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Some 3BA and HIMBO (<-- still working on it) bodyslide conversions I made fore MY OWN playthrough, probably not really good but good enough for me.

Permissions and credits
  • These are from MY OWN USE but I thought I might as well share it lol.
  • I just learned to convert these like A DAY AGO.
  • These conversions are final and will not be updated unless I experience problems myself. (I didn't test every individual outfit so asking me to fix something won't hurt, just expect my response to be late)
  • Some of the outfits will not have breast physics. It's because physics on hard material don't make sense to me. No I will not make a physics version, read point 1.
  • If someone else makes conversions in the future for these mods, please use them instead of these.

(3BA & HIMBO) Varied Guard Armor SE:
  • Falkreath, Markarth, Whiterun, Solitude, and Windhelm doesnt have boobie physics because I said so.
  • Dawnstar had a weird satchel area, I altered it and it might not look good to everyone.

(3BA) Unplayable Faction Armors SSE:
  • Only the body files
  • Use this for the feet and hands.

(3BA) Truly Light Glass Armor:
  • Only the body files
  • Use this for the feet and hands.

(3BA) Daedric Armor SE:
  • Only the body files
  • Use this for the feet and hands.

(3BA & HIMBO) Skaal Heavy Armor SE:
  • No Boobie Physics

Future Plans (in order of priority):
  • Fashions of the Fourth Era - 3BA and HIMBO (currently doing - will take a while because of college)
  • ↑ Might not finish: its taking me so much time and Im not even halfway done)
  • Frankly HD Nightingale Armor - 3BA and HIMBO (done with this but I dont think Ill ever get permissions)
  • Some quest mods but might not do it so I'm not going to mention it until then.

I share my own personal patches, you can check out my profile for others. Also if I see some requests, maybe I might do them, just comment on my mods