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Hey, I'm Pavel (Caites on forums/social networks), I'm making mods for Skyrim and BG3. If you are a mapmaker willing to draw a map for one of Skyrim regions/DLC/add-on's or a translator looking to localize my mods, PM me, I will gladly help.


I never close my mods' comments page and overall opened to suggestions, but will block anyone aggressive or disrespectful. Also, please, read Description pages and Sticky in comments before asking questions.


In the event of my death (I live in Ukraine and chances are high) or after an year of inactivity on Nexus feel free to use any of my maps or assets the way you see fit. This applies to my assets only, if you see artists in mod's name that means you will need to get their permission as well.


My Patreon has public content only, nothing is paywalled and will never be.



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