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This mod changes default 3D Skyrim map to a flat one.

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All FWMF 1.7x go with weather overhaul patches included. Don't activate any if you have vanilla, Obsidian or Cathedral Weathers. Pick Vivid Weathers fix or NAT fix for corresponding weather overhauls, but only one fix at the time. Be sure it sits below FWMF in plugin order.

Sorry for not FOMOD'ing it - one big installer for all maps and patches will appear just after Blackreach Map.

This mod improves ideas from different flat map designs (Chesko/Penguin's, Warburg/Duncanlarsen1's, Nushu/deland's) to create stable, clean, strictly flat maps. Topographical Map of Skyrim by Timothy Cook was chosen as a main flat map for a framework, most custom maps are based on it, but more immersive handmade flat maps are coming. 

Maps for a framework are fully flat with vertical look by default (limited inclination and rotation are possible) and cover not only Skyrim but a part of neighboring provinces. There are 4 main maps for FWMF that go with framework included:

  • Unmarked Clean - with no handmade markers for those who prefer less spoilers,
  • Marked Clean - with all handmade markers and names of geographical locations,
  • Marked Old Map - same as Marked but with old paper vibes,
  • Dear Diary - marked with leather bindings (warm and cold versions)

Many more custom maps which require one of aforementioned main FWMF versions are available:
1.4x compatible:
1.6x+ compatible:
I'm sure everyone will find something to their liking. If that's not the case - stay tuned anyway, a new maps are in development.

Non-skyrim maps

  • Optional Iliac Bay map for Skygerfall. Because of how hi-quality hand-made maps for daggerfall differ from actual skygerfall worldspace its pretty crude markers positions wise and has limited camera control. Install it instead of Daggerfall Paper Map. Daggefall meshes belongs to Skygerfall authors. Also to flatter markers there install Flat Map Markers config from Optional Files.
  • Paper BS Bruma and Wyrmstooth maps by Duncan Larsen for FWMF - Duncan's maps for BS: Bruma and Wyrmstooth mods.
  • All-in-one Duncan's Paper Maps for FWMF - all Duncan's maps in one mod.


The archive is mod manager compatible.

Mod contains .esp with main map file and fix for weather in World Map mode to make lighting best suited for reading the map. If mod manager used, place esp dead last in load orders (both mod and plugins). For Vortex, set the plugin's Group to 'Late Fixes & Patches' and reload Vortex. This forces it to the bottom (last) of the load order. For MO2 additionally check Overwrite folder if it has any esp that could possible overwrite framework entries (like DYNDOLOD).

Flat Map Markers SSE by Fudgyduff is mandatory - without it you will experience glitchy player location marker as well as possible map markers shifts while zooming. File \Flat Map Markers SSE\SKSEFlatMapMarkersSSE.json should contain this line:

"markerHeight": 180000.0

Proper plugin order after installation should look like this:

  1. ...
  2. Dyndolod/Water Mods/Weather Overhauls.
  3. Atlas Map Markers (if you need it).
  4. FWMF of choice.
  5. Single FWMF Vivid/NAT fix (if you need one)
  6. Additional maps (Blackreach, Sovngarde, FV etc)


(Versions 1.3 - 1.4x) If you don't like default map control settings (keyboard, mouse and gamepad speed in map mode) you can install loose version of the map, delete Scripts folder (script inside normally forces default mod settings) and add this section of settings to skyrim.ini:


This is baseline, first 3 settings cover bigger part of map control, mess with them to your liking. Detailed settings description you can find here.

(Versions 1.6x+) Dedicated ini file for tuning is inside mod archive. Every option paired with comment to let enthusiasts fine tuning of map control.

Not compatible with any other map mods. Any mod that modifies world map weather should be put higher in load order. Mods that mess with mountains and its clouds/fogs could cause issues as well.
Remove Map Camera Limits - not compatible as well, will break natural edges of map and heights aligning.
Mod works with any weather/lighting overhauls but some (like NAT) could make map menu overly bright or looking weird. In that case use versions with lighting fix in Optional Files or ask me for one.

Recommended Mods
Atlas Map Markers - Updated with MCM works perfect and smaller markers make map more readable. Just be sure to put Atlas' .esp before Topographic Map in load order. DLC areas may show markers out of Skyrim border - disable those in Atlas MCM.

FWMF maps also get along with most UI overhauls. Beside basic SKY UI, I highly recommend Dear Diary UI, Complete Modern UI and Clear UI.

And Outline Map Marker should complement most old maps setups.

  • I play with (vanilla/modded) 3D map, why do I need this? 
 Its both more immersive and practical. It has better readability, better textures resolution and more POIs to recognize.

  • I play with 2D map, why do I need this?
 Most available 2D maps are either somewhat outdated or have issues - with markers, camera, lighting etc. Some are stable but not actually flat. And all of them have very limited camera control and level of details. Well, not anymore.

  • Is it compatible with X?
Most certainly, yes, if you put FWMF dead last in plugins list. Few mods might cause issues tho - other map mods, map camera mods, some lighting mods. If you doubt, check Optional files, we made some patches.

  • All I see in map menu is blue/purple blank texture instead of map, send help!
Make sure FWMF plugin is absoltely last in plugins list. Tha means after dyndolod, synthesis, fnis, patches of all sorts, after requiem for indifferent(if you use one) etc etc. Dead last. It wont affect anything except your map and weather/lighting in map menu.

  • Where is Solstheim/(any mod with significant worldspace)?
We already have one by Mirhayasu. Quite possible more are on the way. Stay tuned.

  • I have version 1.3x-1.4x, map inclined near edge map POIs/I see weird artifacts/map way too zoomed in/I see clouds only, I cant go to map from Journal, what should I do?
Install newer version instead, 95% issues were solved in 1.6x+.

  • I have version 1.6x+, issue persists, what do?
Report it on nexus or our discord, we will try to figure out how to help.

  • Are you planning to make ESL version?
I do. It will appear just after most significant features planned will be implemented.

  • Where I can change settings for camera control with keyboard/mouse/gamepad?
All available options are in INI file with detailed comments how they work (for versions 1.6x+). For 1.4x you will need to delete scripts folder, add [Mapmenu] block to skyrim.ini and tune settings there.

For mod authors
Its very easy to create your own map for this framework. Basic knowledge of Photoshop/GIMP and, in some cases, Inkscape will be enough. Quick guide on creating map can be found here and you can always ask us a question in Discord.

Known Issues
Minor artifacts during foggy or stormy weathers.
Inclined map when menu launched in edge skyrim locations.
Some inconsistency in transition between Journal and Main menus
Blank texture instead of map
Slightly misplaced elevation lines on 1.6x topo maps
Lighting inconsistency with some weather overhauls
purple texture while on Throat of the World (will be fixed in next release)

Future Plans
better min zoom
.ini with comments
article for custom map creators
map with ore veins
unmarked old map

duncan's maps
Soul Cairn map
major addons isometric maps

This mod brings together hard work of Tim Cook, creator of topographical map of Skyrim and some of the ideas of IcePenguin/Chesko and Warburg/Duncanlarsen1 about flat map design. Also credits to underthesky and Fudgyduff for their skse plugins that flatten map markers and nushu and deland for their skyrim wordlspace meshes. 

Special thanks for testing and suggestions to: dragonknightvita, hazarduss, stevethecoala, ghoulified02, yermudrCkw25AnxiousHairballAlfadhirhaitijinxlajoker and zys52712.