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An expansion of Serana's dialogue and NPC features to make her a more immersive follower. Serana Dialogue Add-On is highly acclaimed and also featured in Forbes magazine.

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October 29th Dev Update:
Dive into our first SDA Audio Drama this Hallow's Eve for a fluid Serana story beyond the game! Plus, get V4.1 and Trueblood updates. Don't miss out!

Changelog for Version 4.1 can be found here.

This is the mod page for the Special Edition version. 
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What Does This Mod Do?
It's a highly acclaimed and popular expansion of Serana's dialogue and NPC features to make her a more immersive follower. Serana Dialogue Add-On (SDA) adds more facets and dimensions to the character, exploring new character traits and new character arcs (you can read about my character philosophy here). As an NPC, Serana is more intelligent and has many new follower features. The dialogue lines in this mod (nearly 6000) are all fully voiced, utilizing new voice-acted lines by Kerstyn Unger.

If you have more questions or would like to know more, please visit my website! (It's easier to manage compared to four separate mod pages).

• Expanded combat dialogue, so Serana's combat lines should be more varied and with less repetition.
• More radiant commentary on locations, the weather, and her increasing friendship with the player.
• An immersive friendship mechanic that has Serana open up and become closer to you as you talk to her more, or as time passes by. This friendship mechanic is based on real life studies made by the University of Kansas.
• Extensive Quest Commentary (See the "Quest Commentary Awareness" Article for the full coverage)
• Serana can now sing a selection of lore-friendly songs, including an original written for this mod, "Old Stone Walls".
• Expansive Radiant Features, including a sleep feature, outfit feature, teleporting, horse riding, and training, among others.
• Expanded role-play potential- You can now give Serana gifts, drink with her at an inn, engage in radiant conversations, or even check in with each other after combat.
• Serana bugfixes, such as an included Hood Fix and Sneaking Crouch Fix
• Addition of the Dynamic Dialogue Animation Framework- A revolutionary animation framework that provides Serana with unique and varied dialogue animations. 
• Both Scripted and Radiant NPC Interactions 
 Banter with custom-voiced followers (currently with Inigo, Sofia, and Auri, with more followers on the way!)
• An authentic Serana Romance

Optional Patches (Available on SDA Patch Hub):
• For Amorous Adventuresto disable all of its Serana-related AA content on game launch, as to not conflict with my mod on a narrative and thematic level. It is highly recommended that you install this for a consistent experience.
• For the DX Crimson Blood Armor, adding a conversation with Serana about said armor and Valerica's legacy for her. 
• For the Lustmord Vampire Armor, adding in location commentary for the mod's mini-quest as well as a dialogue with Serana about the armor suit.
• Wintersun - Faiths of Skyrim is supported through an optional patch. With it, you will be able to gain favor points with the goddesses Mara, Dibella, and Morwha through an exclusive romantic relationship with Serana (should the player have chosen to marry her).
• Relationship Dialogue Overhaul has an optional patch which edits out some of the dialogue that mod adds as to not conflict with SDA.
• Nether's Follower Framework has an optional patch 
• Campfire Snuggles are supported via an optional patch.

• Flower Girls, OStim, and The SL Animation Framework are natively supported as animation frameworks and will animate the romance scenes if it is installed.

Revoice Status:
Radiant Revoice = 100%
Dawnguard Quest Revoice = 100% (as of Version 3.2)

Additionally, constructive criticism and feedback is always welcome. Feel free to comment here on the Nexus page, send me a PM, or reach out to me on Discord!

Mod Requirements
Skyrim | Just the base game! If you don't have it yet, you can get it here:

SDA has a lot of content, but it is lightweight on performance and was designed with compatibility in mind. For more information, read the compatibility article here.

Install Instructions
Just install how you normally would with your mod manager of choice. Make sure the esp is enabled before you start the game. If you're installing SDA for the first time, it's recommended you do it on a new save. Otherwise, if you're updating, it's safe to do it on an existing one. 

For the optional patches, install whichever matches your current plugin setup.

If you are having problems with romance scenes being animated (and you have an animation framework) read this troubleshooting guide here.

Update Instructions
Just replace the old version with the new one. No clean-save is required (however, if you are upgrading to 2.9.0+ from 2.8 and older, you do need a clean save/new game). 

Uninstalling mods like SDA is unsafe mid-save, since it adds scripts that are baked into your save and makes alterations to existing game records and NPCs (Serana most notably). Make sure you test this mod out first before you keep in your load order for real.

Load Order
SDA was designed with compatibility in mind, but there are conflicts with various mods here and there. Load SDA nearer to the bottom of the load order and you generally should be fine. To be extra sure that SDA wins all conflicts, open up the plug-in in xEdit, right click, and select “Apply Filter for Conflicts”. If there are any, make sure you're using an SDA patch (if one is available), make a personal plugin-in patch (if you have the know-how), ask me to make one, or just move SDA lower in the load order to win that conflict.

For more information and burning questions, please visit my website!


Martimius: Content Lead (Writing, Scripting, Quest Design, Debug, and everything else not listed below)
- Kerstyn Unger: The wonderful new voice behind Serana. You can check her out here! | You can also support her on Ko-Fi:
- Kanrit: Creative Consultant
- DestroyAha/Taylor: Nexus Mods Technical Support
- rxkx22's Seranaholic mod for the screenshot
Yinkle for the SL patch
- Xiderpunk and Ashal for giving permission to use their animation frameworks, as well as Xider for invaluable help with writing the FG detection code and helping me troubleshoot
- For all the users in various Discords and the Nexus forums for helping me out with troubleshooting and coding concerns
GuerillaTech for pointing grammar/punctuation/inconsistency errors out for the subtitle fixes
Netherworks and EnaiSiaion for giving me permission to use and tweak their mod assets for SDA patches
SmartBlueCat- for permissions to use Inigo in conversations with Serana 
djjohnjarvis- for permissions to use Sofia in conversations with Serana
Kris Takahashi- for allowing Kerstyn and I to cover Interesting NPCs songs
Merfe- for giving me permissions to use their amazing piano orchestration in this mod  
Bethesda for making such an amazing game

Legal Disclaimer: Just because a particular belief or worldview is expressed in this Skyrim modification, either implied or explicit, it doesn’t necessarily mean that I condone and/or accept those beliefs as my own. After all, this is a work of fiction for a fantasy setting.

Serana Dialogue Add-On is based on the world and characters written by Bethesda Game Studios for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. However, all copyright within the confines of content added by this individual game modification belongs to me, the mod author. This includes any and all of the intellectual property within the mod, including (but not limited to) all the mod's code, the "new" SDA Serana character and all the writing within the confines of the mod, and Kerstyn's performance as Serana (this includes training her lines for AI generation). You must first get permission from me before you can modify, use, or alter my files for public use. This includes anything that will be seen by an audience of people, whether it be a Skyrim modification or even a video.

© Martimius Mods. All rights reserved.