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Additional DBVO patches for the awesome Vampire voice, which works perfectly for any kind of adult male protagonist, so it's *not* just for bloodsuckers. This will be a growing patch collection, so if you use Vampire as a voice for your Dragonborn protagonist, I suggest you track this mod for updates. Credit for this AI voice goes to xXFEARTCBXx!

Permissions and credits
Having been making Dragonborn Voice Over patches for this voice - Vampire DBVO Pack - for quite a while already, I thought I'd take some time to set up a Nexus page and share the labour I put into curating good lines for the Dragonborn. A big thank you to xXFEARTCBXx for the collaboration and help over the past year, and the consent to use his AI art to illustrate our affiliation on the Nexus and in the work we've put into this voice casting of the Dragonborn.

Please check xXFEARTCBXx's youtube video here to hear the voice:

When I find the time for it, I plan to record some sample gameplay with this voice, using Improved Alternate Conversation Camera. I will also be recommending some settings for how to make the switch between the NPC and the DB work as best as possible within the constraints of that mod, even if it can be a bit of a roller coaster with the camera switch at times. I, personally, have gotten used to it. If there are any mod makers out there whom want to have challenge, there is a large community of DBVO users out there whom want a mod that has all that the above mentioned mod has, but also allows for instant switching between speakers in the conversation.

This is an attempt at a complete list of patches for Vampire DBVO, starting with xXFEARTCBXx's page here on the Nexus, then the patches available here on this page.

Vampire DBVO Pack
Link above goes to xXFEARTCBXx's DBVO page for Vampire, containing the patches below: 

Vampire DBVO Expanded
This page you are at now, where you can find all the patches and latest available versions under Files.
  • AdamDunmer's Dialogue Expansions (All found Dragonborn dialogue)
  • AJO - Andrealphu's Jobs Overhaul
  • A Vampire voice patch for Andrealphus Jobs Overhaul.
  • All Anbeegod's Follower Dialogue Expansion Mods, including:
    • Aela
    • Brelyna
    • Camilla
    • Erik
    • Faendal
    • Illia
    • Jenassa
    • Jordis
    • Lydia
    • Mjoll
    • Uthgerd
    • Ysolda
  • An Evening with Angi
  • Any Amorous Adventures Version
  • Beyond Reach Correction Patch
  • Bjorn - Fully Voiced Follower
  • Boethiah's Calling - Alternate Questline Patch
  • BUVARP SE RE - Barely Used Vanilla Actors Recycle
  • Corrected 3DNPC part of EZPG
  • Daegon Legacy
  • Destroy The Dark Brotherhood - Quest Exp
  • Gore - A Companion Mod + Vigilant Expansion
  • Hestra's Nest
  • Kaidan - All Inclusive (See below for content and findings. No ESPFE)
    • Kaidan 2 v2.1.1 by livtempleton on the Nexus
    • Kaidan Extended Edition AIO v2.2.0 on https://kaidanmod.com/ incl. Immersive Features & Survival etc.
    • Kaidan Extended Edition v.15.0 by BarbWireBlonde on the Nexus
    • 2680 lines, where ca 10 lines had ; and 5 or so started with ... that will all be unvoiced. Too complicated to patch for me because of inter-dependencies between the mods above, and it will be different for each player's choice of installation. This patch is untested since I am not interested in Kaidan for my male DB. For those whom are interested in fixing things, I recommend learning zEdit, search for the sentences starting with ... and patch/delete those ... from the lines. Secondly, search for ; and switch them to , because then my DBVO patch will voice all those lines as well since I generated them like that. As always, however, if the mod makers have trailing spaces at the end of their DB lines, those need to be deleted as well, but I am not going over 2680 lines manually to do that. Lastly, Elevenlabs pronounce "Kaidan" with a little bit of variation. Consider it a feature where the Dragonborn teases Kai or something.
  • Katana - Journey in the Shadows
  • Khajiit Will Follow - All Inclusive (Forgotten City & Vigilant patches included) 
  • Light and Shade
  • Mehrunes Dagon's Shrine Unlocked - PoP Alt Ending
  • Memorable Bounties - Witcher Inspired Quests
  • Meridia's Order
  • Missives
  • OStim Lovers
  • OStim on Demand
  • OStim Solutions Standalone
  • Remiel-Custom Voiced Dwemer Specialist and Companion
  • Remote Interactions
  • Riverwood Trader Is A Mess
  • Sa'chil - Custom Voiced Khajiit Follower
  • Serana Dialogue Addon
  • Sidequests of Skyrim
  • Simple Hunting Overhaul
  • Skyrim Extended Cut - Saints and Seducers
  • Skyrim on Skooma
  • Skyrim's Got Talent - Improve As a Bard
  • Taeka Elixi - Little Witch Custom Voiced follower
  • The Gift of Saturalia - A Quest for the Holidays
  • The Thalmor's Shadow - Taliesin (Custom Voiced Follower)
  • The Welkynar Knight - Quest
  • Thogra gra-Mugur - Orc Follower and Quest
  • Unmasking Sybille Stentor
  • Val Serano
  • Xelzaz - Custom Fully Voiced Argonian TF
  • Young Lovers

If you have patch suggestions, feel free to post them in the comment section. I will likely not reply to those requests since there might be quite a few there over time, but I do promise to read them. Unless I am interested in trying a mod, however, I will not likely patch it on a whim, since doing so is money straight out of my pocket and into Elevenlab's. 

Moreover on that topic, please don't be snarky or entitled. Nothing is stopping you from doing the same thing I am doing. Learn how to do it, it's not that hard, and go spend some money making patches you need for yourself.

These should be all the steps to follow. Make sure you meet the requirements for each of the listed mods!

  • Install Dragonborn Voice Over mod via mod manager.
  • Install all the patches you need from Vampire DBVO Pack via mod manager. List and direct links below.
  • Install all the patches you need from this mod page. Listed under Files.
  • Make sure the mods are enabled after installation.
  • Your protagonist will still be silent, so don't stop reading here...
  • Enable Vampire DBVO Pack in the MCM menu for Dragonborn Voice Over in-game.
  • Your protagonist will now speak. This will be a good time to try it out. As you'll notice, you cannot not see your DB speak yet since the camera is directed at the NPCs. If you want that...
  • (Optional) Install Improved Alternate Conversation Camera, and then spend the time you need to figure out the settings you want.
  • (Optional) In case you think your protagonist is too loud or quiet given your audio set-up, install Dragonborn Voice Over (DBVO) - Plugin Replacer and let it overwrite Dragonborn Voice Over. If you still aren't happy, you can edit the plugin replacer's settings to your liking in xEdit. How to do this can be found in the comment section of that mod, but if I find the time, I could screenshot some instructions and post them here too.
  • (Optional) "But what about combat grunts!" I use xXFEARTCBXx's Vampire PC Head Tracking Pack, which is the second file listed in Vampire DBVO Pack. Play around with the MCM settings for PC Head Tracking and Voice Type SE, removing stuff you don't like. (I recommend disabling menu entry comments since that grows old quite fast)
  • Not working? You may have installed Various Dialogue Tags, which states on it's mod page: "Not currently compatible with Dragonborn Voice Over (DBVO). Further tests have confirmed a solution, but not a priority at the moment."
  • Still not working? Then you may have installed some UI mod and not patched it with the patches available on the Dragonborn Voice Over (DBVO) mod page.
  • Lastly, please Track Dragonborn Voice Over here on the Nexus, because Version 2.0 is due with a lot of improvements!
The way DBVO works, is that when the dialogue window displays a line that the Dragonborn is to say, and you click it, DBVO will pull the exact fuz-file that corresponds with the dialogue shown on the screen. This means, unfortunately, that there are a few limitations for all DBVO voices out there - not just for Vampire.

  • Your protagonist's name is generated by an Alias code, which picks the name you've picked for your DB. This means, however, that there is no fuz-file available that shows that name. In the current version of DBVO, at least, the fuz-files must be named in exact accordance with what the dialogue states on your screen. The only workaround is to generate fuz-files for all instances where the DB speaks his name, in all its many permutations across all the patched mods out there. Unless you get an Elevenlabs account and become a patch-maker yourself, you will simply have to settle for those lines being silent for the time being. There is, however, a Player Names patch with a limited selection on this mod page. The names currently included is listed in the pinned Post.
  • The same issue occurs when there are other Aliases in the dialogue. A prime example for this are radiant quests in Skyrim, which has you go somewhere to kill something and then return to the Jarl's steward to get your bounty. Both the creature and the location are Aliases in those dialogue lines, so unless all such instances are patched somehow - having the DB say something non-specific instead - those lines will also be silent. This can be done with some work, and there are patches out there for other DBVO voices that does this already which I will seek to make for Vampire as well (and have made in the past, I might add.)
  • If a mod-maker puts (These things) in-front/first before the voiced line, DBVO will currently voice the contents within those brackets. If put in the end of the dialogue option on the screen, however, the DBVO tools we patch makers use removes it. Same if the mod maker [uses these], regardless of where they are in the voiced line, they will be generated voiced. Moreover, if there is a backspace at the end of a sentence.( ) <- Like this, the fuz-file doesn't match the dialogue, and the DB is silent. This is the main culprit for why some lines in our patches are unvoiced. Those are simply hard to locate without a lot of manual labour.
  • There is also a current limitation in which any ; is found in the dialogue on the screen, DBVO can't find the fuz-file, and the DB is rendered silent. These instances needs to be patched in order to be voiced. It's not impossible, but like with previous issues, it requires an ESPFE that overwrite the source mod of the dialogue.
  • Finally, there is also a well-known problem that too long fuz file path names prevents Skyrim from launching, as they may exceed a 255ish character limit in their complete file path name on your computer. So, if you installed your game too deeply into your folder structure, you may not be able to use some DBVO patches unless you open those patches and start deleting the longest fuz-files you find there. That, or move your game installation.

That being said, limitations as there may be currently, Skyrim will feel like a new game if you give Dragonborn Voice Over a try! 

The Vampire voice is an AI voice, and not a hired actor. Market economy dictates that unless there is a voice actor willing to voice the thousands of Dragonborn dialogue lines for all mods out there for the measly money it costs to generate lines for this old game, then AI voices will be used. Not just for sake of cost, but expediency and convenience. The future is here, so adapt to it because tech won't likely regress.

Quality will always be a slight issue, since some lines will come out a bit strange in the context of an interaction or situation, but I think xXFEARTCBXx's Vampire voice hit that perfect balance of being even-keeled to maintain a consistent quality, while not come off as too wooden and unfeeling. AI is good enough for the role Dragonborn Voice Over seeks to fill, but don't expect too much and be pleasantly surprised at the result! 

Both the creator of Dragonborn Voice Over and xXFEARTCBXx have Discord servers in case you are interested to join those.