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Adds a variety of Samurai-themed armors, kimonos, and weapons for all genders/races. NEW! V2.0 with many changes! Updated quest with epic N'afaalilargus boss battle and lots more!

Permissions and credits
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Blades Samurai Armor and Kimonos Version 2


This mod does NOT require the original Samurai armors se


First I need to say this is 0prime0's creation, they did 85% of all the work all I did was optimize things and fix things.  If you enjoy this mod it's only because of 0prime0's hard work.

0prime0 has open permissions on the original modpage.  Originally I had wanted to simply upload this as a new file to the original page but I have not been able to contact the author.  I got involved in this mod's updating because I was using the armor assets in my Sky Haven Extreme Restoration mod and noticed that the original Kimonos mod was still using LE form 43.  So I started digging and there were enough tweaks and fixes that needed doing to warrant my time and energy.

Here is a list of changes you will find in this mod versus the original mod....
  • Form 44 now
  • Forwarded all changes from USSEP (USSEP is a requirement now)
  • Merged the original 2 mods into a single .esp file.
  • Re optimized all textures and meshes
  • No more chin straps, used the file on the oldrim kimonos page to get rid of the bows under your chin. (this is one of the files I optimized)
  • Deleted the entire original first part of the dungeon
  • Complete redo of the dungeon, it is now Nafaalilargus's lair.  He's heard the call of alduin and is waiting for Alduin to reunite his soul with his body.  Naaf has a very generous treasure room, a final reward for saving the world!
  • 1 very hard boss battle, you beat Alduin you should be good luck (ps magic does 75% less damage to the boss)
  • Introducing Captain Algren (Tom Cruise's character, Last Samurai) as a follower, he is waiting for you inside Naff's Lair.
  • The outside area "Hall of Naaflilargus" (formerly Akaviri Halls) is very beautiful and pretty cool to find on your travels now.
  • Find a set of the new Samurai armor in Bloated Man's Grotto by Bolar's Oathblade. (now you can use the armor basically from the begining of the game.)
  • Esbern wears the new armors/kimonos
  • Akaviri Arrows... There is only one way to craft them now.  100 iron arrows + 1dragon bone + 1 dragon scale + ____Salts = 100 dragon arrows that do 2 points more damage than daedric and gives you a use for all your built up iron arrows.  There are 3 colors to the quivers that you can craft, normal, red and blue.  Depending on which type of atronach salt you use: normal=void, red=fire, blue=frost.
  • Half the mempos are heavy, half are light
  • Quadruple checked every single item added by this mod.  EVERYTHING works as intended as far as textures/meshes/animations.  There are zero missing textures.
  • Can now see the long part of your hair while wearing the new hats.
  • Overhauled the armory, added some freshness and 10 mannequins, armory is now locked until you do this mod's quest and kill Naaflilargus (he has the key).

"Nafaalilargus, also spelled Nafalilargus,[1] N'falilaargus[UL 1] or N'falilaargas,[2]
and referred to additionally as Nahfahlaar[3] (Dragon Language:
was a red dragon and loyal soldier of Tiber Septim during the Second Era,
who also called himself "the Proud Jewel of the Imperial Crown."[4]
Nafaalilargus was considered to be not as noble or intelligent as the
rest of his race, and it has been said that greed was his downfall"

-Taken from the Elder Scrolls Wiki

Slight disclaimer about the quest and subsequent boss battle... It's meant for high level gameplay, I mean you beat Alduin right?  Spoilers ahead...

SPOILERS don't read if you don't want to know about the quest!
The quest is gotten from a note on the table in the spare room of Sky Haven Temple, there is also a chest with a key to the dungeon.  Once inside the dungeon you will be locked in until you defeat the boss who drops a key.  Capt Algren a follower can be found here. 

The boss's key also unlocks the armory room found in sky haven temple and of course Nafaal's treasure room.  Inside the treasure room you will find Naf's payment for his service to the imperial army that he's been hoarding alongside the badass unique set of Dragonborn Samurai armour found nowhere else.

If there are any other changes that you guys and gals wanna see post in the comments!  Most everything that I changed came from reading the comments section on the original page.  AND MOST IMPORTANTLY DOWNLOAD AND ENDORSE or else I curse you to only ever catch pidgey if you play Pokemon again.

Here is the description from the original mod page:


This mod adds a variety of samurai-themed armours, kimonos, and weapons for all genders and races
to Skyrim Special Edition. As it is gear intended for the Blades it aims
to be as lore friendly as possible, but it should be useful by any
melee focused character. All items are craftable (armours and weapons at
the forge and kimonos at the tanning rack), and the armours and swords
may be tempered for increasing quality.

All items are non-replacers and does not alter any blades gear. The ratings for the
armours are identical to the default Blades Armour. The kimonos have an
armour ratings of about 25. Info is provided below for players who wish
to change certain details.

In order to be able to have a single quiver for all arrow types, "Akaviri arrows" can be crafted at the forge
from regular arrows in bunches of 10, e.g. 10 Elven Arrows to 10
Akaviri Elven Arrows. These arrows have the same damage and stats as the
defaults. The colour of the quiver is chosen when the arrow is crafted.
Regular arrows with their respective quivers still function normally,
so there is no requirement to craft them into Akaviri arrows.

Armour and weapons are in seperate .esp's, so either or both can be used.

The Quest

The Dovahkiin Armour is unique and can only be found by completing a quest.
The quest is triggered from Sky Haven Temple by reading the note on the
table in the equipment room, and taking the key from the lore box.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I get the two swords on one hip?

The swords on the hip are actually a single item, called a daisho.  There
are several colour variations, and they are craftable when you have a
katana and a wakizashi of the same colour in your inventory.  Crafting
the daisho will replace the katana.

2. Why don't some items don't appear in the crafting menu?

You need to have the appropriate book in your inventory, and in the case of
armour also have the Steel Smithing perk.  The crafting is now done in a
hierarchy fashion, so some items won't show up until you have crafted
the previous required item.  More information is in the Crafting section
below, as well as with the included crafting diagram.

3. Why don't the textures show up correctly?

Try version 5.0 if you haven't already.  All of the textures have been compressed.

4. Where are the crafting books?

The books can be found in the Sky Haven Temple.  Look in the various cases
and chests.  The books are no longer in the Sleeping Giant Inn in
Riverwood.  That is in part because of issues people seemed to be having
as well as making it more rewarding to get access to them later on.

5. Can you remove the undershirt from the kimonons?

I'm afraid not.  The shape of the model doesn't lend itself very well to
the traditional "V" neck of a kimono.  This is my way of compensating
for that.

6. Can you add item X or change thing Y?

As of version 6.0 I consider this mod complete.  I've pretty much added
everything I intended to and then some, so forgive me for declining
requests to add additional things.

7. Why do the kabuto helmets not appear on my character's head?

This is a known issue with the model I'm using for the helmet.  I'm not sure
how to address it so likely this problem won't be fixed.

8. I don't want to go through the main quest to get the items, what can I do?

From the console if you type without quotes "help artisan" that should give
you the id's for the books you need in your inventory to craft the
items.  Then you can use this cheat to add them to your inventory
"player.additem <id of book> 1".

9. I found a bug!  What should I do?

I am not surprised!  There have been a lot of changes that have been made
with the various versions, and unfortunately I do not have the time to
do complete testing of everything.  Check the known issues section first
to see if you find your problem here.  If not, please either send me an
IM at one of the locations mentioned above, or leave a note in the
comments section.  Even though I doubt I will be adding more items to
this mod, I am willing to address bugs that I am able to.  So please let
me know!


See readme file tab.  It is also included with the mod files.


Extract the archive into the main directory of your Skyrim Special Edition installation.

If you have a previous version of the mod installed, simply overwrite files while extracting.

When starting the game select Data Files from the menu, then CHECK the
checkbox for SamuraiBlades.esp and/or SamuraiBladesWeapons.esp.

Or you can use the Nexus Mod Manager to install.


Remove the following directories and included files:


When starting the game select Data Files from the menu, then UNCHECK the
checkboxes for SamuraiBlades.esp and SamuraiBladesWeapons.esp and delete

Known Issues

- The Gengi helmet models appear in incorrect postions in the inventory menu
- The Gengi helmet models do not work with beast races
- some clipping issues on straw hat with khajit
- there is no quest marker for the Dovahkiin Armour quest, but the Hall's location is in the map


This mod could not have been completed without the assistance and generosity
of other modders of the Skyrim community. The following people
contributed to this mod and all parts included from other mods are used
with permission.

Samurai Helmet: hothtrooper44 and CD Projekt - Akaviri Samurai Armor

zyuu - Samurai Blades Helmet

Sandles: Higeyosi - Ronin outfit

Straw Hat, naganita, bokuto: Arcane51388 - Samurai Clan Pack

Genji Helmet: TheKrusty and Arcane51388 Genji Armor, Oblivion model by Nitiren - Samurai Genji Armour

cageu - Breton Longbow

Katanas and Wakizashis: 747823 - Weapons of the Third Era (used under general permission guidelines)

JZBai - Quarterstaff (used under general permission guidelines)

Furoshiki Sack: FrankDema - Travel BackPack

Kabuto Mempo: Zairaam and Natterforme - Tribunal Robes and Masks (used under general permission guidelines)

ironmonkbr - suggestion to use book as "on/off" for having armour and kimonos in the crafting menus to avoid clutter

metalhead808 - suggestion for the Blades Daijin Kimono

DasRoteBaron - suggestion for the Blades Imperial Kimono (Skyrim Imperial logo taken from


Modders that wish to use all or part of this mod in future works are free to do
so, as long as they give credit.  Also, if you wish to use the parts of
the mod there were contributed by others as listed above, please try to
get their permissions as well.

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