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This mod adds armor and weapons for some of the unjoinable factions in Skyrim. Two files are provided, one version which distributes these sets to their respective factions and allows crafting, and a standalone version that allows crafting only.

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Due to popular demand, the LE Edition is now here!
Disclaimer: I cannot provide support for this version as I do not own a copy of LE nor the LE CK. Thank you!

This mod is a nexus SSE port for NordWarUA's mod "Unplayable Faction Armors" hosted on another site. This mod adds sets of new armor and weapons to minor unjoinable factions in the base game, namely the Vigilants of Stendarr, Silver Hand, Alik'r, Blood Horkers, and Blackblood Marauders.

  • Vigilants of Stendarr - An order dedicated to eradicating Daedra founded immediately after the Oblivion crisis. Has a network of bases throughout Tamriel including Skyrim. The main striking force of the order is the knights, dressed in armor with heraldic capes with the symbol of the cup of mercy of Stendarr. Armed with blunt weapons and shields, trained to use restoration magic. Their armor and weapons can be crafted after investigating Dimhollow Crypt.
  • Silver Hand - mercenaries and professionals - hunting for monsters. No one knows where their main base is and who gives the orders, but judging by the equipment you can determine that they are from Cyrodiil or High Rock. The same mystery remains the one who hired them and called to Skyrim to destroy the Companions, naturally because of this they have to hide from the authorities, and this gives the group a reason to engage in banditry. Fighters are divided into crossbowmen and swordsmen, commanded by trained captains. All of them are armed with the latest weapons and equipment, which have advantages in fighting monsters. Their armor and weapons can be crafted after wiping them out from Skyrim.
  • Alik'r Mercenaries -  Units of elite Hammerfell warriors who provide military services for the local nobility. Armed with scimitars and dressed in excellent armor. Many are veterans from the war against the Dominion. Their armor and weapons can be crafted after helping them capture a certain fugitive or wiping them out.
  • Blood Horkers  - A gang of sea raiders whose base is on an island in the Sea of ​​Ghosts, are dressed in Nordic warmed armor. Their armor and weapons can be crafted after wiping them out.
  • Black Blood Pirates - dressed in leather-clad armor, protected from dampness and humidity of the marine climate. Their armor and weapons can be crafted after wiping them out.
Unique Armor Sets
  • Alik'r Noble Armor 
    Can be found on Kematu in the "In My Time of Need" quest. Can be crafted after finishing the quest regardless of whose side you chose.

  • Alik'r Battlemage Armor
    Can be found on Halldin during "Rise in the East" quest
  • Iron Hand Armor
    Can be found on Hajvarr Iron-Hand in White River Watch
  • Paladin of Stendarr Armor
    Can be found on Elite Vigilant members such as Tolan or Keeper Carcette. Can also be crafted after killing Harkon

The standard edition distrbutes the armors to the respective factions and adds crafting recipes to the armor (requires Advanced Armor perk)
The standalone edition adds the armors to "Totem Shore Island" (map marker in the images), but doesn't distribute the sets to the factions for better compatibility

The standard edition will conflict with other mods that affect the leveled lists of the factions listed above. I recommend placing this mod below your bashed patch for now (as I'm still trying to figure out how bashed tags work).The standalone will conflict with mods that edit the area where Totem island is.

Compatibility Patches Provided (All ESP-FE flagged)
Artifacts of Skyrim - Fixes a conflict with Hajvarr Iron-Hand.
Complete Crafting Overhaul Remastered - Adds CCOR keywords to armor and weapon recipes and adds breakdown recipes. (Credits to JazzKiwiFruit)
Diverse Skyrim - Fixes levelled lists. (Credits to wizkid34)
Legacy of the Dragonborn - Fixes a conflict with Windshear. Also lets the Alik'r Warriors in the "Shadows of One's Past" quest use the armor from this mod.
Weapons Armor Clothing and Clutter Fixes - Adds WAF keywords to weapons and armors.

External Compatibility Patches (Credit to KaptainCnucklz for making these)
Keeper Carcette Survives Patch
OBIS Patch
Vigilant (English voiced) Patch
Interesting NPCs Patch (in Optional Files)
Heritage Patch

Known Issues
As much as possible, start this mod one a new save. When loading from a non-new save, to the edited NPCs that you met earlier (Kematu, Carcette) will have standard equipment (haven't tested if "resetinventory" console command fixes this).

Recommended Mods

Heavy Legion/Authentic Legion/New Legion - Another NordWarUA mod posted earlier by another user. It is an armor replacer for the Imperial Legion and the Penitus Oculatus. (choose one only)
Guards Armor Replacer -  Another NordWarUA mod posted earlier by another user. It is an armor replacer for the Hold Guards and the Stormcloaks.
Stendarr Paladin Armor Set - A standalone modified version of the Stendarr Knight set added by this mod. Since it doesn't change levelled lists, it should play nice with this mod as it provides a "powered" version of the Knight armor.
Vanilla Armor Replacer - NordWarUA replacer for vanilla armor and weapon sets. (Standalone Version Here)
Race Armor Expansion - Adds armors to Thalmor and Orc factions using NordWarUA's assets.

NordWarUA- Original Author of the mod (got his permission)
The main part of the models - reworking NARF'S, Krag, Full_Invasion resources - from mods for MB_Warband.
The noble helmet of Alikr people and scimitars was redone from Mr Dave resources. (got his permission)
Weapon borrowed from registrant from the mod "The Witcher 3. Wild Hunt" and iceboxX708 with sketchfab.
The lower armor (skirt) of the paladin was borrowed from the Gondor Armor mod from BGSMERP.

WizKid34- Hotfix for Vigilant Armor meshes
Raxyx7- Crafting recipes of the armor and other corrections needed
KaptainCnucklz- Multitude of compatibility patches for other mods
JazzKiwifruit- CCOR Patch


Put the Data folder in the root of the game, activate it in the launcher or manager of DIS_Armor_Fractions.esp and lower it as low as possible in the list of mods, taking into account the item about incompatible modes.

Disable and remove DIS_Armor_Fractions.esp from the Data folder. Also folders Data \ meshes \ Armor_Replacer and Data \ textures \ Armor_Replacer