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Adds 15 brand new artifacts hidden across Skyrim. Can you find them all? (probably not)

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It has been replaced by: Artifacts of Skyrim - Revised Edition

This mod adds 15 brand new, non-intrusive artifacts to Skyrim. In your travels you may run across a map leading you to one of these treasures, or perhaps you may stumble across the artifacts themselves. Each artifact has a unique name, unique powers, and a unique backstory. Information about most artifacts can be found in the new book: Provincial Artifacts - Volume IV, Skyrim. Some artifacts are fairly easy to find, you will likely stumble across them in your travels. However some are quite well hidden. Even with the maps it is unlikely that you could find them all in one sitting.


  • 15 New lore friendly artifacts, fully integrated into skyrim.
  • A new book describing most of the artifacts.
  • Maps, giving you a general location of the artifacts. (Sometimes sold by Urag in Winterhold)

Video by Just Call Me Frosty:
Notes: May contain some spoilers. Jump to 8:12 for this mod.

Huge thanks to Just Call Me Frosty for showcasing My mods!

(List of artifacts. Includes stats, enchantment, and clarification of enchantment when needed. Personally, I'd recommend finding out what they do on your own, but the choice is yours)

The Book:

Volume IV of Marcus Cirion's Provincial Artifacts describes the legends behind the many spectacular artifacts known to be in Skyrim. From ancient artifacts of the first era, to the most recently made items of power. Cirion imparts all he knows of  these artifacts to any adventurer bold enough to face the dangers of Skyrim, and retrieve these artifacts from the places in which they rest.
Update Log:
SE1.0- Initial SE release
SE1.1- Bug fixes
SE1.2- Files Cleaned (thanks to sirjesto)

Notes: Any comments, questions, or ideas are welcome in the comments section. If you have a good idea for a new artifact please feel free to describe it, I may be willing to make it! (any comments naming the location or abilities of an artifact should be hidden as a spoiler)

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