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A weather mod that specializes on the interplay of light, atmosphere, humidity, and the environment.

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This is my final weather mod, and the culmination of nearly a decade of weather modding experience. This mod tackles numerous bugs inherent to Skyrim’s weather engines, thereby making this mod technically superior to all of my preceding weather mods, including
-NLVA (voted best weather mod/ENB by Reddit)
-SnowFall ENB
-Dolomite Weathers (Nexus Mod of the Month 2/2017)
-Obsidian Weathers (Nexus Mod of the Month 12/2017)
-Cathedral Weathers (Nexus Mod of the Month 4/2019)

The list of features is exhaustive and some of it too technical to discuss here, but notable Improvements include the following:

-Grass lighting and shadowing is identical to object lighting and shadowing
-Filmic tone mapping which prevents brights (ie snow, pale skin) from being over exposed, and similarly the contrast settings prevent darks from crushing to blacks
-Consistent settings for HDR and volumetric lighting result in improved weather transitions and greatly simplify ENB creation 
-Normal maps have way more depth which makes the world look more 3D (DALC improvements)
-Pseudo-ambient occlusion of underside of objects (DALC improvements)
-Volumetric lighting is more directional so you only really see it when looking at the sun (prevents the entire scene from being washed out)
-8k galaxy and star textures from Cathedral Weathers have been improved (no more twinkle cross stars and greater contrast)
-Consistent sneak detection depending on weather type and time of day. The getlightlevels have been standardized across weathers so that bright, cloudy, and rainy/stormy weathers all have unique light levels for sneaking so that sneaking is easier during stormy weather and harder during clear weather (please note these levels are still below the vanilla ones which makes sneaking outdoors easier across the board, but this is something that can be normalized with a sneak modifier and out of the scope of the weather mod)
-“Effects lighting” for particles/mist/smoke not overly bright at night. Also designed alongside volumetric mists so that mountain fogs, volumetric mists, and clouds are all cohesive in color and brightness creating much more realistic atmosphere.
-Rain and snow are not overly bright at night due to increased transparency. Furthermore, rain is not grey scale and has pseudo refraction of colors 
-Snowflake textures are made from ~20 micron resolution stereographic photographs produced by the Particle Flux Analytics Multi-Angle Snowflake Camera (MASC), thereby making these the most realistic virtual snowflakes in the world 
-There is no horizon seam. Skyrim has a render distance of about 350,000 distance units, and anything after that abruptly cuts off creating a hard disconnect with the world and the atmosphere. Azurite fixes this by completely obscuring the edge of the world with fog that matches the atmosphere perfectly in color. Note that virtually all ENBs will break this fix unless the ENB author is highly skilled and dedicated. Use of alternative sky meshes are highly discouraged as many will break this fix or break blending of distant terrain with fogs, clouds, and sky gradients.
-Includes MangaClub's Vivid Fogs , please endorse his original mod and send him your thanks. Please set your particle count to 6000 in SkyrimPrefs.ini, [Particles], iMaxDesired=6000
-Includes sunset/sunrise cloud textures from Cathedral Weathers
  • There are no region records, so if using audio-overhauls like AOS or SOS, no patch is needed.
  • It is safe to overwrite Cathedral Weathers or Obsidian Weathers if you wish to keep the customization powers of those mods. Keep in mind however that Azurite Weathers was designed with the vanilla weather probabilities. To restore the vanilla weather probabilities, you could simply overwrite these mods with an audio overhaul such as AOS or SOS.
  • This mod uses filmic tone mapping, but don't worry- included is an ini file that also adjusts global brightness and contrast so that all other mods you are using will be compatible with the new tone maps. The filmic tone mapping allows for bright scenes without white-wash or clipping.
  • TS audio patch provided