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This mod page will become the home page of CBBE and SMMB conversions of NordwarUA’s armor sets.

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This mod page will become the home page of CBBE and SMMB conversions of NordwarUA’s armor sets.

This mod page will become the home page of CBBE and SMMB conversions of NordwarUA’s armor sets. The goal of this mod is to not only provide conversions of the armor sets, but to include instructions for building the bodies and a pre-designed set of Bodymorph “ini” files that will randomize the shapes of both male and female NPCs. 

The armor sets are designed to be realistic, so there won’t be bounce, jiggle or impractical design. 

The female bodies in the Bodygen inis are based on Natural and Realistic Bodies - CBBE Bodyslide Presets. The male bodies are self-created using SMMB as a base. Until I have written the detailed instructions, which I have started but they are honestly taking longer than expected, these inis are for experienced modders only. You need to know what you are doing with these or be willing to learn on your own. I will soon have the detailed instructions written and then I will be happy to answer questions.  I will be happy to take suggestions or constructive criticism.

I would be remiss if I did not provide credit early on to the following individuals. 
Thank you NordwarUA for the permission to post these conversions. 
Thank you Pamposzek for really doing all the work converting these files and for the excellent guides to help me keep these going.

The tasks to be completed are as follows

Install with your favorite Mod Manager into your Skyrim\Data folder. Please note that these are just the necessary Caliente Tools that you need to build the bodies. I will eventually provide a “How To” guide for this, but I feel it is more important to get these conversions on the NEXUS. There are plenty of guides available if you don’t want to wait. 

The original New Legion mod has an incorrect path to General Tullius' Armor mesh. I created and uploaded an esp file that corrects the path of this mesh. You will find this file located in the Optional Section.

We have taken great care to make sure we minimized the clipping. If you notice any clipping, please let us know and we will try to fix or minimize it even more. Thank you.

You cannot just install the optional Bodygen file and expect it to work without some additional effort on your part. See my comment above. Instructions are coming, I promise.

I will try to help you, but there is still a lot of work to be done, so please take advantage of the many resources available regarding CBBE and SMMB. There is likely nothing I can tell you that is not explained more completely and concisely elsewhere. Some suggestions.

Bodyslide and Outfit Studio Guide 
CBBE SE Mod Page 

  • Skyrim SE - Current Version
  • Caliente Beautiful Body Enhancer - CBBE by Ousnius
  • Bodyslide and Outfit Studio by Ousnius
  • The original mod or mods that you want to be converted 
  • Racemenu SE by Expired6978
  • HDT-SMP if you want physics