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Darker Distant LOD for ENB to make grass blend better with distant landscape.

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Darker Distant LOD for ENB

This is a LOD noise texture with size of 4096x4096 that darkens the distant LOD in order to improve the blending between distant landscape and grass when using ENB. As most of you know, ENB presets for Skyrim Special Edition have a tendency to make the grass darker and that is caused by ENB's Ambient Occlusion or ImageBasedLighting having too aggressive settings, creating a high disparity between grass and landscape.

This mod is intended to be used by ENB users and should help, to an extent, but can be used by non-ENB users as well.

This has been tested under the following conditions and proven to greatly improve LOD/grass blending when using ENB:
- Vanilla textures (Noble Skyrim Mod HD-2K or MystiriousDawn's HD Skyrim Overhaul also work)
- Verdant - A Skyrim Grass Plugin or Enhanced Landscapes grass plugin (without Green Field plugin)
- Aequinoctium + ENB (might work with other weather mods and ENB presets, I can't test them all)

Since weather mods, grass mods and texture mods have their own standards when it comes to grass/landscape blending and brightness levels and such, I can't assure you that it will work for your combination of mods.

This mod simply darkens distant landscape via a simple noise texture and whether it blends better with grass depends on your combination of mods.

It's just a noise texture, but some texture mods provide their own noise texture file, if it looks good and blends with grass when using ENB, that's great, you don't need this mod. Otherwise install this after you installed your texture mod.

PS: I'm not aware of any other mods like this for Skyrim Special Edition so I hope I'm not stepping on someone's toes if such mod already exists.