced damage resist); Ice+Shock = Superconductive (Reduced magic resist); Shock+Fire = Flashpoint (Exposion). 20 sec. cooldown per effect.
  • Wildfire (70) > Targets that flee in fear due to Intense Flames spread fire wherever they go for 20 seconds.
  • Frigid Aura (70) > Reduces the frost resistance of anyone within 25 feet by 50%.
  • Power Surge (70) > Shock spells have a 10% chance to deal twice as much damage, and a 1% chance to deal 5 times as much damage.
  • Immolate (80) > Killing a target with fire magic has a chance to unleash a fiery explosion at their location, dealing damage to any nearby.
  • Frostborn (80) > Targets killed by your frost magic will have their spirits transformed into hungry ice wraiths that attack your enemies.
  • Seizure (80) > Targets that have run out of magicka are paralyzed for 3 seconds. Only applies once per target.
  • Ambush (80) > Runes deal twice as much damage if the target is unaware that anything is amiss.
  • Crown of Inferno (100) > Align yourself with Inferno, shunning Winter and Storm; Fire spells and shouts are 10% stronger in sunny weather, +75% fire resistance, frost and Shock spells cost 50% more to cast and are half as strong. While a fire spell is equipped, your health regenerates faster; casting fire spells increases your fire damage for a short time. Grants the power "Summon Meteor Shower".  (Can only choose 1 elemental mastery)
  • Crown of Winter (100) > Align yourself with Winter, shunning Inferno and Storm;  Frost spells and shouts are 10% stronger in snowy weather, +75% frost resistance, fire and Shock spells cost 50% more to cast and are half as strong. While a frost spell is equipped, your stamina regenerates faster; casting frost spells creates an ice shield to protect you. Grants the power "Summon Blizzard".  (Can only choose 1 elemental mastery)
  • Crown of Storms (100) > Align yourself with Storm, shunning Winter and Inferno; Shock spells and shouts are 10% stronger in rainy weather, +75% shock resistance, fire and frost spells cost 50% more to cast and are half as strong. While a shock spell is equipped, your magicka regenerates faster; casting shock spells increases your speed for a short time. Grants the power "Summon Lightning Storm".  (Can only choose 1 elemental mastery)


  • Enchanter (0/50) > New enchantments are 0.5/0.75% stronger per Enchanting skill level.
  • Soul Squeezer (20) > Soul gems provide 50% extra magicka for recharging.
  • Sigils Of Power (30) > Elemental enchantments on weapons and armor are 20% stronger.
  • Scroll Scribe (35/55) > Scrolls are 1% more powerful per level of Enchanting. Scrolls can be created at an Arcane Enchanter using rolls of paper and a filled soulgem if you know the associated spell. (Yield 3) / Scroll crafting now yields 1 additional scroll and returns an empty soul gem.
  • Staff Wielder (35/65) > Casting a spell with a staff restores 8/16 magicka. Staves regenerate 2/4 charge per second while equipped in combat.
  • Sigils of Skill (40) > Skill enchantments on armor are 20% more powerful and level skills 10% faster when worn.
  • Soul Siphon (40) > Death blows to creatures and people trap 10% of the victim's soul, recharging the weapon.
  • Resonance (45) > Elemental enchantments on armor are 30% more effective if you have an elemental spell of the same type equipped.
  • Sigils of Life (50) > Health, magicka, and stamina enchantments on armor are 20% stronger.
  • Delicate Touch (40) > Can learn enchantments without destroying the base item.
  • Mystic Weave (50) > Enchantments placed on clothing and robes are 20% more powerful. (Excludes the Ritual enchantment)
  • Lithomancy (50) > Enchantments on rings, necklaces, and amulets are 20% more powerful if the type of enchantment aligns with the type of gem in the item.
  • Enchanter's Ritual (60) > Grants the Ritual enchantment. While wearing clothing or armor imbued with this enchantment, any item enchanted during the witching hour (12-1am) is 10% more powerful. If the full moon is also shining, created enchantments are 20% more powerful.
  • Soul Artificer (60) > Enchanted weapons you create have 50% more charges.
  • Exemplar (60) > Skill enchantments on armor increase your corresponding skill level by 30 if your health falls below 25%.
  • Elemental Might (70) > Elemental enchantments on weapons and staves deal twice as much damage to resistant targets.
  • Overflow (70) > Health, magicka, and stamina enchantments on armor restore 1-3% of your maximum health, magicka, or stamina every second during combat. Does not stack.
  • Twin Moons (75) > Can put two enchantments on one item.
  • Draconic Infusion (100) > Dragon souls can be sacrificed at an Arcane Enchanter to enchant weapons and armor with Dragon's Wrath or Dragon's Immortality, respectively. Each item you wish to enchant requires spending a dragon soul. 

Dragon's Wrath
30 Fire damage. 30 Frost damage. Reduce armor by 50 for 10 sec. 20 extra damage to dragons.

Dragon's Immortality

Increases Magic Resistance by 50%. +100 armor. 20% reduced damage from dragons. Shouts are 30% more powerful.


Updated Mechanics:
  • Effects that power up Illusion spells now increase the duration instead of magnitude. This allows spells like Invisibility and Muffle to last longer if you chug a potion of Fortify Illusion, for example.
  • Mind-altering spells (fear, calm, frenzy) will now always have an effect regardless of the opponent's level - the catch is, the greater the difference between the opponent's level and the power of the spell, the more likely the are to break free of your influence.

  • Student: Illusion (0/50) > Illusion spells last 0.5/0.75% longer per Illusion skill level and cost 25/50% less to cast.
  • Illusion Dual Casting (20) > Dual casting an Illusion spell overcharges the effects into an even more powerful version. (Dual cast spells cost 50% more to cast and are 25% stronger)
  • Bestial Minds (20) > Mind-altering spells are more effective against higher level animals and creatures.
  • Second Wind (30) > Courage spells boost magicka and stamina regeneration by 100%.
  • Lay Down Arms (30) > Calm spells cause the target to drop their guard, reducing damage resistance by 100.
  • Consuming Rage (30) > Frenzy spells slowly drain the target's health while they are not engaged in active combat.
  • Paralyzing Terror (30) > Fear spells slow the target by 50%, with a small chance of causing paralysis. 
  • Telepathy (35) > Grants the lesser power "Telepathy", which allows you to see through the eyes of another. Foreign Minds allows you to see through the eyes of undead, daedra, and automatons.
  • Quiet Casting (40) > All spells you cast from any school of magic are silent to others.
  • Humanoid Minds (40) > Mind-altering spells are more effective against higher level people.
  • Shadow Weaver (40) > While undetected, activate a target to transform their shadow into a hostile phantom for 30 seconds. Foreign Minds allows you to create phantoms of undead, daedra, and automatons.
  • Hold The Line (50) > Courage spells boost magic resistance by 50% and armor rating by 200.
  • Hypnotic Gaze (50) > Calmed opponents will ignore crimes and attacks against allies.
  • Fratricide (50) > Frenzied targets deal +20% damage to other members of their race and +20% damage to faction allies. Effect stacks.
  • Waking Nightmare (50) > Fear spells manifest a Nightmare Hound that relentlessly pursues the fleeing target.
  • Foreign Minds (60) > Mind-altering spells now affect undead, daedra, and automatons.
  • Arise (70) > Courage spells double the amount of damage dealt with weapons and magic for 15 seconds. 60 second cooldown per target.
  • Geas (70) > Activate a calmed target to enthrall them with a Geas for 5 minutes. Enthralled allies will follow you and fight for you; only 1 Geas can be active at a time. (Geas can be broken at any time by activating your thrall)
  • Scared To Death (70) > Fear spells have a chance to instantly kill opponents who are low on health.
  • Spreading Wrath (70) > When an opponent affected by a Frenzy spell is slain, their killer also becomes enraged.
  • Puppeteer (80) > "Telepathy" allows you to take limited control over the actions of non-humanoid beings. With Foreign Minds, you can also take control of undead, daedra, and automatons.
  • Decoy (80) > After successfully creating a shadow phantom, you gain invisibility for 10 seconds.
  • Master Of The Mind (100) > Choose an illusion magic mastery: Magnetic Presence, Aura of Doom, or Veil of Whispers.
Magnetic Presence -  Geas now lasts forever; your allies affected by courage spells regenerate health during combat.
Aura of Doom - Absorb magicka and stamina from feared opponents; frenzied opponents have improved combat skills when not in combat with you.
Veil of Whispers - Shadow phantoms gain 3 health per your level; while a telepathic connection is intact, you are invisible and invulnerable.


  • Student: Restoration (0/50) > Restoration spells are 0.5/0.75% stronger per Restoration skill level and cost 25/50% less to cast.
  • Restoration Dual Casting (20) > Dual casting an Restoration spell overcharges the effects into an even more powerful version. (Dual cast spells cost 50% more to cast and are 25% stronger)
  • Disciple (25) > Shrine blessings are twice as strong and last 50% longer.
  • Regeneration (30) > Healing spells randomly restore between 0 and 15 additional health.
  • Recovery (30/50) > Magicka regenerates 70/100% faster with less than 25% magicka remaining, 40/60% faster with less than 50%, and 20/30% faster with less than 100%.
  • Divine Avenger (30/50) > Your weapon strikes cause undead to burn with holy fire, taking 3/5 sun damage per second for 4 seconds.
  • Aura of Light (30/50/70) > Friendly people and creatures within 20/30/40 feet heal 3 points of health per second.
  • Divine Inspiration (35) > Praying at a shrine causes all skills to improve 15% faster for 4 hours.
  • Blessing (40/60) > Aura of Light grants +15/30% magic resistance and +50/100% disease and poison resistance to affected allies.
  • Respite (40) > Healing spells also restore Stamina.
  • Healer (40/60) > Healing spells grant healing-over-time for 4/8 seconds.
  • Mage Ward (40/60/80) > Wards are 50/75/100% stronger and cost 30/50/70% less magicka to cast. If not wearing any chest armor, wards cost 50/70/90% less magicka to cast.
  • Fear The Dawn (45/65) > Fire, sun, and turning spells are 15/30% more powerful against undead.
  • Merciful Light (50) > Aura of Light now also affects friendly undead, daedra, and automatons. This includes all secondary effects, except for Miracle. (Cannot have both Merciful Light and Pitiless Light)
  • Pitiless Light (50) > Aura of Light is anathema to undead and its affect on them is inverted, dealing damage instead. (Cannot have both Pitiless Light and Merciful Light)
  • Invigorate (55) > When at full health, healing spells boost maximum health by 40 for 60 seconds.
  • Bolster The Ranks (60) > Those affected by Aura of Light deal 25% more damage.
  • Ward Absorb (60) > Wards recharge your magicka by 75% of the cost of incoming spells.
  • Holy Totem (60) > Holy totems can be crafted at the forge. Using a totem from your inventory consumes the totem and confers a blessing from the associated Divine or Daedra.
  • Urgency (70) > Healing spells restore 50% more if the target is below 20% health; healing spells
  • restore 100% more if the target is below 5% health.
  • Strength In Numbers (75) > Those affected by Aura of Light gain 50 armor for every person affected, up to 300 points.
  • Dust To Dust (80) > Undead below 35% health turn to ash when hit by a fire, sun, or turn spell.
  • Avoid Death (90) > Once a day, heals 250 points automatically if you fall below 10% health.
  • Miracle (100) > Those affected by Aura of Light will be saved from a killing blow, healing 200 points. Only works once per battle per person.

Other Fixes and Tweaks
  • Added missing vanilla scrolls
  • Fixed a LOT of bugs with vanilla scrolls, and brought them in line with the effects of the spell they derive from
  • Atronachs now level with you, to a certain extent. This means that they will be useful for longer.
  • Rebalanced exp gain for a few spells - conjuring atronachs, casting Courage, etc will now actually level the associated skill, and Bound Sword won't provide an instant level-up.
  • Non-NPC zombies will now follow you through load doors.
  • All zombies will now retain their renaimation abilities (including the Dark Souls bonus) through reloads.
  • Dead Thrall now works on most things, like it always should have.
  • Dual cast spells now cost 50% more to cast and are 25% stronger. This is a much more worthwhile magicka-in to power-out ratio than vanilla.


Compatibility Notes:
  • Basically any spell mod ever - NEEDS A COMPATIBILITY PATCH. Most spell mods will need to be patched in order to work properly with PoS perks. That's just how it is, folks. You don't get awesome like this without some work. Links to various patches can be found in the pinned comments!
  • "Mod That Isn't A Spell Mod But Has One (1) Spell" - It's fine. Like Frostfall, Hunterborn, etc, they're all fine. Those spells don't need a patch.
  • PerMa Warrior, Thief - Compatible
  • PerMa Mage - NOT compatible (both edit the same perk trees)
  • SkyRe/Requiem - NOT compatible (Changes to the game are too extensive)
  • Ordinator - Compatible. Make sure to load Path of Sorcery AFTER Ordinator.
  • Better Magic - Mostly compatible. Load Path of Sorcery AFTER Better Magic. (Only NPCs will experience the changed vanilla perks from Better Magic)

Spell Mod Compatibility Notes (aka, How To Make Patch):
*None of the guidelines below should be used for enchantments or alchemical effects, ONLY spells!
*These scripts should ONLY be added to the PRIMARY effect(s), NOT to secondary effects like DeepFreze/Disintegrate/IntenseFlames or Respite.

Q: Is this mod compatible with this other magic perk overhaul?
A: Probably not. There are a few exceptions to this listed in the compatibility section, but keep in mind: If two mods edit the same thing, skyrim will ONLY use the version in the mod loaded LAST. So it would be a pointless exercise to try to use Path of Sorcery with another magic perk overhaul mod. Just pick one.

Q: Is this mod compatible with my favorite spell mod?
A: Yes! BUT (almost) all spell mods will require a patch to take advantage of PoS perks. Them's the breaks, folks. That's just how it has to be to get the awesomeness contained in PoS. (The only exception to this rule is something like Thunderchild Shouts, which does not require a patch)

Links to various patches can be found in the pinned comments!

Q: Is this mod compatible with ASIS?
A: Not with version 2.0 onward, sorry. I may be adding perks to NPCs myself at some point in the future.

Q: Dark souls, The Relentless, Plague Carrier, Feel No Pain...none of the zombie perks are working! (And my zombies don't follow me through load doors, either).
A: You have another mod in your load order that is adding a "reanimation ability" to your raised zombies, preventing the reanimation ability in PoS from taking effect. Search your mods - if you have anything that affects zombies or reanimation, go talk to the author of that mod. They have probably implemented their own Apply Reanimation Ability perk, which means that that mod will inherently conflict with PoS.

Q: I don't like perk x. Can you change it?
A: If the reason you don't like perk x is because of a bug, or because it's super OP or completely useless, then I can probably do something about that. Submit a bug report. If you don't like perk x because it just rubs you the wrong might want to go find another magic perk mod that suits you better.

Q: Yeah but seriously, x part of this mod sucks/isn't lore friendly/already exists in another mod.

A: I don't care. Go bother someone else.

  • Bone Horse textures are edited versions of Ph0rce's arvak textures, which are compiled for modder use in the Nexus Creature Resource mod: (