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Animals are tougher, more intelligent, have improved and added abilities, and have realistic movement and speed. You can no longer run from bears, wolves, and sabre cats and win! Increases the challenge and difficulty of animal and creature encounters. New lore friendly abilities to keep things interesting.

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"An animal's eyes have the power to speak a great language." -- Martin Buber

Overhauls the following animals and creatures in Skyrim:

  • Bears
  • Chaurus
  • Deer
  • Elk
  • Giants
  • Horkers
  • Hunters
  • Mudcrabs
  • Mammoths
  • Sabre Cats
  • Slaughterfish
  • Spiders
  • Spriggans
  • Spriggan Matron
  • Trolls
  • Wisps
  • Wisp Mother
  • Wolves

Nearly all animal characteristics have been tuned, tweaked, and improved!  This mod does not change the appearance of animals (no mesh, texture, animation, or sound changes). This mod is 100% script free and edits no leveled lists for maximum compatibility.

Animals are tougher, more intelligent, have improved and added abilities, and have realistic movement.  This mod is my vision of what Skyrim animals should have been like.  Overall, they are more deadly and dangerous.  Generally, most animals are peaceful creatures unless you get too close or provoke them.  The exception to this is the frost/ice/snow variants of animals and creatures (bears, wolves, sabre cats, spiders, and trolls).  Be warned, they are aggressive and more powerful than their vanilla counterparts!  They will mess you up, you have been warned.

This mod only affects the animals and creatures listed above.  You may need other mods to balance these out with the other Skyrim inhabitants (i.e. make the other enemies more difficult).  I did not attempt to balance this out with the base game since nearly everyone mods Skyrim.  There are plenty of mods that can fill this gap.  Base Game Balanced patch now available.

I wanted my mod to challenge the player and force them to change their tactics and adapt to dangerous enemies. The game gets boring if players
always think they are in a winning situation. I wanted some encounters to be above the player and stop the hack and slash tactics that most
players utilize. Chaurus, in particular, are best dealt with at range with arrows or magic. They have improved resistances to several damage
types but all of my creatures have a weakness that can be exploited.  Players who say, "I just want to play a warrior and not use bows or
magic" will not fair well with my mod. You cannot be a one trick pony and succeed. You have to be able to adapt to unique enemies now who are
perfectly capable of taking out the player if good tactics aren't employed.  If one tactic or damage type isn't effective, try switching to a different one!

Different animals and creatures require different tactics. Players can play a pure warrior but they need a good ranged attack. They also need various weapons with different damage types:  Fire, Shock, and Frost. Trolls are very difficult to deal with unless you exploit their weakness. The Trolls weakness is the Chaurus's strength (hint). For the most part, in vanilla Skyrim, any damage type will do 100% damage to 95% of the enemies in game. My mod aims to change this and give enemies more diverse strengths and weaknesses (as lore friendly as possible).

Adapt and come prepared, or die! Welcome to a new game experience!

  • Tougher animals and creatures (health increase was just a small part of this)
  • Higher Damage (animals base and special attacks do more damage)
  • Fully Level Scaled
  • Damage Scaling
  • Reduced Movement Speed when Injured
  • Improved Abilities
  • New Race Abilities (as lore friendly as possible)
  • Strengths and Weaknesses (as lore friendly as possible)
  • Realistic Movement and Speed
  • Realistic Behavior
  • Improved AI
  • Faction Fixes and Improvements
  • Race Fixes and Improvements
  • Combat Style Improvements
  • Large creatures can knockdown opponents
  • Paralysis Defense - Magic Resistance
  • Kyne's Peace and Animal Allegiance shouts are improved with added benefits
  • Base Game Compatible / No Scripts / No Leveled List Edits / Highly Compatible

This mod is script free and doesn't modify any leveled lists. It was built with maximum compatibility in mind.  This mod is base game compatible and does NOT require any DLCs or Unofficial patches to play.

It is compatible with High Level Enemies, Revenge of the Enemies, Skyrim Immersive Creatures, Combat Evolved, Perma, etc.

The mod is compatible with 'Sands of Time', and 'One With Nature' with the patches in the Files section.

Animal Tweaks doesn't work well with the 'Immersive Detection of NPCs' mod.  It causes lots of creatures and animals to aggro on the player from LONG range.

Place this mod after most or all of your encounter mods and Combat Evolved, Perkus Maximus (Perma - main modules, not Patchus Maximus), etc. or just before your bashed patch.  Animal Tweaks needs to be the last mod in your load order that edits animals. It does need to be placed before SkyProc patches such as Perma or SkyRe. It must be placed after Height Adjusted Races with True Giants if you are using that mod. All Animal Tweaks patches need to be placed after Animal Tweaks.esp in the load order and after both mods that are affected.

Extract the contents of the .7z file
Copy 'Animal Tweaks.esp' into your Skyrim Data folder and activate it.

Delete 'Animal Tweaks.esp' from your Data folder.

Mod inspired by Lore-Mongering Beasts by Rennn
Bethesda - For the awesome Elder Scrolls series and their Construction Kit
The Nexus Staff - For putting together a forum for sharing mods and bringing this community together
GhostAgent - For creating the description page design and graphics