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Collection of patches, fixes and merges to various mods. Version is file count.

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Read Requirements and Permissions dropdowns. Some edits may be out of sync with their mods because I don't use them anymore (noted in archive comments). ESL-flagged where possible and mostly need original mod resources. Downloading original files is advised before using my edits.

Additional Hearthfire Dolls merged V3 plugins. Fully functional replacement, compatible with 3rd party patches.

Dlizzio's Mesh Fixes - Enhanced Solitude patch. Merged mesh edits and disabled a bunch so they won't render for sure.

The Scarlett - Solitude Expansion - Midwood Isle ship location patches. Fixes full model overlap between both ships when Scarlett is built.

Solitude Expansion - Immersive Citizens landscape fix. Minor landscape clipping due to possible load order variations.

Practical Pirate and Outfit Redistribution merged plugins. AIPackages bash tag, compatible with and doesn't require USSEP.

Wet and Cold - Obsidian Weathers patch. Ash weather is now like it was intended - stormy, ash-y and downright unpleasant.

Races of Nirn - Kapo'tun SE patch bringing it to feature parity with Races of Nirn - Kapotun Reborn but without integrated body texture patches. Kept here to avoid confusion and erroneous installs by users of Reborn version. Changes include: snow race, Dhali companion with fighting styles, updated patches.

Sensual Hagraven fix. Removed unused records, replaced some with identical vanilla headparts, hair is now default KS Hairdo's assets, ESP-FE.

Nocturnal (Umbral) Embrace vanilla version fix. Changed RNAM to fix outfit issues, merged Kitanya's esp (use their facegen), NPC.DefaultOutfit tag.

Remastered Paragon Gems with vanilla metal bands. Reverting some texture paths reduces strong pitting of metal parts. Compatible with all retextures.

Serana Dialogue Add-on Bloodcursed arrows unlocker. Not sure how it differs from official patch. Edited dialogue record flag to permanently bring back dialogue choice. No reason to flat out refuse giving you (more) arrows if they work worse than Mr. Burns' sun blocker.

Fortified Whiterun Dragonsreach gate fix. Moved and scaled gate mesh so that wooden beam isn't sticking from stone steps. Made OSHA happy.

S'hani the Grey TBD patch. Install along base CBBE textures, don't change texture assignments on meshes.

Community Overlays masterfile fix. Added Skyrim.esm as master to fix unresolved 0000014 ID (player) reference.

Mystic Condenser and Disenchantment Font patch. Moved objects added by either mod to avoid overlap in several player homes, Blue Palace, Falkreath Longhouse and Brotherhood Sanctuary, misc changes to better accomodate interior. "Deleted" two junk navmeshes from Condenser mod.

SN Dark Disciple Replacer 3BA standalone. Separate outfit with new armor for Astrid and Initiate. Added world models, removed all vanilla overrides except ring (it looks better IMO), junk records, unnecessary edits and references to nonexistent records. Fixed vanilla red boots and gloves bug.

Sabriina Saber with atronach glow and no spell light. Removed light edits to prevent highlighting model geometry in game (screenshot) due to excessive light strength, presumably an engine issue with light source power and surface illumination / shadows. Author notified and can roll patch into own mod.