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This transforms Blackreach into a thing of nightmares. Unlike anything you've ever seen in a mod. You're welcome.

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This mod will be recieving an update.  Many of my mods will.
Currently this mod works but has many minor bugs, please continue to report all issues in the bugs section.
Use at your own risk.
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DMT's Paint it Blackreach Extreme Rehash

Co Authored by

UPDATE 05/03/21
CloudQuest has graciously decided to lend his skills to the project.  Cloud has hammered out some bugs and should be uploading an update very soon.  Thank you CloudQuest, I look forward to collaborating with you on this :)


  • Over 50 new locations added to discover
  • Hunt for treasure, explore every nook and cranny to find over 50 hidden stash's
  • 20 new types of creatures
  • New travel/entry points
  • New homes you can live in
  • Hours of exploration for the trepid adventurer
  • Beautiful scenic vistas
  • Rodents Of Unusual Size! (found in the fiery swamp)
  • All dwarven entrances to blackreach contain new enemies as well
  • Numerous tough boss fights
  • 13 new skill books, based on books from other elder scrolls games that didn't make it into this one
  • FLIGHT!!! It's a bit wonky but you can fly a dwemer flying machine across all of blackreach
  • Changed the weather to give a purplish glow
  • Thousands of hand placed trees shrubs bushes mushrooms rocks and clutter
  • SNOW ELVES!!! help a long hidden snow elf city reclaim their ancient home
  • Ice Vampires, lore says that they exist now we know how and where
  • Akulukhan a numidium in it's tomb
  • The Library of Hermaeus Mora
  • Dwemer Horses! 4 new dwarven horse stables to help you navigate
  • 20% LARGER, I literally had to make blackreach even bigger to fit everything
  • You will not be able to find or see everything I added because you simply won't find it all, you will get lost, you will die.
  • Smushi friggin village, nuff said *drops mic*


Requires all DLC's and USSEP. 
Also Requires The Blackest Reaches (this mod makes use of some empty doors that went to nowhere, now they go somewhere)
Atlas Map Markers is not required but strongly recommended so you can see the worldspace and map markers properly
Install as normal


Compatible with every blackreach mod I could find and also Reccommend including:
Blackreach Railroad
Mihail's Crystal Golems
Mihail's Dwarven Colossus
Gringotts Cloud Banking
Fortress in Blackreach
Observer's overlook
All texture mods

This mod is NOT compatible with "Magical Blackreach".  I loved that authors idea of life below the surface but his mod wasn't compatible with diddly squat, so I hand placed thousands of trees and other flora and fauna to give it the life it needed and made sure it was compatible with EVERYTHING!


I broke Vulthurnax's gong.  In all my moving things I accidently broke his gong from working, this is fixable but very tedious and I simply havent had time for a full blown fix so instead I have a quick patch in the files section, the gong is still broken so now to summon Vulthoryul you just have to make it to the balcony above the sun and it'll summon him.

The fiery swamp is a mind trip.  I used occlusion planes, so let's just say that everything works in the swamp as is intended.

You can agro the entire world of blackreach, it's not likely if you actually fight or stealth like normal but if you do aggro all of blackreach kiss your frames good bye.

I literally cannot add anything more to the worldspace of blackreach, I've added so much that i get a steady 30 fps down from 60.

The snow elf quest does a whole lot of nothing.  Read that again.


Legitimize the snow elf quest
Minor tidying up
New interiors need fancifying
New enemies need proper loot
Await your feedback and make changes as needed
Navmesh interiors


  I scoured nexus looking for users whom had blackreach related assets/mods with open permissions to use.  It's a shame to let some of these places go to waste, mods like these get swallowed up by the thousands of sloot mods and new cheese texture mods produced.  Alot of the new interior locations are the work of other brilliant modders. I simply added life and creativity to these areas. I took inspiration from many mods like Magical Blackreach and have had help from too many people to list but there is one person who needs a special mention...

CloudQuest - Anyone who is willing to help another modder out the way Cloud has jumped in deserves a special shoutout.  Cloud, thank you for painting with me amigo!

If I missed anyone who's assets I've used or if you wish for me to remove your asset from this mod send me a message.


I intend for this mod to be used as a basis for anyone who wishes to build in blackreach in the future.  Use this mod as a hub.  It's already compatible with just about every blackreach mod you can get your hands on so please use my file as a master when building in blackreach in the future.  All assets used were gotten from nexus modders who had open permissions or expressly gave me permission in a message.  If you wish to use any of the new assets you must get permission from those authors listed in the credits as I had to, upon gaining the other authors permissions you automatically have mine.

About DaerMonsTer / MORE DMT!!!

I make mods in my spare time.  I'm a semi disabled USMC veteran (0311 2/4 Echo 1MarDiv) and I try to make mods that help people or enhance the game in some small way I'm currently trying to make a mod that can help the blind play Skyrim but my old craptop can't handle it. I'm not a rich man I make ends meet and being able to delve deeper into the CK takes a rig better than mine, thats my sob story.  With that said I hope you consider maybe buying me a Ko-Fi Or stopping by my Patreon site, where I take mod requests for my patrons and share whats going on in my modders mind each month.  Making mods takes hundreds of hours of time, any little bit you can do to give back helps keep me motivated!

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