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The civil war has begun, and it's not a pretty sight ! Adds civil war battlefields throughout Skyrim.

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This is an immersion mod which adds several massive battlefields through Skyrim. We are supposed to be in the middle of a civil war, aren't we ? It's sometimes hard to be sure in the vanilla game. With this mod, be assured you won't forget.

Thanks to Brodual for the Video ! (Skyrim Battle Aftermath at 3:20)


Massive battlefields are now to be found in the old kingdom. It's foremost an aesthetic mod, which means its purpose is to add to the feel that Skyrim is currently in the middle of a civil war. You will be able to see the aftermath of huge battles which occured in the province not so long ago. A lot of attention has been given to details, little things that bring "life" (maybe not the best choice of word here) to those battlefields. Also there is no music in these areas, which in my opinion adds a lot to the atmosphere.

Be sure to report any bug in the comment section, I will fix those as soon as possible if there are any !

Here is where you can find the battlefields :

List of the battles :

Battle of the Pale : The Battle of the Pale was one of the first battles fought by the Legion during the civil war. They installed their camp near the ruins of Korvanjund in the middle of the woods. The goal was to keep a foot in the Pale to intercept the occasional courriers and convoys travelling between Dawnstar and Windhelm. However, the camp was soon discovered by the Stormcloaks who attacked during a cold winter night. The battle continued until the morning, but in the end the Legion was forced to abandon its position in the southern Pale.

Ambush in the Valley : The Legion used to travel between the holds of Falkreath and the Rift via the valley east of Helgen. The road was steep and the climate often harsh but that was the price to pay for discretion and to guarantee the security of the transported materials. When Gonnar Oath-Giver, commander of the Stormcloak troops in the Rift, heard of this pass he immediately ordered a platoon there. The operation was risky and many men died while climbing the slopes of the valley but it paid. A convoy had left Helgen a few days before but it never reached the Imperial camp of the Rift.

Battle of the Sea of Ghosts : After hearing about Tullius' plans to blockade the docks of Dawnstar and having no fleet, Ulfric decided to hire a Breton pirateer. A small delegation was sent undercover to Daggerfall to contact the man and negociate the contract. A fleet was sent to intercept the Legion on its way to Dawnstar and managed to arrive in time. A battle ensued near the shores of the Pale but was soon interrupted. No one could believe it but two dragons, large enough to drag the boats with their claws, were now burning down the ships and the men on them. The legionaries and pirates, now fighting on the same side, managed to take down one of the two creatures. But it was not enough and the last men were soon either burning alive or drowning.

Battle of Hjaalmarch : At the very beginning of the civil war, before the Empire was even involved, Jarl Skald of Dawnstar tried to seize Morthal to secure Hjaalmarch. The plan was to come from the north, march quickly through the marshlands and take Morthal by surprise. Jarl Idgrod, thinking that no one was foolish enough to march an army through the swamps, wouldn't bother defending the north of the hold. So the campaign began and the Pale established a camp near its border with Hjaalmarch. But when they started to move south through the woods, they were ambushed by Hjaalmarch soldiers hidden behind the trees. They took the Pale by surprise and, even with fewer men, managed to force them to retreat.


Obviously not compatible with any mod that edits the same areas. A patch is provided for Nordic Wanderer Equipment SSE. I only make patches for the mods I use myself so don't ask me to make patches for specific mods. I will however gladly upload your patches on this page if you send me the files. You can of course upload them on a separate mod page if you want, no need to ask for permission.

My other mods


3AMt for his tree models

standalone09 who allowed me to use the sword Lanfael in my mod

TheNerevar who allowed me to use his Flamberge model

Oaristys for his Modder's Resource Pack

opusGlass for his Swamp Dragon model (part of the Diverse Dragon Collection 2.0)

billyro who allowed me to use his Legerity model

markusliberty for his Cyrodiil Ship and boat resource

Caminha for the "BattleAftermath" Logo

Jebbalon for his Hanged Man Corrected Script

MihailMods for the Nord Mastiffs
(Full credit for this model :
Mihail- re-modelling of the dogs models, animations
CD PROJEKT RED- original dogs models and textures)