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A collection of patches I made for Real Bosses, mainly the NPC edits. Will add a maximum of 18 patches, all ESPFE of course.

Permissions and credits
1. All patches are ESPFE (esp flagged esl).
2. Install via mod manager, comes in a FOMOD installer, but it won't auto-detect.
3. To see which mods are being patched, look at the requirements above.

Mods that conflict and are not patched, load them before Real Bosses (if you desire this way)

Revenge of the Enemies
High Level Enemies and High Level Enemies Redux
DX Faction Crossbows Leveled List Add-on (I think I'll make a SPID distribution for this mod, it appears best for conflict purposes).

Mods I know there is conflict but have a patch elsewhere:
Lord of Coldharbour has a universal patch I made, here:
JaySerpa's Only Cure Quest Expansion has a patch here:

Andrealphus updated the helps to have a map patch, here.

Mods I, particularly, don't have the intention to patch are mods that change NPC appearances (Pandorable Heroes of Sovngarde is the only exception), once I'd have to add much more combinations of patches, such as
Beards of Power

And because mods like EasyNPC solve all these conflicts, just make sure in the act of building the merged NPC plugin you choose the realbosses and my real bosses patches as the default plugin for that NPC!

You can check my collections/modlists.

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