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Port of the original Toxicity mod, which put a soft limit on the number of potions that could be consumed at once. Drinking too many potions will cause your toxicity level to rise and will eventually cause you to lose your balance and produce hallucinations in the form of visual effects. It's also compatible with everything out of the box.

Permissions and credits
Let's face it, the vanilla alchemy system is poorly designed. Too many potions that do not have any impact, with durations so short that it makes many of them useless. Worst of all, potions are instant and spammable, which gives the player an unfair advantage. This mod doesn't solve all these issues by itself, but it's a start.

Toxicity's main purpose is to de-incentivize the player from spamming potions.  Similar to the Witcher series, Toxicity adds a dynamic toxicity system that effectively limits the number of potions the player can ingest in a given amount of time. Drink too much, and you'll start to feel ill effects such as a loss of balance (you'll randomly trip and fall) and hallucinations in the form of visual effects.

Toxicity works with any potion and alchemy related mods since it doesn't change anything regarding a potion's value or effects (with one exception, see below). It also works for all effects, even mod-added since Toxicity can dynamically assign a toxicity value to a potion.

The toxicity value of a given potion further depends on the poison resistance of the character, making racial poison resistance bonuses and the vanilla Snakeblood perk a lot more useful. Poison resistance potions also reduce the amount of toxicity a potion produces, and in the heat of battle makes it a strategic choice.

Finally, toxicity diminishes over time with a configurable half-life and can be reduced by drinking "Cure Poison" potions. Note that this is the only effect this mod changes, since in vanilla this does not have a proper keyword assigned.

- Overdose impairment in the form of hallucinations and random tripping; you might fall prone on the ground if toxicity is greater than 100%.
- An auto-hiding sleek UI Toxicity widget.
- Drinking potions increases Alchemy skill slowly based on potion strength.
- Many of the features such as the toxicity widget, messages, effects and timescale are configurable in the MCM.
- Compatible with everything out of the box due to the nature of its scripting and only edits the improperly keyworded Cure Poison effect.


- Nothing out of the ordinary, but does require SKSE64.
- Activate the mod through the MCM menu.

I am not the original author, just a porter who noticed this mod was under a Creative Commons license and hadn't made the transition to SSE yet. I can't provide any support as a result, but from my testing this works exactly as the original. I'll leave the Comments section open
regardless. Don't forget to endorse the original mod, and if you happen to know of other mods with open permissions, do let me know.

-BralorMarr for the original mod.
-Bethesda for creating Skyrim and the Elder Scrolls series

-Chasing the Dragon, a sort of successor to this mod that adds an addiction system and makes potions generally worse for your character's health.

-Death Alternative