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Adds a standalone set of Stendarr Paladin armor complete with a shield and two weapons. ESPLite version available for those vigilant of plugin limit.

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This is a StandAlone Armor Set that is also featured in Unplayable Faction Armors as a replacer by NordwarUA
Detailed Changes To This File Are Listed Further Below!


This mod adds a standalone set of Stendarr Paladin armor complete with a shield and two weapons. Suitable for males and females of all races - including beast races. Craftable at any forge or anvil. Become bane of the undead and all things evil whilst donning this heroic crusader-esque armor.

All of the gear can be crafted under the steel section within the crafting menu. Unlock the 'Advanced Armor' perk in order to craft every item provided. Temper at any workbench/grindstone. Classed as Heavy Armor.

This set contains: Cuirass, Boots, Gauntlets, Helm, Great Helm, Sun Shield, Morning Star Mace and War Hammer.

Able to enchant all gear. Stats are similar to Ebony Armor ratings. Default warmth and protection rating for survival-enabled playthroughs. Remember, you need the Advanced Armor perk or Ordinator/Vokrii equivalents unlocked to access the crafting of all the available gear. Look for item names beginning with 'Paladin' in the steel crafting menu.

Blessed Paladin Set:
A special pre-enchanted set can be crafted only at the Skyforge in Whiterun - from 5 at dawn to 7 at dusk. Since these enchantments are powerful and unique to the individual gear, the respective crafting recipes have been enhanced and the items cannot be disenchanted. Look for item names beginning with ‘Blessed’ in the skyforge steel crafting menu.

Cuirass - Stendarr’s Safeguard:
+25% Magic Resistance | +50% Heal Rate | +100% Disease/Poison Resistance | Solar Aura during combat deals Twice DPS to Undead | Radiate Celestial Light.

Boots - Stendarr’s Celerity:
+50 Stamina | +50% Stamina Rate | +20% Movement Speed | +50 Carry Weight.

Gauntlets - Stendarr’s Strength:
+25% One-handed DMG | +25% Two-handed DMG | +25% Shield Block DMG | +20% Weapon Swing Speed.

Helm - Stendarr’s Compassion I:
+50% Magicka Rate | +25% Restoration Efficiency | Heal Allies within 40ft by 10HPS.

Great Helm - Stendarr’s Compassion II:
+50% Magicka Rate | +25% Restoration Power | Heal Allies within 40ft by 10HPS.

Sun Shield - Stendarr’s Rebuke:
On Hit, Chance for Undead up to level 50 to be set Alight and Flee | On Hit, Rare Chance to Insta-Kill any Undead.

Weapons - Stendarr’s Wrath:
Scorch Undead for Twice as much DMG | Summoned Daedra up to Level 50 sent back to Oblivion | Chance for Power Attacks to Floor Enemies.

Hidden Perk Ability:
Wearing a matching Stendarr Paladin set (Regular or Enchanted) consisting of the cuirass, boots, gauntlets and helmet grants increased 25% resistance to attacks by any form of undead! (Note: Dawnguard armor has similar hidden effect when wearing complete set, however is limited to resistance against vampires only).

This set is also featured as part of a separate, larger armor compilation mod called 'Unplayable Faction Armors'. This specific Paladin Knight set has been spliced out by request and is now featured as its own standalone mod. As such, it will take up less mod storage space and will be compatible with everything as this set no longer acts as a 'Vigilant of Stendarr armor' replacer.

Will not conflict with any other mod. This just adds 'new' records and so won't clash with anything. No requirements. (Have ensured that all changes made by the original compilation mod to now irrelevant records have been reverted to vanilla state using SSEEdit after cutting).

> Features just the Paladin of Stendarr Armor + Weapons + Shield as a standalone set with respective crafting recipes.
> No longer acts a replacer of any kind and therefore maximizes compatibility.
> Added custom enchanted set which can be crafted only at the Skyforge.
> Added hidden 'matching set' perk potential ability. (+25% DMG resistance against attacks by undead when wearing complete set).
> All other additional, now irrelevant records made by UFA (related to the other faction armors covered by UFA) are deleted from this file and any overridden vanilla records are fully reverted using SSEEdit. All assets that are now irrelevant are removed from the file folder.
> ESPLite version added for those vigilant of their plugin limit.

A modified ESP version by StxJimmy allows the blessed paladin armor set to be looted from the corpse of a Vigilant of Stendarr at a location called 'The Two Pillars', just south of Swindler's Den. An enemy named 'Champion of Mehrune's Dagor' is also situated there. In this version, all crafting recipes related to the regular and blessed paladin set have been removed.

If you would like the Vigilants in your game to also equip the items within this set then I would ALSO download this plugin, by Stapelgabler.

> NordwarUA - (Original Mod Creator) - Unplayable Faction Armors (Gamer-Mods Link), Unplayable Faction Armors (Nexus Link)

CREDITS/ACKNOWLEDGMENTS mentioned in original 'Unplayable Faction Armors' page:
The materials of such authors were used:
The main part of the models - reworking NARF'S, Krag, Full_Invasion resources - from mods for MB_Warband.
Weapon borrowed from registrant from the mod "The Witcher 3. Wild Hunt" and iceboxX708 with sketchfab.
The lower armor (skirt) of the paladin was borrowed from the Gondor Armor mod from BGSMERP. Many thanks to all the authors, respect and respect.

This Standalone Ported Version Specific Credits:
> EnaiSiaion - ‘Wintermyst Light Art FX Object’ used (alterationlight_lightobject.nif) - Found in Summermyst - Enchantments of Skyrim.
> SexyWanderer - Suggesting cool enchantment ideas.

Non-Craftable ESP Version:
StxJimmy - Edits made to remove associated crafting lists and allow the set to be looted from dead vigilant. Added enemy NPC.

Tools/Utilities Used For This Spliced File:-
> SSEEdit - Without this, would have had to create the ESP from scratch as CK doesn't completely revert altered records. Cleaning. Compacting IDs for ESPLite version.
> CreationKit - Editing and uploading for Xbox players.
> NifSkope - Setting unique file pathways for texture assets used by the individual mesh files of this mod. So it won't clash with UFA. Also, editing the standalone Solar Aura mesh to be less visually obstructive when it activates during combat initiation as part of the Stendarr's Safeguard enchantment.