Skyrim Special Edition
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Patches UFA to work with OBIS SE (and optionally OBIS Loot SE).

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Makes Unplayable Faction Armors play nicer with OBIS's added bandits+outfits. They're technically pseudo-compatible as it is, but load order's touchy. So now this patch is here to make sure that the Silver Hand and Bloodhorkers use UFA gear. There's an alternate version I made that includes loot tweaks from OBIS Loot (use one patch or the other, not both). My ITMs are intentional, so do not clean it in xEdit. ESP flagged ESL to not take a plugin slot. Requires new game.


Make sure you have the required mods installed properly. Install one of the two plugins in the mod manager of your choice, place below both mods, and activate the plugin. Then start a new game.