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This is a standalone plugin for NordWarUA's Vanilla Armor Replacers SSE.

Permissions and credits
I made this mod for my personal use since I love the armors and weapons in NordWarUA's Vanilla Armor Replacers SSE but I want to keep the vanilla armors too. I can't wait for JDJ3's standalone version anymore (/.\) because I want to start my playthrough now with those fantastic armors so badly.

Check out NordWarUA's Armor Variants by JDJ3!
It contains the armors from this mod and other NordWarUA's works as standalone items. Great variety of armors for an immersive playthrough.

I share this on nexus because I guess some people might want it too. I don't know if this violates any rules or regulation on Nexus, if do so please let me know and I will take it down.

I made changes to the items' name and stats to fit my taste. I only finished the crafting and tempering recipes for the items and I will try to add level lists if I learn any easy way to do so. Definitely planing to add those outfits to NPCs soon but for now I only made a "craft only" version.
The complete version is out with level lists integration and item distributions. See below for detailed description!

Please download and install the original mod NordWarUA's Vanilla Armor Replacers SSE first than install this plugin. 

CCOR is not required anymore. Though I still recommend to use it because it's a great mod.

Craft Only Version

Wolf Armor -> Harbinger's Armor
This is my favorite of all. So good that it reminds me of the awesome Faraam armor I always love.
Armor rating increased to between nordic carved armor and ebony armor.
You can craft it at Skyforge after you become the Harbinger. Require Orcish Smithing perk (depending on your perk overhaul mod the name will be different).
Also you can craft the variant armor and helmet too. I make changes to the female version of the variant armor to use male meshes so that it won't crash but it looks weird on female characters.
2.0 added the Harbinger's shield. The acquiring conditions are the same with the armors.

Steel Plate Armor -> Rusty Plate Armor
Changed the name because it indeed looks rusty.
Armor rating decreased a bit because it is RUSTY.
Require Steel Smithing perk.

Ebony Armor and Weapons -> Ebony Knight Armor and Weapons
Stats and Crafting are the same. Require Ebony Smithing perk.

Nordic Carved Armor and Weapons -> Nordic Steel Armor and Weapons
Stats are the same. Crafting need corundum ingot and orichalcum ingot. Require Orcish Smithing perk.

Dwarven Armor and Weapons -> Dwarven Guardian Armor and Weapons
Stats and Crafting are the same. Require Dwarven Smithing perk.

Scaled Armors >
Lamellar Armors
Crafting does not require fur pelts now. Require Advanced Armor Smithing perk.

Ancient Nord Armors -> Ancient Nord Warrior Armors
Armor rating is now around the steel armor. Require Steel Armor Smithing perk.
Made some changes so that female and orcs can wear the helmet normally without being bald.

Barbarian Armor -> Adventurer's Armor
This is the dragonborn's iconic armor so I changed the name to be more lore friendly in my taste. Calling it Dovahkiin or Dragonborn armor breaks my immersion so NO.
Armor rating is about the same with scaled armor if I remember correctly.
Crafting requires Advanced Armor Smithing perk.
Now you can craft the iron boots with vanilla model and texture. Because I am pretty sure the dragonborn wear iron boots in the trailer and any promotion.
2.0 added the Adventurer's Banded Iron Shield. The acquiring conditions are the same with the armors.

Iron, hide, studded, leather and fur armors/weapons all have the prefix "Northern" since I think these armors look like something people will wear in the Northern region.

Complete Version

Level Lists
You can buy all the "northern" items in all the blacksmith shops. Rusty armors, lamellar armors and nordic steel armors/weapons have chances to appear on the blacksmith shop list starting from level 10,15 and 25 respectively.

Bandits will have the "northern" items starting form level 1. Rusty armors be available for them starting from level 12.
Bandit bosses will have a small chance to get the nordic steel items starting from level 30. (Really rare) 

Stomcloaks will sometimes equip the northern iron and steel weapons.

Nord warrior armors can sometimes be found in the draugr boss chests.

All dwarven guardian items will be found in where the normal dwarven loots located.

Ebony knight items will only be found in vampire bosses' chests starting from level 40 (guaranteed at least 1 piece of armor or weapon). Vampire bosses also have a chance to carry ebony knight sword, war axe or daggers.

The level lists are designed with Skyrim Revamped - Loot and Encounter Zones in mind. You need to make a bashed patch or resolve the conflict yourself if you are using loot mods like Morrowloot Ultimate or SRLEZ, or any mod that edited the same level lists. Highly recommended to check in Xedit after making a bashed batch to make necessary adjustments.

Item Distributions
Harbinger's armors are wore by Kodlak Whitemane (Of course!). He also carried a key of his wardrobe which now contains the whole set of the armors including the variants and the shield. You can pickpocket the key to get the armors (stolen status) or wait till the certain quests are finished and found the keys on the map table next to his chair. All items will be not in stolen status only after you become the harbinger so don't steal it if you want to be a honorable companion!

The adventurer's armor (the dragonborn armor) and shield can be found on one of the dead adventurer who involved with some "legend". Check every dead body named "adventurer" in that dungeon and you will find it.

Ahzidal's Armors is now using the new model. Also you can use the addon to make the Nord Hero Armor from CCOR use the new models too (the sleeveless variant).

Some armors and items are distributed to NPCs like Jarls' housecarls and followers. You need to make a patch yourself if you have NPC mods like Bijins installed. It is super easy with Xedit, just forward the outfit records (OTFT) and items records. Or just load the NPC mods after this mod and you should be good to go, but you will not see new armors on those overwrited NPCs though.

Morroloot Ultimate or other loot mods: Need to make a bashed patch. See the above Level Lists section for details.
Bijin mods or other NPC mods: Compatibility patch is needed. See the above Item Distributions section for details.
AI Overhaul: I am personally using this and I will make a patch if anyone needed. Need to forward the ai packages to the edited NPCs.
Cutting Room Floors: I intentionally changed some of the NPCs to equip the armors and weapons from this mod because I don't like the outfit randomness from CRF. Load this mod after CRF if you want the NPCs to wear new outfits.
Survival Mode: Compatible. Appropriate keywords have been added to the armors.

Common Clothes and Armors: Great mod adding more armors to bandits. I personally only use the bandit armors for more variety. Make a bashed patch if you are using both two mods.
Skyrim Revamped - Loot and Encounter Zones: Great loot mod with balance and fun in mind. The level lists of this mod is designed with SRLEZ in mind. Bashed patch is needed though.
Honed Metal: It's really good if your character don't master smithing but want the armors and weapons in this mod.
Kireina Skyrim SE - Human and Elf Facegen Overhaul: Overhaul all the vanilla NPCs including dlcs. Great aesthetic sense. Also it don't use plugin so it has great compatibility. The NPCs in the image section are using this with WICO skins.
Unique Items Tweaks - Improved Less Known Artifacts: Yes this is one of my mod. I have a patch for this one to let the Ahzidal's Armors use the new model.

Known Issues
I can't get Kodlak in the "silverhand attack quest" to wear the Harbinger's armors. I tried many methods but he still wears the wolf armors I dunno why. It's a minor problem and you can even use the console command "resetinventory" on him to make him wear the Harbinger's armor, but this is not a perfect solution. If anyone know how to fix it please let me know!

The sleeved ancient nord warrior armor will look purple on max 100 weight male characters. This is a issue with the original meshes. Currently there are no perfect fix to it, but you can set your character weight to 99 other than 100 for now.

Thanks NordWarUA for creating those amazing armors.
Thanks JDJ3 for uploading the mod.
Thanks tsuna from Royal Armory Tweaks and Fixes for the inspiration to implement the Harbinger's armor distribution.